Day 947: New Year Resolutions

Day 946: Reactions Upon Reactions

Day 945: Its Not Personal

Day 944: Turn it Into Something New

Day 943: Human Nature and Human Games

Day 942: Self Judgement as Self Sabotage

Day 941: Learning Something New

Day 940: Care Like it's Christmas

Day 939: Only You are Holding Yourself Back

Day 938: Don't Want to Face Reality

Day 937: Parents Know Best

Day 936: Its a Hard Life

Day 935: Overwhelmed by Information

Day 934: Heat of the Moment

Day 933: A Deeper Connection

Day 932: Flexibility and Imposition

Day 931: Purpose Compared to Nothingness

Day 930: Killing Me Slowly

Day 929: Actually, That Wasn't a Suggestion

Day 928: Selfish Designs

Day 927: Master, Slave and the Directive Principle

Day 926: Are You Enslaved to Your Mind

Day 925: Relationship Success Support: Unmasking the Macho Man

Day 924: Are You Master or Slave

Day 923: Give as You Would Like to Receive

Day 922: Change and Fear of Loss

Day 921: Sorry, Future Generations