Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 167: That's Not Me! Who Am I Then?

We all look back on our lives and our memories and what we were and who we were - the funny thing is that most of the time we're thinking "was that really me?", "did I really do that?", "was that who I was?". And this is just with the memories we actually remember - most of our lives are a hazy blur of landmarks on the fast road to right here, right now.

If we look back at our lives and wonder if the memories we hold are really our own, does that change who we are here and now? If we do not recognise ourselves within our memories, does that make us different people? Do our memories define who we are even when we cannot recall them? Can we still be held accountable for our actions if we don't recognise ourselves within the memories of those actions? What of the people who lose their memories from amnesia, Alzheimers or dementia - do they remain the same people, or do they change so that those who knew them recognise them no longer?

If we forget most of our memories whilst remembering only a few, significant ones, does that change how we feel about ourselves if, say the memories we do remember are ones we are ashamed of? Would one memory be any more significant than another if it wasn't only based on our ability to recall them? Would it be fair to rate the significance of an event based on how clearly we remember it?

Why does muscle/physical memory work differently to the memories within our minds? Do they work differently, or do they just seem to function differently because they are happening within different manifestations? How do memories and actions come to us without us having to think of them?

Who am I, if I am not everything I cannot remember being and doing?

Do my memories still influence me if I cannot recall them?

If my memories of myself contradict who I am now, does that make me a different person, schizophrenic or simply insane?

One could say that all we are today is because of everything that has happened in our lives up until this point. Does this mean that we are slaves to our pasts, to the people and the events and to our own inner experiences that have shaped and molded us into the person we are today? No, we are able to choose who we are within our every breath. The problem is that most of the time we are unaware of the extent to which who we are here and now is because of who we were and who we were taught to be in our pasts.

Change does not come easily to us - we've spent all of our lives living a certain way, thinking particular thoughts, feeling specific feelings - it's all we know. If we are to change we must choose it in every moment, with every in-breath we must decide what we will accept and allow to exist within us, and with every out breath we must decide what we will accept and allow to exist within us.

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 166: Lock Up The Trash Cans, The Hungry Are Here!

Spanish authorities have started locking up supermarket trash bins containing food to prevent hungry people from eating allegedly "unsafe" foods.

We all know that supermarkets have to throw out all sorts of produce because of small imperfections, or for not being super fresh - especially bread, fruits and vegetables. We are then led to ask the obvious question: why does this food get thrown away at all? Why does it not go to those who do not have food? I am sure that some supermarkets give their imperfect and one day old produce to local charities, but let's be realistic here - we do, after all, live in a profit and efficiency-based world where free stuff should only go to paying customers - most supermarkets throw their produce away without a moment's thought.

How is it that money, efficiency or the idea that people should only get what they they earn or deserve is so important that we can't even give that which we have in excess freely to those who need it? One third of the food we produce is thrown away, and yet half of the world lives in poverty - how does that even make sense?

This practice of locking up trash bins is not a new one - it happens in other places too, such as Sweden. With the "economic crisis" deepening, we can expect ever increasing numbers of people not being able to feed themselves, or home themselves, or clothe themselves. We may ask ourselves: What will become of us? Let me tell you: Violence and protests will rock every city around the world (check), preventable deaths will become more frequent (check), public services will be slashed (check), people will die from the cold (check), people will fight for every scrap of food, and those who are wealthy (and who, by the way, have been profiting from the "economic downturn") will remain wealthy and safe behind tall fences and guarded gates.

Here in South Africa, the news has been bringing up, every now and then, the reality that we (the world) will run out of potable water and food in 20 years. Think about that for a minute. It's not necessarily that we don't have enough space to produce the required food in 20 years' time - it's just that we are not managing our land effectively which leads to soil erosion and diminishing of soil quality and ability to support plant life. It's also not that we don't have enough fresh water - we just don't manage it effectively and we pollute and poison water. The excuse for our mismanagement of resources every time is: It would be too expensive to do it properly in a way that would ensure that this planet will be able to sustain future life. WTF IS WRONG WITH US!?

How could we possibly use money as an excuse for abusing the planet when we are the ones who willed the concept and reality of money into existence!

Wake up, people. We have all been caught up in a mass delusion.

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Day 165: We Don't Need No Water
A mother and her baby Orangutang were rescued from what used to be their home but is now being turned into forests of palm trees for our benefit. The pair were starving. The mother had air rifle pellets under her skin from previous encounters with humans. The Orangutangs were relocated to a protected national park.

Four more rhinos were killed for their horns in South Africa. 4 Rhinos were dehorned by poachers in India, 2 died from their wounds. The Indian rhinos had their horns hacked off while they were alive and conscious.

Every day dawns with it new horrors committed by man in the name of money. Without money, there is no survival and yet survival is not enough for some - for them, luxury is imperative and in order to live luxuriously one must be willing do accept, allow and commit acts of terror against life. One must be willing to commit genocide - all in the name of money.

Outrage is not enough for these innocent and defenseless beings. Our charities and good will cannot undo what has be done to them. All that can be done now is to ensure that we stop doing what we are doing and create a new path forward, a path that would satisfy the followers of Christ, Allah, Buddha, The Many Gods of the Hindi, The Ancestors - a path in which we love our neighbours as our brothers, in which we treat all life with respect and dignity - as we would want to be treated, a path in which we nurture the Earth and take only what is required, a path in which a life of comfort and dignity is assured for that is what we freely give to each other.

Where are the religious followers in these acts of brutality against those who cannot protect themselves? Are they the perpetrators or do they simply look on from the sidelines? For a society of apparently "evolving" and "enlightened" beings, we sure have turned life on Earth into Hell - and it's getting worse every day.

Will we be able to recognise that we must stop living this way, before it is too late - or may it already be too late? It seems, I fear, as if we will not turn from this path of self-interest - and we will pay the ultimate price.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 164: Gang Holds Women For Sex & Ransom

The following is an article extract from the South African, Natal-based newspaper, The Witness (27/09/2012):

A woman from Nkandla was rescued by police yesterday after escaping from a container in which she and 11 other abducted women had been held and raped... The woman told police that one of the women in the container, who had tried to fight her rapists, was shot dead. She said 10 of the women were still being held captive in the container and raped daily. 

The suspects are still at large.

Sex and money makes the world go round, it seems. Men are generally more likely to "commit a sexual offense", but women seem to be catching on (naughty school teachers and bored housewives taking advantage of young boys, among other things). Rape accompanies certain situations: violent events (war, protests, riots, imposed mass quarantine); consuming alcohol, unbalanced power positions (one party is "in power" and the other power is "without power" - physical and emotional power included); emotional situations (anger, jealousy, rage, hatred etc).

Let's face it: sex is a big part of our lives - we spend a lot of time trying to get laid or thinking about getting laid. most crimes are committed because of sex or money (or sex and money). The problem is that when sex become the motivating factor behind our thoughts, words and actions then we are liable to screw ourselves over, as well as other people. When getting some nookie is more important than supporting life or even developing safe and supportive sexual expressions, then there is a problem. Sexual obsessions and possessions mean that people are going to be partaking in abusive sexual practices - firstly because we don't understand how our thoughts can and will lead to physical manifestations, and secondly because, in our minds, satisfaction of our ever whim is more important than another being.

Consider all of the recent stories in the news surround one form of sexual abuse or another: teachers molesting kids, priests molesting boys, men molesting animals in (legal) bestiality brothels, child sex slaves, hostages being raped, women being attacked and no one moving to assist, children enacting the porn they see online... It is safe to say that sexual possessions are becoming more sever and abusive.

 Maybe we are too far gone to make a difference. Maybe we are doomed to rape, mutilate and kill each other on a poisoned Earth. Maybe the elite will simply cut off the money supply and starve us out. Maybe our natures are irreversibly evil. Maybe we missed our chances to change. The thing is, if we don't try, it would simply prove the point.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Day 163: Pay Your Church Taxes, Or Die Godless

Did you know that members of certain religions in a few countries have to pay a "religious tax" to be able to be a member of their chosen church? I just discovered this nifty little fact.

According to the article above, Germany's Catholic Church will deny religious burials and Communion to any members who do not pay the Church tax: A newly-enforced German bishops' decree says anyone failing to pay the tax - an extra 8% of their income tax bill - will no longer be considered a Catholic.

Could this be proof that religion is simply a way for lazy people to live long and comfortable lives, molesting little boys and being looked upon as a wise leader of the community - who wants YOUR money! The wealth of the Roman Catholic Church has long been a source of memes and facebook photo's, where people point out the hypocrisy of the teachings of the church in contrasting photo's of the Church's wealth alongside starving children. Germany's Catholic Church saw a decrease in membership of 181,000 in 2010 and 126,000 in 2011 - allegedly following all the sex and molestation scandals that were swept under the rug. Or, maybe people just can't afford to go to church anymore.

In this unpleasant economic time, people are cutting back expenses and luxuries - apparently the concept of an intermediary to God who demands your money is becoming less appealing.

In any case, I thought that Jesus and God and the Bible taught to be kind and caring and giving (when it's not teaching to be spiteful, take revenge, an eye for an eye and what not) - so why are these Christian leaders demanding this tax in a cash-strapped economy amidst a scandalous scandal - oh right! Of course they must be deciding to live according to the spiteful and mean things the Bible says when it comes to their salaries.

If people are dead intent to have religions to justify their miserable existences, the religious leaders should at least receive no salary and jewels and gold and such - for then how are we to know the true reason of them choosing this vocation? For all we know, the bishops and priests and pastors and rabbis have chosen their job due to its relatively low commitment requirements and the chance to touch a bunch of boys.

The entire religious thing baffles me, really. People are obsessed by their labels (Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, Agnostic, Mormon etc etc) and are willing to start wars and protests and riots at the slightest "insult" - as if they feel the need to prove that they are truly devoted so that their amazing and "forgiving" God will let them into heaven or give them a bunch of young girls to rape, I mean virgins to bless.

And so I maintain that religions are nothing but vehicles for men to become fat and happy whilst also serving the elite in sheepifying the people into a religious haze of foggy reasoning and quick tempers.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 162: Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

Some of us like to be tied up - it allows for an experience where one can let go of controlling life and give oneself over to whatever may be.

One would not expect a child to enjoy being tied up - kids want to play and run and jump and skip. Unfortunately for a large number of people around the world, they have no choice but to tie up their kids to prevent them from wandering off or being stolen while the parents work. These people cannot afford child care services and so must bring the child with them to work and tie them to whatever fixed objects are available, from window bars to lamp posts - for as long as 10 hours a day.

In the article above, a 13 year old Chinese girl is tied to a moped by her grandfather, as she suffers from epilepsy and they cannot afford medical treatment. Schools have refused to take her and her parents abandoned her, so her grandfather is left to care for her, even while he is working as a rubbish collector.The girl is tied to the moped to prevent her from wandering off or from having a seizure in the street.

We have a responsibility to ensure that our global community of human beings is guaranteed the fulfillment of the basic rights to life. We owe it to ourselves and to our children to create a society that will care for every man, woman and child who is unable to care for themselves. We owe it to ourselves and to our children to ensure that no one need ever fear for their survival from a lack of such an intangible and inedible thing as money. We owe it to ourselves and to our children to create a world that respects and honours all life. We owe it to ourselves ant to our children to ensure that all of our children are educated and raised in a manner that will allow them to develop into compassionate and effective people who won't go on random killing, mauling, torturing or face-chewing sprees.

I know that people don't like reading stories like these - it makes them uncomfortable and it makes them feel like they should be doing more to improve the world. I know that it's the easiest thing in the world to turn away from the stark realities of our global community, but if we do not face that which we are surrounded by - which we, in fact, have created - then how can we hope to assure for our children lives that are enjoyable and free from unnecessary suffering?

We are the "other people" who should do something, for if we continue to wait for "someone else" to fix this mess, we will surely wait forever.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 161: Waging Biological Warfare On Monkeys

The British government was experimenting with germ bombs of the bubonic plague on monkeys and guinea pigs in 1952.

The most horrifying part of humanity is not that we wage wars to protect our profits and ego's, but that we will abuse and misuse our abilities by, for example, putting small animals in boxes so that only their heads stick out so that we can explode bombs nearby them to infect them with the bubonic plague just to see if we can do it to humans effectively as well. Also, the animals that do not die from the plague will be killed and dissected to try to discover how to make the plague even deadlier.

Human nature is, quite frankly, terrifying. The extents to which we are willing to go for our personal interests seem to have no limits. It's a wonder that we define the word "humanity" as the showing of compassion when humans are anything but compassionate.

People say that we are becoming more "enlightened" and "shiny" or whatever - but if you were to look at the news on just a few news sites then you will see how truly medieval we still are. In fact, our cruelty is arguably more severe now than it has ever been in the past. How is the genocide of every wild animal species any different to the Holocaust? How is the severity of child abuse and neglect now any better than the abuse and neglect of the past? How is the cruelty to animals we see today any better than humanity's history of animal abuse?

The only thing we seem to be getting better at is being more creative in our executions of self interested behaviour: we are finding more imaginative ways to make animals suffer; we are finding more dazzling distractions from the misery around us; we are developing more creative ways to justify our inaction; we are discovering more obscure beliefs and faiths that are tailored to our specific brand of self interest.

If we are becoming more imaginative and more creative in our self preservation over time, does that mean that any possible future large scale, global events will bare the hallmarks of unprecedented destruction and genocide? 'Cos I mean, if previous generations in the 30's, 40's and 50's were developing such interesting ways to murder, I simply can't imagine what the current generation will come up with. I mean, have you seen the things that kids do these days? Killing family members, beating teachers, killing their friends, raping toddlers, raping each other... just imagine the kinds of large-scale murder methods and tools these guys will come up with.

If we do not put aside our egos and work together to create a world that is best for all, then we are surely all doomed.

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 160: Love Is In The Air

The concept of love is a central one to our society - maybe not in every country around the world, but mainstream media coming out of USA and Europe is slowly changing this. Who knows what love may have been like 100 or 200 years ago, but evidence seems to suggest that the way we express love today was not how it was always expressed in the past.

Love is a selfish state of being, for the most part. It involves our brains flooding our bloodstream with hormones and electrical charges that intensify the thoughts we have: "What will I do without him/her", "he/she is the most amazing person", "I can't imagine life without him/her" and so on and so forth. Every thought we have about someone or something we love involves ME as the primary subject - not the object being loved. All of our thoughts center around our experience relating to the someone or something, very few of our thoughts focus on what is best for the being we love. Parents say they want the best for their children, and from the confines of their life experience consisted of, they do the best they can (assuming they don't go out of their way to further educate themselves). BUT - the bare truth of today's parenting is that parents are more concerned with their own desires and welfare that they superimpose themselves onto their kids so that they can continue to truly believe that they have their child's best interests at heart.

For those of us without kids, we are always in search of the one and true love and princes and princesses from our childhood fairy tales. We become quite predictable when we do "fall in love": you don't know him/her like I do, No one knows me like he/she does, He/she is my sun and stars, He/she is the best lover, He/she can do no wrong, on and on it goes - until that initial burst of hormones fades away and we start to see the flaws within the person, and then we hate them or simply lose interest. We're all after that fix of the rush of a new romance - why else are so many people getting divorced. We all think that relationships are magical self-catering entities because of the movies we watch, no one realises that every day is a choice to walk with your partner.

The common practice has become to use marriage and kids and "phases" or "stages" of a relationship to try and keep it "fresh" - to stay in love. All of the people who are the role models to our kids are acting like complete invalids by crashing through relationships like they're in bumper cars, more concerned about getting a fix of romance than they are about developing a lasting commitment.

Love has become just another drug.

Real love is doing whatever is necessary to manifest the best for that which/whom you love, even if it will mean that they will hate you for the rest of their life. Real love is honouring your commitment and making the choice every moment to honour your partner. Real love is being honest with your partner, even when you are ashamed. Real love takes courage. Real love is living through the pain of every being alive, so that they do not live through it alone. Real love is universal and equal in that it is no greater and no less for any being.

It is time to stop hiding in this fallacy we call "love" and stand up for what is best for all life.

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 159: Rich Get Richer, Poor Get Poorer

The 400 richest Americans got 13% richer in 2012. Their nett worth went up to $1.7 trillion. The average net worth of a member of Forbes 400 is the highest it's been in a decade at $4.2 billion.

Just think, while we are sitting at home, calculating whether we'll be able to pay all our bills and buy enough food, these guys are actually richer than they have been in years. Somehow, this doesn't quite add up. Think about it for a minute: $1.7 trillion, divided between 400 individual people... Yup, something is terribly wrong here.

This entire economic structure is the perfect setup for the elite to rule the world while the rest of us fight over scraps and try not to get kicked in the face. We watch these movies about oppression like The Matrix and V For Vendetta and we think to ourselves "well, aren't I glad that I have rights and freedom! The world will never get that bad!" - not realizing that we are already that bad, it's just not so in-your-face.

There are an estimated 20 - 30 million slaves in the world right now ( - I bet you didn't know, or even expect that. How many countries are currently experiencing some form of unrest or war? almost half of the countries in the world. Most of Africa, chunks of Asia, parts of South America - there are atrocities being committed daily and we don't even know it!

In the wealthier countries, people are becoming more and more psycho, killing animals, chewing faces off, raping, murdering, kids killing there family members - what's it going to take for us to realize that there is something terribly wrong with the way we live?

Fashion is more important in each of our lives than the lives of others. Getting laid is more important to us than stopping rape. Getting a boyfriend or girlfriend is more important than stopping domestic abuse. Living the dream is more important that training and educating people how to raise children so that they don't become monsters. Free choice is more important than educating ourselves about how to properly feed and care for our bodies. The right to do what ever we want is more important that creating a world in which everyone has the opportunity to live a full and happy life where each will have free choice as long as it doesn't abuse anyone or anything. Getting tiny dogs that we can dress up like princesses and put into our bags as a part of our WARdrobe is more important than educating people to communicate with and properly care for animals. Our diets are more important than creating a food production industry that doesn't abuse and that is actually healthy.

We are trapped and enslaved to our belief that we are free. How can we be free when we are not even willing to look outside the box and consider that the way we have always lived is not actually the best?

Look outside your box: Equal Money

Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 158: Law Of Attraction - The Missing Piece - Abraham Hicks

So I watched this interview with a Miserable Guy and Abraham Hicks all about the Law Of Attraction and discussing the perspective that Abraham Hicks shares with this Miserable Guy about why the world is such a terrible place and how to make it better.

Here are a few points that Abraham Hicks discusses:
  • Humans knowingly chose a life that would have misery in it so that they could have "free will"
  • You have no control over the miserable lives other people live
  • The pain you feel for other people in pain is more than the pain that they are feeling because they have developed coping mechanisms to block out their experience
  • You create the world through the vibration of your point of view and your inner experience
  • If you are happy you will attract happiness for the world
  • Generally avoids answering the Guy's questions
  • Life is supposed to be fun, so have a good time even if most of the world isn't, because that means that your a good person because you are actually showing that you want the world to have a good time too
  • Keep your head in the sand - ignore the crappy parts of the world
  • You "Vibration" can make the world a better place, but not physical action
The Miserable Guy was trying to discuss thee points:
  • How could the people who had terrible, unavoidable things happen to them have possibly "chosen" that life
  • How is the Law Of Attraction applicable "out there" in "the real world"
  • Something about corporations
  • How does Law Of Attraction make the world a better place
So the Miserable Guy got  cut off a lot and it seems as though he didn't get to say everything he wanted to say. Abraham Hicks also led a merry chase around the questions and didn't actually answer them, fully or at all. Some of the other stuff simply didn't make any sense.

The whole concept of the Law Of Attraction is aimed at self-enlightened, self-interested people who are willing to jump at any excuse to feel less guilt about not caring enough to change the world. Having bad things happen to people who have "negative" outlooks doesn't prove the Law Of Attraction - it only proves that this world is a shithole. People wouldn't have negative outlooks if bad things hadn't happened to them. AH also says that we create our own reality, yet are unable to change it. Does being the Creator not make us responsible for our creation? And why would physical action to change the system not have any effect while our "vibration" does? The MG tried to bring up the corporatization and the systematization of the world, but AH's answer was unintelligible.

The Law Of Attraction may make a few people feel good for a while, but it is no practical solution to the world. Things will not magically get better if we think happy thoughts. Murderers and abusers will not go away because we send our positiveness out into the airwaves. Positive thinking will not feed the hungry in drought-ridden lands. We need a practical solution that is capable of addressing each current failing of our system effectively and in a manner that benefits all life (not just some life)

Investigate Equal Money

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 157: My Body Is Not My Own

This Japanese man had his genitals and nipples surgically removed earlier this year when he was 22. He recently made offers on the internet for people to eat his penis for a price. He settled on charging 6 people 100,000 yen to have him cook and serve them his genitals. He calls himself "asexual". The Tokyo police department has starting proceedings to charge the man with "indecent exposure" as cannibalism is not illegal in Japan.

I don't really know what to say when I read stories like this. I am somewhat flabbergasted. It is reminiscent of learning about Animal Crush Fetish for the first time.

This is not the first time I am reading about people lopping off body parts to be able to fit their idea of "who I am" into a physical picture representation of themselves - it has become quite common. People convince themselves that their body looking a certain way will give them happiness and fulfillment. We have placed so much importance on physical appearances and gender roles that extreme measures of changing the way we look aren't so extreme anymore. We have no idea how to teach our children to be independent and how to use common sense, so they just turn into more replica's of "me" so that the world is now filled with billionth-generation zombies.

Here's a fun question: Did the world shape humans into what we are (beauty trumps kindness and sense) or did we shape the world and all the animals into a never ending parade of preening for sexual mates.

We are so clueless about our own functioning that we allow ourselves to become so completely possessed by an idea that we will convince ourselves that that is "Who I am" and that we will only be happy once we achieve this apparent perfection. We don't even have the courtesy to acknowledge that half of the human race lives on the breadline and that most of the plants and animals are enslaved to our wills. We are far happier focusing on our own "body issues" than we are when thinking about puppies being raped and children dying from starvation.

What starts off as one thought: I am different - develops into a lifelong mission to reshape ourselves physically. But what does it even matter when this world is such a mess? Why can't we comprehend that the only reason we develop these obsessions is because we allow ourselves to think about it all the time, over and over. We literally convince ourselves of our "wrongness" and that the only important thing in life is being able to feel "right" about our selves (our bodies). Obviously this ties in with every aspect of body imaging and fashion - we all want to look a certain way to feel a certain way because we think people perceive us in a certain way all because our parents didn't know enough to teach us to STOP.

We can learn to stop our obsessions.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 156: Death By Faith

These parents allowed their 16 year old son to die from a ruptured appendix by not seeking medical attention for him, even though he had been suffering from appendicitis for a week before his death. The parents maintain that seeking medial attention would violate their religious beliefs that only God may heal.

Well now. I don't mean to go on a Christian-bashing spree - but here it is.

If one may not seek medical intervention from disease, illness and injury - does that mean that one is also not permitted to eat food, drink water or breathe air? Wouldn't that mean that God is the one giving life in every aspect? Do you think that animals also believe that God will heal them if He/She/It so deems them worthy? I suppose they don't have much of a choice in the matter, as it will either be humans or nature dictating what happens.

How far does this "do not interfere with God's plan" thing go? Because it could logically be applicable to any situation. Like eating, working, (apparent) free choice, sleeping and everything else.

OK, so these guys think that only Jesus has the power to heal and that through true faith in Jesus you will be healed. Does this imply that a baby would then not be healed, due to it not being able to have faith? Maybe the parents can have faith on their baby's behalf. Maybe Jesus allows that kind of thing. BUT - as soon as you reach the age where you are capable of thought, you better BELIEVE or Jesus will make you PAY. Maybe he turns you into a starving African, or a diseased sewer rat, or a goat doomed to be killed by human raping. But you'll never know when he'll strike, cos he might also make you king of the world, or king of cheese - just 'cos he can.

You'd think that God, in all His/Her/It's wisdom, would think of not giving living beings diseases and frailty to injuries, cos then we wouldn't be having this little talk. But noooo, God had to give us all these weird and wonderful (not) ways to suffer and then have some trigger happy nuts put it in the bible, in a sort of ambiguous manner, that only faith can heal us of these maladies. Although I must say that it conforms with the whole Christian theology that God gave us the good and bad versions of everything as some kind of a test, because life can't just be fun and happiness for us - it needs to have trials and tribulations and pain and appendicitis. Oh, and you're not allowed to do anything about it.

Parents who allow their children to die while waiting for magical healing probably believe a lot. Like, seriously. In their minds, if they were to stop believing that would mean that they killed their child and that may just be too much to bear. So they keep on keepin' on with the Jesus time. How much of an indication is this of our complete loss of touch with reality? We'd rather believe that some dude who was the progeny of ghost rape that took place 2000 years ago (probably - the whole thing could just be a fairy tale) was also the son of our omnipotent and omnipresent Creator On High who has a Plan for each of us but also wants us to practice "free choice" in a world where the strong survive and the weak are abused. This Creator will also apparently send us to a place of eternal happiness or torment based on our life here on Earth, the planet of wonders and pain.

Maybe it's time to think outside the box of "everything I have been taught" by "the world and the people around me who must all be right all the time because ......".

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day 155: The Favor Of God

I am certain you have heard of this phrase: the favor of God. Here is a quick link that will explain the Christian use of the phrase:

So, according to these guys, one may obtain the favor of God by doing certain things. Now, if one acts and lives in order to obtain the favor of God for purely selfish reasons and with a self enriching strategy, will they still get the favor of God, or will God tell them to F-off? If God does grant His/Her/It's favor to someone who has acted purely in self interest, does that mean that God is an egomaniac/narcissist/whatever? I ask these questions with good reason: God seems to grant His/Her/It's favor to all sorts of sleazy and selfish people and very little to those who truly try to make a difference - does that mean that God prefers the attentions of mean people? Or does God just want the most adoration He/She/It can achieve, no matter who it comes from? God truly seems to be an illogical kind of entity. I really don't see any kind of sense in what people interpret about God. Maybe it's the humans that are wrong. Maybe the humans just wanted to believe that we will be rewarded with favor no matter how evil we are, as long as we follow a few basic guidelines.

I have another question: what about all the people who have incurred God's wrath and are living really miserable lives? Why does God see fit to punish them, especially when they are mostly innocents? There are many poor people who are very devout and follow some of the interpretations of God's will to the letter, and yet they do not receive God's favor. Why is that? Maybe they are interpreting incorrectly.

That bible says that God is merciful. It also says that God is vindictive. Which one is it, because both cannot be correct. The website says that the more one pleases God, the more one will be favored by God. It also says that God will not always show favor by way of worldly goods, but also by spiritual something-something. It also states that God may may your life a living hell for a while to test you/'cos he feels like it. OK, I added the "'cos he feels like it part" - but it seems a likely option.

I am led again to the question of: if God rewards those who please Him/Her/It, then why do so many innocents (majority of living beings) live in misery and slavery? Did they really make Him/Her/It that angry? Or is it just a case of God testing their resolve? (Or just 'cos). And what if these people have never heard of God or Christianity, is it fair for God to punish them for that?

There are now so many different kinds of Christianity, it's hard to keep up. Although, the reason that there are so many different branches of Christianity is that so many people have different interpretations of God's will - which essentially means that every time someone believes that they are right and all the other Christians are wrong (for whatever reason) they just go off and declare themselves a new branch of Christianity. Do you think that God has picked His/Her/It's favorite branch of Christianity? South Park says that its Mormons.

God's favor seems fickle to me, since there are child molesters, rapers, murderers, dictators and tyrants ruling the world - the rest of us don't really have much of a chance or choice to live the way we'd like, because then we'd probably starve. Would God's favor then give us food?

Remember, people: God is a figment of our imaginations and we are all living in an imaginary world filled with imaginary things we treat like real things, like money.

Break the chains:

Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 154: Kill The Badgers!

The British government is implementing a distribution of Badger culling licenses which will allow farmers to shoot up to 70% of the Badgers in their area per year, for 4 years. This is all in attempt to reduce Bovine TB, even though scientists have warned the government that it is more likely to spread TB and cost more than actually doing any good - not even taking into consideration the murdering upwards of 100 000 badgers. If it's for profit is it still genocide?

Another senseless atrocity in the name of money.

All that stands in the way of the Profit Of Man best be wary, lest ye fall to Man's axe, gun, or big-ass-bomb.

I have an idea! Cull the humans! Oh wait, someone already thought of that.

What if the badgers were all little street children and they were spreading Bovine TB - do you think the government would cull them then? Do you think the scientists and activists would protest more strongly? Do you think the TB-spreading street children would prefer death by TB or death by gunshot wound/infection from gunshot wound?

Do you think Hitler would approve of the culling of badgers, or are they not Jewish enough?

Does genocide apply only to humans? Who makes that distinction? If animals are included, what would you call what an abattoir does? How much do we need to profit from death for it to not be genocide anymore, but an acceptable sacrifice on the dying's part?

We don't know much about the planet we live on and the balance it keeps. We are quite arrogant to think and act like we know what we're doing and what consequences our actions will have. How many nuclear disasters have we had already? How many do you think it will take for life on Earth to become impossible? How much toxic waste can we dump in the oceans and in holes in the ground before we've poisoned our food, water and air beyond repair?

Culling badgers is just one more badge on our devil suits. When we die, we will have much to atone for. The obvious question is: can we atone for what we've accepted and allowed to exist? Can we ever be forgiven? Can we ever forgive ourselves? I have a suspicion that we have passed the point of no return and will have to face every pain in the history of life on Earth caused by our utter disregard for life.

If you were to meet your maker today, you would tremble with the shame of your life, your thoughts, your words, your deeds. Lucky for you, there is no maker. There is only every single being you have abused. Every single consequence for every single thought you have allowed. Every single outflow of every single word you utter. We will all face ourselves and we will tremble with shame.

So, go on, cull the badgers. Just be prepared to look each one in the eye and explain to them exactly why you accepted and allowed your life to be directed by profit when you had an alternative that would abolish abuse in the name of money.

Equal Money

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 153: Tolerance

What is tolerance? Aside from being tolerant of drugs, it is described as the willingness to accept and allow another person's opinions. What does that mean? Basically, that we will let people believe, talk and act like total idiots in the name of "free will" - but mainly so that we will also be afforded the freedom to act like idiots too.

Have you ever had a friend or seen a show or movie where someone believes, says or does the most absurd, nonsensical things? And then everyone just lets them do it because it's "their freedom of expression" or whatever. Would you let a person rape a baby because of free will? No! So what's the difference between that and accepting and allowing someone to believe that the religious organisation they belong to has the ability to vaporize their mother to store and then restore her life essence in the future so that she may live again? Or that it is acceptable to harm an animal for pleasure? Or that it is acceptable to have children at a young age without any planning or training? Or that it is acceptable to believe that life is a joyride and all the beings who live in misery just had "bad luck"?

We allow each other to be assholes in the name of freedom, when in fact we are shackling each other to the whims and moods of our deepest, darkest desires which have been cultivated from a young age and have matured into inconsiderate, selfish and abusive impulses.
Tolerance is just another word for justification - just another way to say "leave me alone! How I live is MY choice and you don't have the right to say otherwise, 'cos this is MY freedom and MY happiness and me, me, me.".

There are consequences for having the freedom to be whatever we want when we are so easily guided and manipulated by society: we become abusers, which means that we also become the abused.

We tolerate other people's bullshit so that we won't be called out on our own. We want to remain inconspicuous and just the way we are. We did, after all, spend our entire lives developing our characters and personalities and we have figured out how best to survive and maybe even prosper. We allow others to exist within illusions and webs of irrational thoughts and behaviour, so that we won't be expected to change. We tell ourselves that we are fine the way we are and that we are good people, especially compared to those other people - but that's like comparing a child molester to a slightly more active and ambitious child molester.

Of course we think that we are perfect the way we are - we have not been taught to question the system or our own basic structures. We think it's normal to be assholes in a world filled with assholes ruling over the meek and incapable.

Do you really want to go through life as a "tolerant" person, or do you want to show people how they are lying to themselves? Do you want to spend your life thinking and talking and acting according to the stimulus you received as a child, or do you want do direct your life?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Day 152: How To Make $1 Million An Hour

Tony Blair (British ex-PM) made $1million for an hour's worth of mediating for a mining company takeover.

Can you imagine what that money can buy in this world? We tend to talk about costs in terms of value for money, you know, "was it worth it?". According to this logic, everything in the world that doesn't have enough money to flourish is not worth it. Consider the facts that 1% of the human population is so stinking rich they could buy everything and still have change left over to buy, like, the moon - 'cos, let's face it, we are that shallow and opportunistic that we would sell the MOON. Obviously only on paper, since ownership is a subjective concept that we made up to suit our (the "us" who actually have money) needs.

So what is it that makes some people worth more than a bunch of dying kids in Africa? Is it the hair? Or maybe the skin colour? Could it be their blood? Or the special way in which they take a dump? Tell me, 'cos I'd really like to know why 99% of the world lives with a constant anxiety that, at any moment, all of our money could be taken away and then we will have nothing. Maybe I'm exaggerating that figure - it's more like 50% of the human population that actually has enough money to survive, while 49% of the human population has no money - and let's not forget the animals and plants that are subject to our whims and wishes. When I say animals and plants, I mean every single thing in existence that is not human. 'Cos we're that nice.

What do you imagine Tony Blair, or Mr Rockefeller, or the Queen of England would give as their reason as to why they are entitled to live in luxury while starvation is rampant all over the world? Would they admit that their belief is that their life and happiness is worth more than that of a child living on the street? 'Cos I mean, let's face it: these guys deal with, or have dealt with, directly or indirectly, collateral damage and acceptable losses and what not - which implies that they do give a certain, set value to human life - and it seems that their lives hold a higher value as they do not form a part of these "acceptable losses".

It makes me laugh, when I see and hear about ridiculously wealthy people acting like they care about anything other than themselves. I can't help myself - it's like watching the devil give candy to kids- it's all about manipulating one's image and securing future interests. People see a rich person donating to charity and they think "Awww, what a good person." when in fact the only reason they are donating in the first place it to get more people to like them and therefore to get more customers to buy whatever they are selling. These rich people still have boatloads of money left over which they hoard and protect from the world and "those dirty hobo's who want to take it".

All of our society is soaked with a system or hierarchy - we all think we're better than everyone else and that we deserve more. This is exactly the mindset that is keeping us stuck in the manifestations of inequality. We need to implement a system that will regulate the distribution of resources equally and equitably: Equal Money.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 151: Thou Shalt Not Mock MY GOD

So Muslims are going totally nuts about this American movie that previewed on YouTube - apparently it depicts the Prophet Muhammad in a certain light that is offensive. So there's burning and screaming and chanting and protesting and demanding and all sorts of outraged behaviour coming from Muslims all over the world.

I have only one thing to say about this debacle: we are screwed. We are so totally fucking ourselves into war and shit, it's absolutely not funny. Everyone is outraged and offended by everyone else because everyone wants to be right and have the right to believe they are right and be allowed to feel that everyone else is wrong and that anything that contradicts their opinion is an affront to their basic human rights. I wish people were this motivated when it comes to feeding the hungry... Just imagine it: Every person taking up a banner to stop hunger and abuse. Every person chanting for the education of our children. Every person demanding that life be valued above money. Every person protesting against inequality and discrimination. Every song promoting respect and compassion. Every person burning the junk that has been ruling our lives with it's monetary value, distracting us from giving a shit.

Now that would be a sight to behold.

But no, people will only be outraged when their own opinions and money is at risk. Every religion is the same: pray to God and live well so that you can go to Heaven, mixed in with a bunch of contradictory (and unreliable) messages coming from people who claim to have been visited by angels and that they were impregnated by ghosts and what-not. The whole concept of religion is fanciful - I mean really.

Religions have been used as the excuse for some of the most horrifying actions in history and in modern times. Everyone claims to be acting according to God's wishes, but their actions speak of self-serving motivations. Not to mention the habit of religious people picking and choosing what to believe and live by from religious texts and what God meant in particular passages. Strangely enough, no one chooses to live by the phrases such as "love thy neighbour", "do unto another as you would would like done unto you", be merciful, be compassionate, care for those around you. No, people would rather read the bits about fighting and punishing and vengeancing and scorning and mocking. Talk about selective hearing.

While the Muslims are having their righteous outrage-fest, America is posturing for war and all the other countries are just cringing. Have you noticed how half of the news stories today broach a subject that could lead to some big ass war? China and Japan are circling each other like fighting dogs; America is scolding whoever makes the headlines; the Koreas are still having a shouting match; half of the Arab countries have nukes according to the UN and Africa is tearing itself apart. All of this is because us humans, the most amazingest species upon this Earth, are obsessed with being right and being special and being the bestest.

Educate yourself. Equal Money.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 150: iPhone 5 - Evolution Or Devolution?

A Chinese journalist went undercover at a Foxconn factory to uncover the process of the construction of the new iPhone 5. He discovered the lack of regard for people within the machine that was the Foxconn factory: forced to work for hours on end with no respite, cockroaches in their bedding, steel bars on their dormitory windows, lousy pay for overtime, high performance demand...

So my question is: are we evolving or devolving? Yeah, sure, we're making "better" gadgets, but at what cost? The value of life seems to be diminishing as we are seeing more and more abuses being uncovered in all aspects of society. We are reading stories in the news that seem to be becoming more and more horrifying.

Is evolution based solely on technological advancement? I don't think so. Evolution should be the furthering of constructive and beneficial developments in the technological realm and in the realm of basic decency and respect toward life. We seem to be moving in the opposite direction. Our technological advancements focus on exploitation and our level of respect and decency toward other life is dwindling by the minute. Something's gotta give here.

One would expect, in any other time and place, that people would want to be able to enjoy life and would use lessons learned by their ancestors to improve the quality of life for all - because that would improve the quality of life for each individual. How difficult would it be for us to stop focusing of destroying everything to make a quick buck an to start developing technology that is really useful and would actually make life better for everyone (and therefore ourselves)? Ooh! How about making things so that they last longer than the warranty?

Is the iPhone a sign of our progression into a society of respect and consideration for all, or is it just another dot on the road to fulfilling the "I" in each of our kIngdumbs? - I mean "kingdoms". The funny thing is that each and every ME is never fulfilled, because there is always something new and better to buy.

Imagine that everyone who develops weapons stops doing that and focuses rather on developing sustainable methods of producing all of those things we literally can't live without? How about if every factory producing trinkets and all of the little fashion fads that pass us by, stops making junk and starts making clothing enough for every child? What if every teacher who hated their job didn't have to do it anymore, which would spare countless generations of children the misery of sitting through a class where even the teacher doesn't want to be? Imagine if every teacher had to have at least one child of their own before being allowed to teach, so that the teacher could make sure that they treat every child as they would their own? What if every drug cartel/manufacturer didn't have to sell drugs to survive anymore, but could instead focus on educating themselves and contributing to the betterment of society?

All of these factors would require the abolition of a profit-based economy and a money-based value of life.

All of this is possible. Educate yourself. Equal Money System.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 149: Satan Is Coming

A teenage boy may have committed a Satanic suicide, according to the South African newspaper The Post. The boy was found hanging off a rail in his bedroom, with "strange symbols, an incision and a blood smear". There were symbols painted on his bedroom wall and there was also an incision to his chest with blood smears around it.

Even if this particular case wasn't a satanic suicide, there have been suicides in the name of Satan/the Devil/Lucifer/Evil dude(s). What drives a person to believe that their death will empower evil incarnate? Why would someone want to empower evil incarnate?

I have done a little light reading and according to Wikipedia, Satanism is not so bad. There aren't any connections made to rituals or cults or anything - but apparently The Church Of Satan is all about self-indulgence and self-fulfillment. Another aspect of Satanism is that it is supposedly the "true/first religion of man" and that it predates Christianity. It seems as though the Christians labelled any opposing religion (like pagans) as satanists in order to weed out the competition, basically. According to The Joy Of Satan, Satanism involves some serious meditation in order to elevate oneself and to advance spiritually. Also, Satan and demons have totally been misunderstood.

Many Satanists believe that Satan was a rebel and like him for it. Others believe that he is the true God. In Judaism, satan means "the opposer". A recurring theme seems to be that Satanism is used as a distraction to get people all riled up at not the real problems in society. Every now and then a newspaper article gets chucked out with Satanic rumblings and the community goes up in arms.

The essential bits of Satanism are that it is basically a new-age self-enlightenment movement that is often (deliberately) misunderstood and used to distract people from the real problems of the world.

So for those who do believe in the gory sacrificing version of Satanism (including the sacrifice of self as suicide) - what is their intention behind their actions and beliefs? There are only 2 options: either they believe that Satan will improve the world and therefore wish to empower him/her; or they believe that the world is not fucked up enough as it is and needs a little more pain and suffering. Either way these people are not overly clear in their assessment of their situation and the world and I must conclude that they are self-centered little a-holes not dissimilar from every other a-hole who thinks love will save us from this impending (self-inflicted) doom, or that Jesus loves us but is gonna kill us all anyway, or that animals are not living beings, or that the rainforests aren't important anyway.

Show me a religion/belief system that is not completely self indulgent. I am seriously - show me - cos every one I have come across pays little heed to the lives of the many and cares only for the glorious I in salvatIon. Every aspect of our society is about blame displacement and shifting responsibility and refocusing attention. If one really wanted to make a difference, one would not trust in the slim chance of there being an afterlife conducive to making a difference from beyond and therefore take one's own life. If one really wanted to make a difference, one would not wait around for a mythological being with horns or halo.

Educate yourself. Equal Money

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 148: Work To Rent To Save To Buy

First time home buyers in Britain can expect to wait until they're 40 before being able to afford to buy a house. Many are forced to rent or live with their parents until they've saved up enough to be able to buy.

Have you noticed it yet? That it's becoming more difficult to "get by" in this world? Prices keep going up and jobs keep going down... It won't be long before we're all hobo's but for the few remaining oil, banking and pharmaceutical elites.

Naaah! The world's not going to shit! Look around, we are advancing and doing stuff that's way cool. People are, like, protesting all over and, like, making a difference. Our freedom of choice has never been free-er... freeer... more free? Anyway! We are at the height of human civilization and awareness and stuff. We are on the path to enlightenment! Some weird alien dudes are gonna beam us up (Scotty) and take us (the chosen ones) away to a utopia-like planet - because we're just totally awesome. And anyway, if that doesn't happen then there's a bunch of stuff to fall back on... positive thinking (law of attraction) could have the universe providing me with some sweet stuff. Then there's Jesus and his dad, either dooming or saving us all - this one can be for my self-loathing days, when I just feel like having my sins washed clean so that I can start anew. Buddhism can be for if I'm feeling particularly introverted and keen on reaching a state of bliss/self enlightenment/whatever. So yeah, there's plenty to choose from.

I mean, just look at the level of freedom we have now - the wide range of choices we have available to us. Life is like a buffet! We should just take and each and take and indulge and take and gluttonize that shit, cos that's what life is for. Same as the oil and gasses and such. I read an article that says that the whole of the center of the Earth is made of oil and stuff - so we're good. And anyway, today feels like a Jesus day, so he's gonna be coming down to apocalypse this place anyway, we may as well make the most of it while we can!

Even if there is no apocalypse, the economy won't let us down - it'll bounce back! Cos that's what it's supposed to do. It was designed to support us (if we work super hard/take credit for other people's work). Capitalism is freedom, cos it lets you buy anything you want! Even if it's a little kid to keep in your basement and... umm... yeah.

We are destroying the planet. We are destroying any chance of redemption we may have had. We are trusting our future and that of our children to men in the sky who are coming to save us, when we are the ones who must save ourselves.

Vote for Equal Money - for true peace on Earth and prosperity for all.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 147: The Price Of Beauty

What is beauty? It is most definitely not an unchanging phenomenon - look at human history: every civilization, era, peoples had its trends and preferences. Not so long ago being skinny was considered unattractive and now it is the epitome of fashion.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Those guys are right. Beauty is simply a perspective - an opinion - based on made-up guidelines. We use beauty to determine who and what is acceptable, we use it to determine who and what is worth preserving, we use it to determine our own value. We have made beauty one of the most (apparently) important parts of our lives. How much of our choices now hinge on factors of appearance? How many partners did we have simply because of physical appearances?

Part of our perception of beauty is that it fades with age, causing our personal value to fade along with it. We are willing to do some pretty extreme stuff to preserve our self worth: surgery, injections, creams, wraps, masks, steam, exercise, eat weird stuff - all in the name of "staying beautiful". Now they are developing stem cell injections, made from one's own blood, to stimulate ones skin to regain and maintain elasticity - to stay looking young.

This expression of "human nature" appears to be twofold: firstly, we judge and value ourselves according to society's standards of beauty and so when we perceive that our beauty is fading we do whatever we can to maintain our self image and not devalue. Secondly, we must fear the crap out of death to go to such lengths to deny to ourselves and everyone around us that we are edging closer and closer toward death's door.

Of course, the only reason beauty is such a big part of our society is that it is the perfect distraction to keep us from caring about anything other than appearances. And it makes A LOT of money.

Observe: "Oh, no! Look at that poor, starving child! OH NO! I BROKE A NAIL!!!" (person then rushes off to nail salon).

If we paid half as much attention to improving this Earth for all life as we do our appearances, starvation and poverty would be history in a matter of years. If we cared half as much about other beings as we do our hair and make up and clothing, there would be no cruelty and no need for any RSPCA's or police or "watchdog" associations - 'cos we'd never dream of causing any kind of abuse to anything or anyone - 'cos we'd care too much!

Why do we continue to value physical appearances above the lives of beings here on this Earth with us? Why do we continue to pretend that this world is a beautiful place by looking at pretty pictures when there is so much pain and abuse?

Show your vote for a society that values LIFE above beauty.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Day 146: What's That You're Smoking?

One third of British cigarettes being smoked are comprised of "black market" cigarettes - fake cigarettes an cigarettes brought in by smugglers. Some of the fake cigarettes found contained human excrement, asbestos, mould and dead flies.

People are trying to cut costs wherever they can - if that means smoking illegal cigarettes, then that's what they will do. Smoking may be a touchy subject in terms of all the health propaganda surrounding it, but those who smoke do so willingly in a world that doesn't have much for one to enjoy.

When one initially faces financial difficulty, the first things to go are the "for personal pleasure only" costs, such as going out, buying chocolates, new clothes and so on. When things get a little tighter, the next things to go are those things we can survive without: nice car, smoking, private school, nice place to live... But when things get really tight then we start to cut on the things that matter, like food.

Do you know anyone who willingly lives on a budget in one or more areas of their life? Do you know anyone who willingly smokes illegal cigarettes containing poo and poison? Do you know anyone who wouldn't send their kids to private school if they could afford it? Do you know anyone who willingly lives in a bad neighbourhood? Do you know anyone who willingly buys the cheapest food they can find? Do you know anyone who prefers public hospitals and clinics?

To what extent will we allow the system to dictate how much we compromise our safety and that of our children? To what extent will we allow the system to regulate the food we eat? To what extent will we allow the system to supply inferior health care? To what extent will we allow the system to require a black market to operate? To what extent will we allow the system to give inferior, and downright useless educations? How bad does it need to get before we demand a change?

It is inevitable that the quality and comfort level of our lives will decrease. I is inevitable that oil will become a scarce and expensive resource that only a few will be able to afford. It is unavoidable that the price of food will rise so much that poverty and starvation will become commonplace in every country. It is inevitable that war will rage in every city. It is inevitable that our children will be ineffective and unstable adults. It is inevitable that cruelty will increase exponentially. It is inevitable that fashion will be the least of our concerns.

Will we be moved to act in time to prevent these inevitabilities? I don't think so. If the current state of affairs does not move us to act, then there is nothing that will change in time for it to make a difference. The only way we will change at this rate is after something happens to us that will affect our quality of life enough to move us to make a change. We seem to be incapable of self movement. The information is here for us to educate ourselves with.

Equal Money System

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Day 145: Thinking: The Silent Killer

These twins, aged 42, died in a house fire after a lifelong battle with anorexia. They were also fans of running marathons to the point that they would fracture their feet.

What is anorexia nervosa? This is what Wikipedia has to say:

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by immoderate food restriction and irrational fear of gaining weight, as well as a distorted body self-perception. It typically involves excessive weight loss.

How does anorexia develop? How does someone become so consumed by their physical appearance that they are willing to die to fit into a warped idea of themselves? And why haven't we acknowledged the similarities between anorexia and, say, fashion? Or cosmetics? Or hair styling? Or fulfilling our ideas of who we are, such as housewives, strong men, brave, fearful...?

All of this begins with a single thought that we will choose to entertain and allow to re-enter our minds. We may be exposed to the thought, concepts or experience by an outside source, but the fact is that we choose to allow the thought to, just as a seed would, grow and spread. To continue using the Seed analogy, an idea, belief, concept etc will only flourish to the extent that we nurture it. A thought will not turn into an obsession if one does not pay regular attention to the thought, creating additional thoughts, feelings and emotions to support the hold that the thought has in one's self-experience.

A person who is obsessed with their appearance, specifically with their weight, only experiences this obsession by committing themselves to the thought of "I need to be thin" / "If I am thin then I have value" / "Being fat is the same as being dead" or what ever the Source thought is - and cultivating that thought daily. One would need to create justifications - reasons - as to why this thought should become the "who I am" of the individual - because that is essentially what happens: we cultivate these thoughts to become the defining characteristic of our selves.

Ask an anorexic person who they are, and their first thought will be "I will be the best I can be when I am thin", but even in such a situation, they are unable to see themselves or any of their thoughts clearly and without bias, as they have spent so much time and energy developing their self-concept that all that matters is the goal: to be skinny - and it is a goal that can never be attained as the person must always be more skinny. Could this be why most anorexics do not know when to stop? Because they always feel like they are not skinny enough?

All of our self-concepts, whether we are anorexics, bulimics, fashionistas, cosmetologists, housewives, businessmen - whatever - are developed by our thoughts and all of our thoughts are developed by our first few years as children. The problem with our current society is that no one is willing to accept or consider that the first formative years of a child's life are so crucial that we must be able to understand our thoughts and our minds in order to properly raise our children. We are all too busy chasing our thoughts.

Anorexia is a condition caused simply by a lack of understanding of the functioning of the human being as a programmable system - and by an overwhelming disregard for the value of all life, as we are valuing life according to our thoughts and not according to equality as what is best for all.

Show your vote on the Equal Money website. Share your views and ideas to make our world a place in which no thought will define us.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Day 144: Homeless Man Crushed By Garbage Compactor

A homeless man fell asleep in a bin and was unknowingly tossed into a garbage truck to be compacted. The man did not survive.

Every winter in every country that gets cold, one hears stories of the homeless dying from the cold. In South Africa, even those with homes die because their homes are makeshift shacks of mud, wood and metal sheets with no electricity (or illegal electricity which very often causes a fire). One hears stories even of British homeowners dying in their own beds because they could not afford to turn the heating on.

People say that we cannot put a price on life - but we do, in every day and in every way. We have put a price on life by putting a price on that which sustains life. By putting a price on food we have starved those who cannot pay. By putting a price on heating we have frozen those who cannot pay. By putting a price on shelter and safety we have deserted those who cannot pay. By putting a price on clean water we have poisoned those who cannot pay. By putting a price on education we have failed those who cannot pay.

Our economic system is not even equipped to support all who are willing and able to work, as their are not enough jobs - so the system is rigged to fail a percentage of the population. Poverty has been a part of may human societies across many eras (but not all - Native Americans and Africans did not know of poverty as they lived as one with their people and the Earth) - but it is only now, in this day and age that we are truly evil.

Now more than ever, we are in a position to actually make changes and improvements on a global scale - yet we do not. We concern ourselves instead with enriching and improving our personal lives.

Now more than ever we are in a position to improve the lives of the plants and animals we use for sustenance, yet we are cruel and exploitative. We prefer to maximize output and efficiency without regard for the well being of those who give their lives for us.

Now more than ever we are in a position to ensure that every child receives an education that will enable them to become independent people who think and act with common sense. We would rather have the children shaped into replicas of the ideal consumer, only interested in self-fulfillment and with no regard for the lives of others.

Now more than ever we can focus our developments to improving the lives of all so that we are actually able to enjoy life without having another being(s) paying the price. We choose to exploit cheap labour forces willing to work in dangerous environments and focus on developing trinkets and gadgets according to trend instead of practicality - which will inevitably and timeously fall out of fashion.

Now more than ever we are in a position to develop sex education and understanding so that it is a safe, enjoyable form of self expression for all. And yet we are feeding the demons within through creating fantasies and illusions of sex through pornography, leading to rape, molestation, pedophilia, teenage pregnancy.

The fact that we have the potential and ability to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of Earth - and yet we do the opposite - shows that we have in fact been devolving and have manifested Hell on Earth - and we are each Satan who controls it.

Investigate the proposals of Equal Money to reverse the damage we have done and to prevent any further damage from occurring - Heaven on Earth is still possible.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 143: According To This Report, Poverty Is Not Real

Isn't it odd how many businesses and governments (businesses) will use reports and science to justify themselves, either for their particular action or their general inaction. They promote the idea that if the topic of discussion has not been investigated and validated by a panel of "experts" then it doesn't exist.

In the link above, "analysts" and "critics" questioned the validity of a report from a charity stating that poverty in the UK is on the rise and that people are facing greater hardships than in the past. Basically those who are questioning the report are simply finding a way to distract from the real issues at hand. They would rather ignore or deny poverty than investigate solutions. They would rather question and criticize reports, accusing those reports of not presenting solutions, when they are doing exactly the same! Of course any report that is published without having investigated a global solution to poverty and abuse was not published in the best interests of all life - it was published with some ulterior motive.

Charities will not and can not change the world if they are not serious about a global solution. Charities are just band aids. Critics will not change the world as all they engage in is diminishing the integrity of the human - they focus their words on having people focus on all the negatives and all the reasons why not to make an effort to change the world.

Obviously we're not going to change the world if all of the people in positions to actually influence humanity to make a choice to be better are just bickering and spreading spitefulness. Consider the American politics that one sees in movies (I'm not saying that politics in other countries don't work this way - they do) - each party tries to humiliate and trash the other party in order to win. Our leaders are more concerned with bad-mouthing other influential people, so that they can remain in power, than they are with actually implementing real changes that will bring a better world for life.

The scary thing is that humans are becoming more and more twisted every day. We are becoming more willing to be more nasty to satisfy our wants - and this is causing abuse at an unprecedented level. Possibly the greatest abuse that is occurring is that those of us in positions to make a change refuse to do so. We are not willing to risk our own happiness for that of every being on Earth. Sure, we will wish other well and we may even mean it - but we don't really care, as long as we are happy. That's the purpose of life, isn't it? To be happy, no matter the cost? Even if it's not ME paying the price - MY happiness is enough of a reward to justify the means.

The only conclusion one can make, upon consideration of human behaviour, is that we truly enjoy being evil. What other reason could there possibly be for allowing half of the world to live in poverty and enslaving and committing genocide to the animals and plants of this world?

Stop the evil within - Desteni I Process
Stop the evil without - Equal Money

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 142: Kids On Crack

This little almost-2-year-old was given methadone by his parents to keep him quiet - unfortunately he was given too much and subsequently died from the overdose. Medical examination showed that it was not the first time he was drugged by his parents. Welfare services failed to remove him from his parents care in the 50 opportunities they had.

Drugs are widely used by children and parents alike to numb out reality. Street kids sniff glue, poor kids smoke crack, teenagers sell kat to survive, parents shoot up and sniff up - it's safe to say that drugs have become an integral part of our society. People are either selling to survive, using to forget or using to outperform and it has become a big business. I am, of course, talking about illegal and legal drugs here - the legal ones just tend to make a bit more money a crew a lot more people over.

We are a society numbed. If it's not drugs then it's something else - TV, sports, money, fashion, cars, sex, alcohol, socializing, partying, politics, fighting, killing, bombing, shooting, speculating, buying, buying, buying.

We try to soothe our conscience by talking about how we need to "go green" to save the Earth, find alternative renewable energy sources and stop slave labour - but these are simply the side effects - the consequences of our deeper nature. What difference will all of our band-aids make when the problem lies with our very accepted and allowed nature? Parents teach their children to be exact copies of themselves and so the cycle continues - no one considers that in order to save the world and the life living upon it, we will have to face our deepest, darkest natures and make a choice to no longer accept and allow that nature to be the director of our lives. Energy-saver light bulbs won't stop the world's fossil fuels being exhausted - stopping the drive for profit will stop the world's fossil fuels from being exhausted.

Heaven on Earth is possible. We must choose to implement it, which means that we must choose to live a new nature. We must learn to care for our children in a way that will best serve their interests and the interests of all life - not our own desires and beliefs. Many argue that culture (CULT-U-R) and religion (RELI-ON) define us and shape us - and they most certainly do - but take a look in the mirror, look at your fellow man: do you see a reflection that honours life above all else? Do you see a reflection that shows consideration and compassion to each and every life form as they would their own child? Do you see a reflection that loves thy neighbour as thy brother? Do you see a reflection that ensures that life is valued above all else?

Many say that we are flawed, and we are - but willingly so. We must now will ourselves to be better.

Investigate Equal Money as the vehicle to implement Heaven on Earth.