Day 1085: What of Life Matters

Day 1084: Clash of Ideologies

Day 1083: Make Peace and Let Go

Day 1082: The Nature of Self Creation

Day 1081: Until This is Done

Day 1080: Farewell Dear

Day 1079: Celebrating Another Year Survived on Earth

Day 1078: We are our own Worst Critics

Day 1077: Are You Who You Want to be?

Day 1076: You'll Never Change

Day 1075: Desteni Movie Night: Battlestar Galactica

Day 1074: Breathing in Another Person

Day 1073: Man Know Thyself

Day 1072: Reaching for the Impossible Ideal

Day 1071: Who Made You

Day 1070: Lost in the Symptoms

Day 1069: Disconnected from Reality

Day 1068: Willful Ignorance

Day 1067: Will You Give up this Life

Day 1066: The Debt System Within

Day 1065: The Conspirator Within

Day 1064: Change Humanity and the World will Follow

Day 1063: Relationship Success Support: Relationship Personality

Day 1062: Every Moment is a Choice

Day 1061: Land of the Free

Day 1060: It's Legal so it Must be Right

Day 1059: Nasty You, Nasty Me

Day 1058: A Change in Perception