Day 1029: I Want, Want, Want

Day 1028: Where do Your Thoughts Come From

Day 1027: Worth Fighting For

Day 1026: Is there any Safe Place Left

Day 1025: Everything Went so Well in the Past

Day 1024: Self Reflection, Self Responsibility

Day 1023: Getting to Your Level

Day 1022: It's a Cruel Human

Day 1021: Innate Physical Intelligence

Day 1020: False Dilemmas

Day 1019: The Path of Least Resistance

Day 1018: Man Made Evolution

Day 1017: The Truth About Addiction

Day 1016: Pay to be Employed

Day 1015: The World is Fracked

Day 1014: Deeper than Skin

Day 1013: Not Me in the Mirror

Day 1012: Facing God, Facing Yourself

Day 1011: The Rocky Road to Perfection

Day 1010: Worry is Like a Rocking Chair

Day 1009: Leaving Home

Day 1008: In My Opinion...

Day 1007: Wonderfully Stupid Humans

Day 1006: Digital Love - Technology Replacing Human Connection

Day 1005: Are You Aware of Your Body

Day 1004: You, Me and the Government

Day 1003: The Golden Rule

Day 1002: The Capital of Capitalism