Day 1229: I Want to be You

Day 1228: Desteni of Living - Self Honesty

Day 1227: Blinded by Potential

Day 1226: Desteni of Living - Living what is Best for All

Day 1225: Voting with Your Money

Day 1224: Desteni of Living: Investigate all things and keep what is Good

Day 1223: Cerise and Joe Make Love

Day 1222: Desteni Radio - Forum Response "Distractions and Focus"

Day 1221: I Never Asked to be Born

Day 1220: Mind Your Privates (And Your Genitals Too)

Day 1219: What does Gossip say about You?

Day 1218: Facing Your Dark Mind

Day 1217: Dark Minds Crave Authority

Day 1216: Why We're Here

Day 1215: Cerise & Joe on Desteni Radio Parts 1 & 2

Day 1214: Know Your Candidates

Day 1213: I Know I'm Right Because I'm Right

Day 1212: As Within so Without

Day 1211: Things we used to Suck at

Day 1210: Honouring Your Potential

Day 1209: The Unattainable Desires

Day 1208: Opinions on Opinions on Opinions

Day 1207: Who am I in my Worst Case Scenario

Day 1206: I Should just Give up