Day 206: New Bills, Same Old Money

South Africa is introducing new banknotes into circulation. The new bills will have Mandela's face on one side and one of the Big Five (Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo, Rhino) on the other. The reasons for introducing these new notes seem to be that they are "more secure" and that they "reflect the uniqueness of the nation".

How much is this whole shebang costing, I wonder? With the new notes comes all of the advertising and promotion of the notes, so I'm guessing that it is costing the country a pretty penny. This, in a country where the stark contrasts of absolute poverty and lavish riches can be seen on the same horizon. This, in a country where going to a public hospital may be the death of you. This, in a country where the pass rate for matric is only 30%. This, in a country where nepotism and corruption reign supreme. Why the hell is South Africa introducing new bills when that money, time and expertise could be focused toward improving the lives of the "less fortunate"?

Every major city you visit here will have at least one township/shanty town and at least one RDP village (Reconstruction & Development Programme - the plan that the ANC proposed to correct the inequalities from apartheid which includes affirmative action and public housing plans) - these RDP villages have been criticized for their shoddy workmanship and poor planning, as well as not being realistic in terms of actually improving lives by creating an income stream, for example, as the unemployment rate is very high. Most children growing up in these townships and villages do not complete school, and so have very little chance of actually breaking free from the state of poverty that they exist within. My point is that these new banknotes are simply wasteful and impractical.

It's funny how so few governments are actually practical and develop lasting and real solutions. Everything seems to be one long political campaign, bolstering the approval and confidence of the citizens, but never actually doing something of worth.

So, here are the improvements as proposed to come into effect in an Equal Money System: Due to public officials not working for profit, but rather to improve the lives of all, personal gain can not and will not be a motivating factor in any happenings in the managing governmental sectors. Currency will not need to be on paper but can be managed through digital means so that there need never be any overhauls of any banknotes. Elected leaders will have no authority or power to make any changes or choices - they will simply be administrators, ensuring that the system is running smoothly.

These are only some aspects of the Equal Money System. Browse through the FAQ section and show your vote for life.