Day 456: Mexican Wave of Lies

Day 455: The Nature of Human Nature

Day 454: In You I Trust

Day 453: Addicted to Pain

Day 452: Pinocchio, Pinocchime

Day 451: Cognitive Dissonance

Day 450: I Refuse to Listen to your Lies

Day 449: Tuning Devices in our Minds

Day 448: I am my Own Person

Day 447: Persuasion and Human Nature

Day 446: Screw you - I Drive a Prius

Day 445: Look on the Bright Side

Day 444: Understanding Persuasion

Day 443: It Must be Right if Everyone Believes it

Day 442: My only Interest is in where I have a Vested Interest

Day 441: Blending in

Day 440: A Copy of a Copy of a Copy of a Copy...

Day 439: Monkey See, Monkey Do

Day 438: I Live in Your Mind, I Control Who You Are

Day 437: The Words we Speak Depend on Who may be Listening

Day 436: Politicians are not People

Day 435: There is no Common Good