Day 147: The Price Of Beauty

What is beauty? It is most definitely not an unchanging phenomenon - look at human history: every civilization, era, peoples had its trends and preferences. Not so long ago being skinny was considered unattractive and now it is the epitome of fashion.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Those guys are right. Beauty is simply a perspective - an opinion - based on made-up guidelines. We use beauty to determine who and what is acceptable, we use it to determine who and what is worth preserving, we use it to determine our own value. We have made beauty one of the most (apparently) important parts of our lives. How much of our choices now hinge on factors of appearance? How many partners did we have simply because of physical appearances?

Part of our perception of beauty is that it fades with age, causing our personal value to fade along with it. We are willing to do some pretty extreme stuff to preserve our self worth: surgery, injections, creams, wraps, masks, steam, exercise, eat weird stuff - all in the name of "staying beautiful". Now they are developing stem cell injections, made from one's own blood, to stimulate ones skin to regain and maintain elasticity - to stay looking young.

This expression of "human nature" appears to be twofold: firstly, we judge and value ourselves according to society's standards of beauty and so when we perceive that our beauty is fading we do whatever we can to maintain our self image and not devalue. Secondly, we must fear the crap out of death to go to such lengths to deny to ourselves and everyone around us that we are edging closer and closer toward death's door.

Of course, the only reason beauty is such a big part of our society is that it is the perfect distraction to keep us from caring about anything other than appearances. And it makes A LOT of money.

Observe: "Oh, no! Look at that poor, starving child! OH NO! I BROKE A NAIL!!!" (person then rushes off to nail salon).

If we paid half as much attention to improving this Earth for all life as we do our appearances, starvation and poverty would be history in a matter of years. If we cared half as much about other beings as we do our hair and make up and clothing, there would be no cruelty and no need for any RSPCA's or police or "watchdog" associations - 'cos we'd never dream of causing any kind of abuse to anything or anyone - 'cos we'd care too much!

Why do we continue to value physical appearances above the lives of beings here on this Earth with us? Why do we continue to pretend that this world is a beautiful place by looking at pretty pictures when there is so much pain and abuse?

Show your vote for a society that values LIFE above beauty.


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