Day 146: What's That You're Smoking?

One third of British cigarettes being smoked are comprised of "black market" cigarettes - fake cigarettes an cigarettes brought in by smugglers. Some of the fake cigarettes found contained human excrement, asbestos, mould and dead flies.

People are trying to cut costs wherever they can - if that means smoking illegal cigarettes, then that's what they will do. Smoking may be a touchy subject in terms of all the health propaganda surrounding it, but those who smoke do so willingly in a world that doesn't have much for one to enjoy.

When one initially faces financial difficulty, the first things to go are the "for personal pleasure only" costs, such as going out, buying chocolates, new clothes and so on. When things get a little tighter, the next things to go are those things we can survive without: nice car, smoking, private school, nice place to live... But when things get really tight then we start to cut on the things that matter, like food.

Do you know anyone who willingly lives on a budget in one or more areas of their life? Do you know anyone who willingly smokes illegal cigarettes containing poo and poison? Do you know anyone who wouldn't send their kids to private school if they could afford it? Do you know anyone who willingly lives in a bad neighbourhood? Do you know anyone who willingly buys the cheapest food they can find? Do you know anyone who prefers public hospitals and clinics?

To what extent will we allow the system to dictate how much we compromise our safety and that of our children? To what extent will we allow the system to regulate the food we eat? To what extent will we allow the system to supply inferior health care? To what extent will we allow the system to require a black market to operate? To what extent will we allow the system to give inferior, and downright useless educations? How bad does it need to get before we demand a change?

It is inevitable that the quality and comfort level of our lives will decrease. I is inevitable that oil will become a scarce and expensive resource that only a few will be able to afford. It is unavoidable that the price of food will rise so much that poverty and starvation will become commonplace in every country. It is inevitable that war will rage in every city. It is inevitable that our children will be ineffective and unstable adults. It is inevitable that cruelty will increase exponentially. It is inevitable that fashion will be the least of our concerns.

Will we be moved to act in time to prevent these inevitabilities? I don't think so. If the current state of affairs does not move us to act, then there is nothing that will change in time for it to make a difference. The only way we will change at this rate is after something happens to us that will affect our quality of life enough to move us to make a change. We seem to be incapable of self movement. The information is here for us to educate ourselves with.

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