Day 205: How The Government Helps Us

Governments have been implementing staff cut-backs in an attempt to "save money" so as to not get sucked into the pit of economic doom. I'm not sure if anyone has told them this, but firing 54000 people only means that 54000 families (see link above for full story on how Whitehall in Britain  has fired 54 000 civil servants in 18 months) are now less able or even completely unable to support themselves financially, which will cost the government much more than keeping the employees on.

The less people earning an income, the more strain it puts on a government to provide welfare services. When one person is fired, it does not only affect that one person, it affects many: the family of the person, the businesses earning money from this person and his/her family, the families of the employees of the suffering businesses, the government no longer receives income tax, the government must support the now unemployed person and his/her family if applicable, and so on and so forth.

So imagine, if one government has dismissed 54000 people, what effect does this have? The families of these 54000 people lose a source of income, which would then increase the number of people directly and greatly influenced fourfold (on average). The government will no be receiving income tax from 54000 people. The government may need to provide welfare support to as many as 54000 families. The businesses who had customers from the 54000, now unemployed, people are losing the regular income they would normally have received, which in turn would have an effect on their own families and spending habits. This is just the tip of the iceberg for the consequences of one government's layoffs in one country - this is happening in governments and countries across the globe.

UBS is cutting thousands of jobs. Research in Motion is cutting thousands of jobs. Opel is cutting thousands of jobs. GM is cutting thousands of jobs. Comet is cutting thousands of jobs.

What happens to all the thousands and thousands of people affected by these job losses? Yes, some may find another job - but many will not, mostly due to that fact that the job losses are affecting most businesses to some degree.

The governments that run the countries of the world are supposed to be ensuring dignified rights and a "good life" for all their citizens - how could job cuts possibly be seen as a "good thing"? How much do these same governments spend on weapons that should never be used? Weapons that shouldn't exist? Much more than they could possibly hope to save by cutting the jobs and diminishing the effectiveness of their departments. Is it just me, or do these government officials seem to be wanting the citizens to live in poverty?

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