Day 202: Help! I Just Realized That I'm A Robot!


So this documentary in the link is quite interesting - it shows how our society, traditions and social worlds have been used, since the beginning of the industrial age, to turn humans into robots, basically. The video covers many aspects of our lives such as psychological, work, education and politics - and how each of these aspects have been manipulated and used in order to benefit the few elite. You may think that this is just another conspiracy theory, out to deface the great free market system, but the people in this film discuss and bring to light perspectives and views that are seldom considered - and they make sense. Watch the documentary and see for yourself what I speak of.

Essentially what is being said in the film is that humans can and have been programmed to think, act, feel, like, dislike and pretty much everything else the way we do. It's easy to think that we determine who we are and that there's no way that we're just robots, fulfilling our programmed roles. Sometimes, the possibilities that seem implausible are the ones that are true.

When we are born, we are devoid of thoughts, fears, emotions, patterns - we are delivered into the world as empty vessels, ready to receive our training, so to speak. We learn by making associations - we learn what things are precursors to pleasant experiences, and what precedes unpleasant experiences. Then, we learn to adapt to our environments. We mimic what we see, because we have learned that we are praised and rewarded for conforming to our environment. Does this not mean that if we were to have been born in a different setting, that our knowledge and experience would only be as broad as that which was in our environment? To take a very broad example, if one is born into a Christian family, there is a good chance that one will label ones self as being a Christian for a part of one's life at the very least. Yet, if one is born into a Muslim family, one would most likely be a Muslim.

Now, if we were born into families or into a society that created an environment of equality, sharing, expression, honesty - then maybe we wouldn't be as screwed as we are now - but the sad fact is that we are born into family systems and into a society that is willing to abuse, exploit, corrupt and destroy whatever gets in the way of whichever ME is in charge. Our society teaches by rewarding "good" behaviour and punishing "bad" behaviour; our school systems teach our children that they will be rewarded for repeating the information that is given to them and that they will be punished for questioning that information; our workplaces encourage efficiency and the docile acceptance of whatever rules and roles are enforced upon the workers.

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