Day 860: Justified

Day 859: Truth is a Matter of Opinion

Day 858: Stuck in my Ways

Day 857: Broadening Your Horizon

Day 856: Does Money Define You

Day 855: Becoming the Gift of Life

Day 854: The Value of the Henchman vs the Boss

Day 853: Become Response-Able

Day 852: The Difference Between Blame and Responsibility

Day 851: Looking at Every Possible Perception

Day 850: Falling Prey to Fantasies of the Miraculous

Day 849: Oblivious to the World

Day 848: Clock Boy: A Testament to the Judgement we Live

Day 847: Fighting to be Right

Day 846: Walking Through Your Emotions

Day 845: Emotional Investment

Day 844: When Life Just Keeps Beating You Down

Day 843: Abusing the Gift of Life as Conflict

Day 842: Interpreters We Are

Day 841: The Reality of How Things Really Work

Day 840: Who Pays the Price for Our Actions?

Day 839: The Cycle of Grieving Thinking

Day 838: My Vision of What is Possible

Day 837: DeHumanisation

Day 836: Men are From Mars & Women are From Venus

Day 835: Self Interest Always Wins

Day 834: Hiding From the World

Day 833: Don't get Stuck in Emotional Responses

Day 832: The Bare Minimum

Day 831: Looking for the Right Advice