Day 754: How Effective Is Your Communication

Day 753: Nothing Personal

Day 752: Word Play: Get vs Come

Day 751: Don't Blame Your Mind For Your Mess

Day 750: Recognising The Problem Vs Living The Solution

Day 749: Do The Things You Care About Actually Matter

Day 748: How Is Working With Horses Like Working With the Mind

Day 747: What is Authority

Day 746: Are You Creating Your Child's Fears

Day 745: Beautiful Intentions

Day 744: Do You Serve The God Called Life

Day 743: Life Isn't Supposed To Be This Way

Day 742: What Your Crush Can Teach You

Day 741: Choices, Choices

Day 740: What are YOU Creating?

Day 739: What Is Your Life Worth

Day 738: Are You Proud To Be Human

Day 737: Remember Why You're Here

Day 736: Destonian Perspective: Can People Really Change

Day 735: Children of Gaza

Day 734: Cat Punching Is A Symptom Of Our Broken Society

Day 733: You Are A Willing Participant In Self Dishonesty

Day 732: Bad Habits

Day 731: And God Created Money

Day 730: Funny Money

Day 729: What is Real Beauty

Day 728: What is Real Love - A Destonian Perspective

Day 727: Desteni Principle: Investigate Everything

Day 726: How Big is Your World

Day 725: There is no Superman