Day 141: The True Price Of Free Stuff

We all like getting free stuff, winning stuff, rewards and so on - but we should know by now that there are some things in life that are just too good to be true, some things that have a catch...

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Our economic system is based on selling goods and services in order to make a profit, but now with these big corporations being able to reduce their manufacturing costs and what not, they are driving the prices of goods and services way down so that their only competition is the one or two possible other big corporations that happen to supply the same product. The problem with this scenario is that we don't realize that we are slowly lopping off body parts - our own.

We are so glad to buy from these big corporations with their specials and loyalty reward programs that we are not willing to see that everyone who is not part of a corporation has lost, or will lose their income. We are all far too chuffed to be getting all this free stuff and all these good deal to notice that our family members are, slowly but surely, losing their jobs. We are too preoccupied with applying for government support that we haven't noticed how the only way to earn an income nowadays is to be a cog in the machine of corporatism.

Our governments are collecting a large portion of their taxes from corporations and then proceed to support the rest of the citizenship financially so that they in turn can buy from the corporations. Our platforms of support are becoming narrower by the day, with one side being supported by the corporations and the other by the government (which is supported by the corporations). Money is becoming harder to make, especially if one wants to "start something new".

We have come to the point where those who control the media and products (the corporations) control what we think about, what is acceptable in our minds and what is unacceptable in our minds. We are so easily manipulated into believing the most bizarre things that when face with common sense, we laugh raucously and call it "ridiculous". Just think of fashion, romance, money, our entire economic system, politics, wars and conflicts - these things are not part of any kind of "natural state" - they are embellishments that we have put on our lives that have caused us to be willing to accept and allow poverty, cruelty and abuse. All the corporations need to do to sway the masses to be otherwise inclined toward the current trends is make a few movies, make a few songs, print a few articles and promote a few products and we are sold. No matter what the content is - it's all over the place and so it must be real and important.

How about this crazy idea: Rich people know better than not rich people. What kind of a bizarre belief is that? Is it possibly that the rich people have obviously done some great work or deed to have made all their money and are therefore pioneers of our society - and therefore we owe them our undying devotion and gratitude...? Hey, Bill Gates! For your tireless work to bring us your products, we will now and forever more love and cherish you and stand in awe of your presence - Ye Oh Mighty Lord Of Money And Free Stuff.

When corporations give out free stuff and start reward programs, we all hop on the band wagon and sing the praises of the corporation - cos what they're doing is "good", giving back to the people and trying to allow for every person to be able to afford their products. The reality is that the corporations are making vast amounts of money on our gullibility. We want to believe that they have our best interests at heart. They want us to believe that they have our best interests at heart. But when they are smashing all their competition and creating joblessness and implementing machines instead of people, they are the ones who are perpetrating and allowing the continuation of our economic demise and reliance on and slavery to the system of free stuff. The corporations have effectively neutered us by completely controlling the market (and the governments and the religions).

Most of the complaints about an Equal Money System center around the need to work and the lack of free stuff. Obviously we all need to help the existence and continuation of our community. And no, there will be no free stuff aside from that which is provided to us, unconditionally, by the Earth. A society of peace and prosperity will not come about magically, it will take dedication and application. Maybe after a few decades we will have created robots to do all the hard work so that we can chillax and enjoy life - but until then we have much to atone for and have much work to be done.