Day 223: Please, Pull The Wool Back Over My Eyes

Please pull the wool back over my eyes because I would prefer not to see what happens in this world. Please turn the light back off, for the world in my mind is so much kinder. Please turn the music up so that I don't need to hear the news. Please provide me with a way that I can provide a token of my support so that I can feel like I am making a difference. Please continue to teach our children nothing, so that I may seem wise to them. Please give me something to care about that doesn't break my heart.

Maybe it's easier not to care about the things that matter, I think that I would be happier if I didn't care so much. We would all be happier if there was nothing terrible on the news. When I think of the life I would want for my child, I don't envision the world as it is now, I think of a place without crime, without suffering, without poverty, without violence, without the constant struggle just to survive, without the hope that maybe life will get easier.

I would want my child to live and love as he/she pleases, with a respect and consideration for life and for other beings. I would want my child to be free to live and love regardless of his/her position on the Earth. I would want my child to be able to feel confident and safe enough to meet new people and have conversations without deceit and without pretense. I would want my child to be able to explore and experience all of life, regardless of his/her circumstances of birth and monetary value. I would imagine that this is the life any parent would want for their child, so why do people react so negatively and with such nastiness when presented with a possible way to create that life for all life?

Maybe it is easier not to think of what life will be like in 20 years, when resources are scarce, money is meaningless and only food and guns hold power. Maybe we'll be dead by then. Maybe it'll never happen that way. Maybe it will be more like a return to the outright slavery of the past - only the wealthy will be free - kind of like now, just more extreme. It will be a new era of Apartheid - Neo-Apartheid: a new era of separation where the value of human life is based on money. Maybe the rich will live in a controlled and quarantined "safe zone", away from the inferior and despicable "poor people".

In truth, we are already living in the era of Neo-Apartheid, the rich are segregated from the poor according to their domiciles, the rich are entitled to more privileges than the poor, the rich travel in separate vehicles, the rich determine the futures of the poor.

There are many inequalities in this world - all of them created in our collective minds. We know only what we know. We know only what we have been taught. We are able to learn only to the extent that we are taught to learn.

I vote for an Equal Money System because it is based on the principle of equality and is committed to ensuring that every being's basic rights are fulfilled. The Equal Money System presents a practical solution, this cannot be said about any other organization/political party/etc.