Day 1184: The Challenges of Community Living

Day 1183: Waiting for Someone Else to do it

Day 1182: The Truth is Subjective

Day 1181: Why Don't you do what I do

Day 1180: Fudge Fairness

Day 1179: What you Think you Know

Day 1178: A Pinch of Salt

Day 1177: Different Addictions, Same Escape

Day 1176: Imbalance in Relationships

Day 1175: How do you Know if You're Gossiping?

Day 1174: Sounding Board

Day 1173: Should I or Shouldn't I..?

Day 1172: Interpretation into Self

Day 1171: How do you know when Someone is Lying?

Day 1170: Sharing is Weakness

Day 1169: The Curse of Intelligence

Day 1168: Doctor, Doctor

Day 1167: That's Not Good Enough!

Day 1166: Did I Make the Right Choice

Day 1165: Never Changing Relationships

Day 1164: Story Time

Day 1163: Diminishing Yourself in a Relationship