Day 605: All the Experts on ISIS

ISIS: Everything you need to know about the rise of the 'Islamic State' - This article doesn't actually tell you anything useful.

(CNN) -- The U.S. military bombarded more ISIS targets Friday from the air in an operation that world leaders are saying will be a long-term engagement.

On Thursday and Friday, the U.S. military carried out 10 strikes using fighter planes and drones, the U.S. Central Command said in a statement. The strikes took out ISIS vehicles in Syria and Iraq and destroyed a command node and a checkpoint.

Also on Friday, Britain's Prime Minister told members of parliament taking a vote on whether to send the nation's military to join the fight to be prepared for a long haul.

"This is going to be a mission that will take not just months but years, but I believe we have to be prepared for that commitment," David Cameron said.
The same message came from the Pentagon Thursday.

"I think we are in this for a matter of years," spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby said. "We are steeling ourselves for that period of time."

Why it will take so long

The strikes are having some effect, experts say, but on the ground, there's little headway against the Islamist extremists.

And that's why the battle will take so long, Cameron said. Western infantries will not gun down ISIS fighters. That will be the task of local forces.

What makes someone an expert on ISIS and airstrikes? I have never heard of any credentials that would qualify that title, nor would I trust such credentials. Granted, there are very few experts who can truly be called an expert on any one topic in the fullest definition of the word. We throw the word expert around a lot without really understanding what the word means it seems. The term is inundated with pride and ego and very often gives one the impression that their opinion is the word of GOD and that no one may question them.

In reality there is no way for an average Joe like me or you to know what's really going on somewhere and why when it comes to things like ISIS, but it is just as unlikely that some alleged "expert" knows any more. All the expert can claim to know is based on what has happened in the past (and even this is limited to available knowledge and is therefore not necessarily the entire story) and then factor in general information like characteristics, cultures, customs, beliefs and so on that are common to the people or topic that is being discussed (keyword: common - again this is based on an assumption).

The title of "expert" is mostly used as battering ram against any questions that someone may ask. "Wait, isn't bombing another country and civilians BAD?" Of course not! The experts say that it's the only way we can ensure peace! Right... So now anything that is promoted as being approved by some or other expert is accepted without much thought. It's not much different to most of the rest of our lifestyles - just another testament to how we prefer to be followers rather than think critically for ourselves and make rational choices.