Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 228: Constitutions In The Era Of Neo-Apartheid

Corruption and poverty are not new concepts, however we like to go through our lives believing that all is well in the world, turning a blind eye to many truly horrendous acts and living conditions. I think though, that we can all agree on one thing: Our governments, in conjunction with each one of us, are responsible for the welfare of each person. In countries where there is a constitution in place, such as South Africa, the government is expected to enforce the constitutional rights of the citizens.

South Africa has a very liberal constitution which stipulates that every citizen is entitled to equal sets of rights and is entitled to a life free from discrimination. The constitution could be described as "forward thinking". The constitution is the supreme law of the country, and so, the government must act only in accordance with the constitution.

I wonder, where does the constitution allow for and make provision for corruption? Or for one quarter of children in SA suffering from malnutrition, or other preventable diseases? Or for the shanty towns in most parts of the country, where people use scraps of metal, sticks, mud and other odd and ends to build their tiny one bedroom abode - in which there will most likely live as many as 10 people? Or for the homeless people walking the streets? Or for people making a living scavenging bottles and such from landfill sites? Or for the terrible educational system that has lowered it's percentage required in order to pass matric to 30% for Maths? Or for the life threatening public health "care" services?

What good is a constitution if it only protects the rights of those who have money to demand that their rights be fulfilled? What should be done with the members of government who do not even bother trying to fulfill the rights of each and every citizen? What kind of message does the government make to its citizens when the president lives in luxury, but millions struggle just to survive the day? Maybe we should just be grateful that our winters are not as harsh as in other countries, or their would be far more deaths to lay at the feet of governmental negligence, incompetency and all-round lack of compassion. Not that people don't freeze to death in SA, because they sure do. Those shacks I mentioned earlier can get very cold in winter and very hot in summer - that and all the people who live in cardboard boxed on the streets. Another interesting phenomenon that happens in SA is fires, due to people "stealing" electricity from supply lines, which are then obviously not installed correctly or safely, and so there tends to be many fires in these shanty towns.

Why are our governments not held accountable for preventable deaths? Why are our governments not held accountable for those who live in such poverty, that the chances of them being able to help themselves are miniscule? Why are our governments not held accountable for the children receiving poor educations that do not help them to prepare to successfully navigate their independent life? Why are our governments not held accountable for the massive corruption that exists within the various departments and institutions?

The ideals of the South African constitution are all very lovely, but what good are they when those who have sworn to uphold those ideals are much more inclined to "game the system" in order to benefit personally?

I vote for an Equal Money System because it promotes a structure for government that is not conducive to self interested actions or corruption. Our system is broken, no matter which part of the world we live in. Be a part of the solution.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 227: Cheetahs On The Edge

The global cheetah population has dwindled from 100,000 in 1900 to less than 10,000 today. The main reason for the decline is due to loss of habitat, after that it is hunting for sport and poaching cubs to sell on the black market to be symbols of wealth and power for rich knob-heads. The loss of habitat leads to the smaller and lone cheetahs being bullied and even killed by the bigger and more numerous predators, such as lions. The bottom line is that we are committing genocide on the species.

Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, we try to "make light" of the situation by choosing our words carefully and focusing on the "good things" to shift focus off of our sense of responsibility when the simple truth is that we are 100% responsible for the destruction of another animal species. We talk as if it is some kind of natural phenomenon that is to blame for the mass genocides of the animals on Earth - as if there is some "outside, evil force" swooping down and torturing and killing millions of animals every day. We teach our children that it's because of "bad people" that there is still huge amounts of animal abuse and practically no real changes being effected to stop them. Or, maybe we're just teaching our children that it's ok to maim and kill animals, because we don't understand them and can pretend that due to our inability and unwillingness to communicate with them that they are inferior to us, when in fact it is the other way around.

Animals have a far greater respect for life. Predators only eat what their bodies require to remain healthy and foragers live with consideration of the plants they consume, by continuously moving and so allowing pastures to regain their former state.

I cannot count the number of "wildlife shows" I've seen on TV that will document the slow, agonizing death of some animal unable to find food, but for apparently "moral" reasons the people standing only meters away, refuse to assist the animal. Apparently, we should not interfere with "natures plans" by altering the "balance" - or some crap like that. We are the ones creating the imbalance in the first place by destroying 90% of the animals and their habitats!

How do charities help? Maybe they will "save" a few animals a year - but they do not attempt to influence change on a global scale which would stop and even reverse the damage we do. The Equal Money System is a proposal that, if implemented, will ensure that the reasons for the abuse and killings of animals will end. Everyone is trying to survive by doing something that earns them money. If we shift our focus from making money to enhancing quality of life and ensuring that each person's needs are fulfilled and rights are guaranteed, then we can improve life and efficiency where it counts!

If you call yourself an activist then it is time to stand with a group/organization that supports and promotes real, global change on a large scale. Investigate Equal Money

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 226: Blotto For Lotto's

How much is given away yearly to lotto winners across the globe? Probably a few billion in any currency, at least. Why is it acceptable for a person to be given a vast some of money based purely on luck, but not acceptable to give a person enough money based purely on fulfilling their basic human rights?

Why is a person deemed to "deserve" money when they "win" the lotto? Why should one only deserve something after winning it, but not simply because creating a world in which each of us is wealthy in every respect may just be Heaven on Earth? Our sense of "fairness" is pretty warped - It's fair if one wins the lotto and blows all the money, but not when one proposes to ensure that each and every person has enough of everything they need to live a comfortable and dignified life - because we apparently should work for what we get?

It's fair to have a homeless person sleep outside of a shopping center filled with food (and which would be throwing out unpurchased food on a regular basis into the trash), but it's not fair to give every person a home to live in because we apparently need to "work for what we get". It's fair for a few people to live live in luxury whilst billions don't even have enough food because those with money apparently worked hard to be where they are and those without money must just be lazy, but it's not fair to institute a system that would treat each life as equals? It's fair for completely unprepared people to have children and then ruin the child(ren), but it's not fair to demand that every person wanting to raise a child is trained and prepared beforehand? It's fair to have to pay for medical care, but not fair for doctors to to help people because that's what they love as opposed to helping them to be able to make money?

We do not ask ourselves the question "Is this acceptable?" often enough, within the context of "would I want to be in to position of the being(s) affected?".

"Would I want that done to me?" - the things we are willing to do to others differ drastically from the things we hope for for ourselves - this alone is a glaring indicator that there is something very wrong with our society.

I vote for an Equal Money System because it does not segregate beings according to monetary value. I will no longer accept this Neo-Apartheid based on money. I vote for an Equal Money System because, in an Equal Money System, the highest possible value is LIFE.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 225: Apocalypse Please

So we are edging closer to the end of the world, apparently: 21 December, the end of this age and the beginning of a new one. Or not. There are different views and opinions, all of which seem to have some kind of "irrefutable proof", or "irrefutable gut feelings/messages from God/whatever". What is a fact is that the whole concept has created quite a stir across the globe, inciting all sorts of odd reactions in people preparing for the end.

He is so afraid of the rumours he has spent his whole life savings trying to build his very own apocalypse-proof 'Noah's Ark'.

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...He is so afraid of the rumours he has spent his whole life savings trying to build his very own apocalypse-proof 'Noah's Ark'.
The vessel, which has cost him ¥1million (£100,000), measures 21.2m long, 15.5m wide, 5.6m high and displaces about 140 tons of water.
Lu, from Urumqi, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, admits it's not much to look at, but is confident it will serve its purpose.
In France, the authorities have been forced to ban access to a sacred mountain, rumoured to be a haven from the apocalypse, because hordes of believers have been flocking to the region in recent weeks.
Legend has it that the Pic de Bugarach in south-west France will burst open on that day revealing an alien spaceship which will carry nearby humans to safety. - DailyMail

The interesting thing is that theories relating to all the various apocalypses are based on/derived from Western Chirstian thinking from the last 1000 years - so it seems that we are all suckers for drama and tragedy. Nowhere in the Mayans' artifacts is the "end of the world" or the "apocalypse" mentioned, which means that someone actually decided to create the myth out of thin air. Maybe this person(s) had an evil scheme to become rich by exploiting the fears of the people to buy stuff that they would only buy in the face of an imminent "apocalypse".

What happens when the world doesn't end? What of all the people who sold their possessions and quit their jobs and moved to the mountains? What happens to the guru's and prophets who are shown to be only attention-seekers?

The whole concept of "the end of the world" is very conveniently entrenched into the minds of millions of people, who, conveniently make up the majority of those who control the money in the world - and therefore those who run the show. Now the ideology of apocalyptic thinking is based on the resignation that the world will be ending, so we might as well do whatever we want to it to benefit our own ends. Obviously this contributes to the destruction of our planet, the depletion of natural resources, the genocide of animals, plants, fish and insects - because while all of us "little people" are just trying to get by and take care of our own, the "big cahones" are busy raping the planet and living it up in opulence and excess.

I vote for an Equal Money System because it respects the Earth and those beings we share the Earth with - regardless of the continuation of life on Earth. It endorses the responsible and considerate use of resources to ensure a safe environment that will be able to support life indefinitely.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 224: Is This Life Worth Living?

Katie Renfroe, four, was diagnosed with megalencephaly before she was born, causing some of her facial features to be abnormally large.
She also had part of her brain removed as an infant to control the seizures that were happening as often as 50 times a day.

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Katie Renfroe, four, was diagnosed with megalencephaly before she was born, causing some of her facial features to be abnormally large.
She also had part of her brain removed as an infant to control the seizures that were happening as often as 50 times a day.

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Katie Renfroe, four, was diagnosed with megalencephaly before she was born, causing some of her facial features to be abnormally large.
She also had part of her brain removed as an infant to control the seizures that were happening as often as 50 times a day.

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Katie Renfroe, four, was diagnosed with megalencephaly before she was born, causing some of her facial features to be abnormally large. 
She also had part of her brain removed as an infant to control the seizures that were happening as often as 50 times a day.

'You can lay here, you can cry or you can leave this in God's hands, which is where she belongs,' Angie remembers thinking. Next, she talked to God.
'If you let me have her, I'll raise her and take care of her the best I know how to do for as long as you give her to me.'
'You can lay here, you can cry or you can leave this in God's hands, which is where she belongs,' Angie remembers thinking. Next, she talked to God.
'If you let me have her, I'll raise her and take care of her the best I know how to do for as long as you give her to me.'

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As Katie has grown, so have her cheeks. Extra skin on top of her cheeks gives them a mottled brown look. Her ears are also deformed and she has some hearing loss.
Her tongue doesn't fit in her mouth, but ever resourceful, she has still figured out how to suck her two fingers and her thumb.
She doesn't have seizures anymore but her muscles tighten up, causing a stiffness that rolls from one side of her petite frame to the other.
When that happens, whichever family member is closest pats her back, rubs her arm or pinches her feet to help her snap out of it.  - Daily Mail

Is the life of this child and other severely disabled children a life of dignity and enjoyment? Would you want to be this child? If given the choice, would these children have chosen the bodies they were born into? Is the choice of the parents to continue the pregnancy an entirely selfish one, or did they place themselves in the shoes of the child and determine that they would want and enjoy life in a broken body? Is God to blame when the parents refuse to abort for religious reasons? Is God to blame for creating the defects in the first place? Is God punishing these children for some past sin?

Our society is busy churning out baby-mad women who think that birthing a child will somehow complete them, unfortunately none of these women actually know how to raise their child to become effective and considerate humans who contribute to the wellbeing of all. The parents are so obsessed with having a child that they do not consider everything that it will entail, nor do they act in the best interests of the child. The thoughts and statements of "I want a child", "I want to hold my legacy in my arms", "I am incomplete and will only be complete by having a child" - are all indicators of self interest and NOT the potential child's interests.

Just consider the TV series that are aired these days, all glorifying the concept of child rearing and perpetuating the belief that every woman is absolutely dying to have a child and that babies are the key to disappearing all your woes. These shows also encourage the idea that parents are practically the "owners" of their child(ren) and that outside interference is an absolute taboo, even in situations of abuse. The TV series show disabled children in a very flattering manner, playing on the emotions and guilt of parents to bring a child into this world knowing that its body is broken and will never allow the child to live a full life, as if simply being alive in this wonderful, wonderful world is enough. It is not enough to simply exist.

This is a hard question, a controversial topic. The media manipulation being perpetrated today is unacceptable, as not one of these TV shows considers what it is to walk in the shoes of a disabled person who is completely dependent on others, nor does it even touch on considering what is best for the child.

Discuss and share your views on this and other topics at

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day 223: Please, Pull The Wool Back Over My Eyes

Please pull the wool back over my eyes because I would prefer not to see what happens in this world. Please turn the light back off, for the world in my mind is so much kinder. Please turn the music up so that I don't need to hear the news. Please provide me with a way that I can provide a token of my support so that I can feel like I am making a difference. Please continue to teach our children nothing, so that I may seem wise to them. Please give me something to care about that doesn't break my heart.

Maybe it's easier not to care about the things that matter, I think that I would be happier if I didn't care so much. We would all be happier if there was nothing terrible on the news. When I think of the life I would want for my child, I don't envision the world as it is now, I think of a place without crime, without suffering, without poverty, without violence, without the constant struggle just to survive, without the hope that maybe life will get easier.

I would want my child to live and love as he/she pleases, with a respect and consideration for life and for other beings. I would want my child to be free to live and love regardless of his/her position on the Earth. I would want my child to be able to feel confident and safe enough to meet new people and have conversations without deceit and without pretense. I would want my child to be able to explore and experience all of life, regardless of his/her circumstances of birth and monetary value. I would imagine that this is the life any parent would want for their child, so why do people react so negatively and with such nastiness when presented with a possible way to create that life for all life?

Maybe it is easier not to think of what life will be like in 20 years, when resources are scarce, money is meaningless and only food and guns hold power. Maybe we'll be dead by then. Maybe it'll never happen that way. Maybe it will be more like a return to the outright slavery of the past - only the wealthy will be free - kind of like now, just more extreme. It will be a new era of Apartheid - Neo-Apartheid: a new era of separation where the value of human life is based on money. Maybe the rich will live in a controlled and quarantined "safe zone", away from the inferior and despicable "poor people".

In truth, we are already living in the era of Neo-Apartheid, the rich are segregated from the poor according to their domiciles, the rich are entitled to more privileges than the poor, the rich travel in separate vehicles, the rich determine the futures of the poor.

There are many inequalities in this world - all of them created in our collective minds. We know only what we know. We know only what we have been taught. We are able to learn only to the extent that we are taught to learn.

I vote for an Equal Money System because it is based on the principle of equality and is committed to ensuring that every being's basic rights are fulfilled. The Equal Money System presents a practical solution, this cannot be said about any other organization/political party/etc.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 222: The Winds Of War

War is always brewing on our home. I can't quite grasp how people could hate each other so much so as to rip each other apart. What makes one war different from another? We call the Holocaust a crime against life and against humanity - but not the conflicts in the Congo, or in Israel, or in Afghanistan, or the violence in the streets and homes across the world. How are weapons even still allowed, or even manufactured?

There simply is no excuse. There is no reason that justifies what we have done and will do to one another. How did we get here, to this point where child soldiers, rape and murder are an accepted part of our society, I will never know. We claim that we need weapons to defend ourselves, but who are we all defending ourselves from? Our neighbours? Our leaders? A culture that is not our own? Crazy people? Shouldn't we have realized by now that the only reason violence exists is because we allow it to? We have created a society that promotes violence, isolation, self enrichment, dishonesty (with ourselves mostly) - what kind of outcome were we expecting? Hmm.. let's teach our children to hate other people they don't understand, 'cos that'll sure ensure that they break our traditions of war and violence!

I vote for an Equal Money System because it will stop the use and production of weapons and war machines. I vote for a world without violence and without hunger. Some may argue that any object, including our bodies, can be used as a weapon - but none as readily and with such widespread and horrific effect as weapons of war.

I don't want to live in a world where I fear for my life, for my safety and for the lives and safety of all those who are unable to protect themselves. I don't want to leave a world to our children wherein there is a constant fear of conflict. I don't want to live in a world where people go to war over money. I don't want to live in a world that goes to war at all.

Stop the crimes against life.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Day 221: The Cost Of Progress: China's Drinking Problem

China, for one, has a drinking problem.
I discussed this topic with a group of experts in a Fortune magazine forum recently held in Beijing.
China's water crisis looks grim, the panelists agreed. The United Nations says China is one of 13 countries with extreme water shortages.
The problem is partly demographic -- it hosts 20% of the world's population yet only holds six percent of the world's water resources -- but is also exacerbated by rapid and short-sighted development.
Strong economic growth has turned the country into the world's second largest economy but at the expense of the environment.
The Yangtze River, once the lifeblood of the country, now flows a foreboding blood red, possibly due to industrial pollution, experts said.
Chronic droughts plague important agricultural regions like Shandong province, which produces most of China's grain. - CNN

So if our so-called progress goes hand-in-hand with the destruction of our planet, where the hell are we "progressing" to? Imagine China, 20 years from now in the year 2032: up until then, profit had taken priority. Leaders feigned concern and action for the preservation of life sustaining natural landscapes and resources, but in the end, the government functioned for one thing and one thing only: money. The air and water quality slowly deteriorated, but those in positions of wealth and power were able to purchase protection from the elements. The once booming population began to dwindle as more babies were born with defects and death rates rose among the young and the elderly.

What kind of world will we be living in in the years to come if we are so quick to hack and slash away at that which sustains our lives? We claim we do it to survive, but that is a deceitful excuse. We exploit our planet and destroy the lives of billions of beings so that we can continue to maintain and justify our illusion of freedom. We think that lying, cheating and stealing our way into positions of power earns us the right to live like kings without regard for any of the peasants who are unwilling or unable to do what it takes to be able to purchase freedom. That's what freedom really is: something to be purchased. We think we a re born free, but if we were born free then we wouldn't need to purchase our rights to life. 

But then again, who cares anyway? The Chinese got themselves into this mess, and the system is a demonic and independent entity that needs to be overcome. We are all in fact only responsible for ourselves and the things we deem to be worthy in our lives. War in the Congo? They are just a bunch of idiots with guns and they are not my responsibility. Millions of children living on the street, scavenging for scraps to survive and suffocating themselves in trash bins to stay warm? Where are their parents? I am not responsible. 

We are a society with no-compassion. We are a culture of dog eat dog. We teach our children to be suspicious. We teach our children to hate. We tell ourselves that we are right - because if we are wrong... then how could we ever face ourselves again?

I vote for an Equal Money System because it understands and demands that a safe environment is necessary for life. I vote for an Equal Money System because it will ensure that profit will never again be an excuse for greed and self interest.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day 220: Rolling Jubilee - Clear Debt To Get More!

Ok so this is why this idea will never work.

  1. It doesn't address the problem, it's just a bandaid
  2. It doesn't address the problem, it's just a bandaid
  3. It doesn't address the problem, it's just a bandaid
Let me expand on this through a lovely scenario:

Once upon a time, there was a planet far, far away. Now on this planet, there lived a species of creature called... moomans. Now these moomans came in different shapes, sizes and colours and throughout the ages, they developed tribes. One tribe especially became dominant and it's influences reached over the entire planet so that all cultures began to meld and transform into the culture of the dominant tribe. All the other tribes started to think and act like the dominant tribe. This whole domination happened through force and propaganda mainly, but it only took a few years for the subjugated tribes to forget who they were before and to live as if they had always been a member of the dominant tribe. The dominant tribe valued individuality and luxury above all, it used imaginary numbers as a make-believe currency and the members of the tribe were willing to murder, rape, torture, exploit and pretty much whatever else you may put in front of them, in order to get more of this imaginary currency. The moomans believed they were free and evolving, but only those who actually had some of this imaginary currency. There were many, more than half, who did not even have enough of the imaginary currency to fulfill their basic requirements to live relatively comfortably and without worries - and the majority of these moomans only barely had enough to survive. Now the monetary system of the moomans was based on debt, so basically, since the costs of living were so high for the average mooman, they had to borrow imaginary currency to be able to "buy" things or to "do" things (like study). The governments and businesses run by the moomans also worked on the basis of debt, always borrowing to cover the gaps. As it turns out, a small part of the mooman population was incredibly wealthy, they practically ran the world and guided all the other moomans into buying things that would enrich these wealthy moomans further. At certain points in the mooman time line, the middle classed and lower classed moomans became vexed with the elite moomans, because so many moomans were struggling just to survive while those few elites lavished in luxury. There at one point was a group of moomans attempting to raise imaginary currency to randomly pay off the debts of other moomans - yet they did not consider that these people could and would simply go out and get in more debt again, as that was the nature of their system - each mooman (well, most) were owned by the lenders which is exactly what the lenders wanted. The moomans were so attached to their idea of how their world "should be" and that it could never change that they refused to consider implementing an entirely new system. There were some few moomans who advocated for a new system, but they were branded and labelled as heretics.

And so you see, if we do not change the system it will simply carry on as it always has.

I vote for an Equal Money System as it will wipe debts clean - permanently - and will eradicate the debt-based system in its entirety. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 219: World's Richest Man Saves... Soccer Club?

You'd think that maybe the world's richest person might be going about saving thousands of starving children or puppies or some such, but no, apparently sports clubs are far more worthy. 

(CNN) -- Real Madrid and Barcelona both comfortably won on Saturday, but for once Spain's two most dominant football clubs were overshadowed by a third-tier team which has been saved from extinction after receiving a huge injection of cash from the world's richest man, Carlos Slim.
Just over a decade ago Real Oviedo played in La Liga alongside Real and Barca, but mismanagement from the club's directors took the Asturian team to the brink of bankruptcy in recent years.
Needing to raise €1.9 million ($2.4 million) by November 17 or go bust, Oviedo's current board announced a share issue earlier this month to attract investment.
Remarkably the scheme took off as fans from all over the world bought the €11 ($13) shares after Oviedo's precarious position was highlighted on the social media website Twitter thanks to the efforts of Spanish football expert and long-time Oviedo supporter Sid Lowe.
Over the past two weeks those fans have bought more than $1.9 million in new shares in the club, and Slim was so impressed -- he described the gesture as "extraordinary" -- that the Mexican tycoon has now pumped in a further $2.5 million to become Oviedo's majority shareholder.

Where do our priorities lie? Absolutely not with making the world a "better place for all". Just look at where we choose to place our skills and attention: sports, fashion, superficial relationships, superficial therapy focused on validating our inner demons, turning ourselves into zombies with various drugs, eating food that is the product of years of suffering and 5 minutes on a grill, creating gadgets that will never last more than 2 years... We have progressed with leaps and bounds in the areas we're actually interested and invested in, but at what cost?

Just imagine if we cared about creating Heaven on Earth - I imagine we would have it realized in less than a decade if we actually wanted it as much as we want our Big Mac's and Louis Vuitton's and Lamborghini's. Heaven should not be for only those who can afford it - most of them made their money by cheating, stealing and exploiting whatever appeared to be necessary. 

We live in a world where we reward the thieves and dream of being one of them. We live in a world where the crooks are kings - and we have built their castles and their thrones and we polish their boots with our tongues. Possibly the worst part is that we think that we're free in all this - we think that we will some day be rewarded for our faithful service... 

We hold the power. We hold the responsibility. I vote for an Equal Money System because it will ensure that there are no thieves and that each and every life will be truly free to enjoy life, as it was meant to be.