Day 609: Why Aren't We More Compassionate?

Day 608: Memories Vs Experience

Day 607: Broken Telephone of Memory

Day 606: Self Discipline & Resistance

Day 605: All the Experts on ISIS

Day 604: Maleficent

Day 603: We're All in This Together

Day 602: You're Just a Cash Cow for the Rich

Day 601: The (D)evolution of the Gaming Culture

Day 600: What Moves You?

Day 599: Which Way Should I Go?

Day 598: For My Country

Day 597: The New Sex Norm

Day 596: I Can Never be Wrong

Day 595: Transcending God

Day 594: Name 6 Ways You're Better than a Chicken

Day 593: How Bad Can I Be?

Day 592: Dark Moments