Day 212: Why We Remember Wars

Over the past couple of weeks I have seen many articles on news sites commemorating soldiers who fought in wars long since won or lost. Why do we keep alive the feelings and support for these "crimes against humanity" disguised as acts that were necessary to "protect and serve" the country? The only use for patriotism is for the government to have the support of its citizens to wage questionable wars.

If you ask me, all wars are simply acts of atrocity, no matter what the justification. If it was really a matter of protecting the people, then the leaders would not be sitting safely tucked away in a bomb shelter. But no matter - I go off topic.

This is the same smog surrounding the promotion of events and celebrations to honour the amazingness of the leaders of a country. How is this justified when there are citizens who are struggling just to survive? It's all just propaganda to stir up peoples' emotions and get them emotionally invested in the country so that they will be willing to go ape on another person that is apparently threatening the safety of our motherland.

Why the hell should we live in a world where war even exists? Why do we allow it to continue to exist? We keep alive these ridiculous hatreds and irrational emotions toward other people, just because they just happened to have been born in another part of the world, the result of the union between the vagina and penis of geographically challenged people.

I will pick up on this topic in a day or two, for now, I must return to studying.