Day 1307: What are your Prime Directives

Day 1306: Denial of what's Here

Day 1305: Who Wants to Talk about Guns

Day 1304: Death: Gift or Curse?

Day 1303: Why won’t my Horse Listen!?!?

Day 1302: I Have been Deluding Myself

Day 1301: Complacency and Life Creation

Day 1300: Mind Made Body

Day 1299: Addicted to Gurus

Day 1298: Under Pressure

Day 1297: No I did not Walk into a Door!

Day 1296: I'll Do It My Own Damn Self!

Day 1295: The Masks we Live

Day 1294: Emotional Heaviness

Day 1293: When is Your Forgiveness Real?

Day 1292: What if Nothing Feels Right?

Day 1291: This Doesn't Feel Right

Day 1290: My Decade with Desteni

Day 1289: Brand New Me

Day 1288: I Can't Help but Hate You

Day 1287: Facing the Unknown in Stability

Day 1286: The One True Answer

Day 1285: The Fall of Self in Relationships

Day 1284: Don't Wait, Create

Day 1283: Why Should I be a Better Person?

Day 1282: Eeek! Emotions!

Day 1281: Holding Weakness Against Someone

Day 1280: The I in Patience

Day 1279: Patience, Patience, Patience

Day 1278: Stuck in Repeating Memories

Day 1277: I Don't Want to be a Bother

Day 1276: Learning from Scratch

Day 1275: The Problem with Feel Good Fixes

Day 1274: Fear & Imagining Worst Case Scenarios

Day 1273: Living "This is not Who I am"

Day 1272: Potential, Purpose, me and Desteni

Day 1271: A Purpose Greater than Myself

Day 1270: Quit Your Overcomplicating

Day 1269: The Pain of being a Beginner

Day 1268: Despite my Insecurity

Day 1267: How to Ruin Thong Song

Day 1266: Making your Decisions Real

Day 1265: I'm Not Ready

Day 1264: The Discomfort in Growth

Day 1263: Doing something different... Who will I be?

Day 1262: How to Ruin a Song

Day 1261: Desteni Radio - Review of Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide

Day 1260: Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole

Day 1259: Mental Change vs Actual Change