Day 158: Law Of Attraction - The Missing Piece - Abraham Hicks

So I watched this interview with a Miserable Guy and Abraham Hicks all about the Law Of Attraction and discussing the perspective that Abraham Hicks shares with this Miserable Guy about why the world is such a terrible place and how to make it better.

Here are a few points that Abraham Hicks discusses:
  • Humans knowingly chose a life that would have misery in it so that they could have "free will"
  • You have no control over the miserable lives other people live
  • The pain you feel for other people in pain is more than the pain that they are feeling because they have developed coping mechanisms to block out their experience
  • You create the world through the vibration of your point of view and your inner experience
  • If you are happy you will attract happiness for the world
  • Generally avoids answering the Guy's questions
  • Life is supposed to be fun, so have a good time even if most of the world isn't, because that means that your a good person because you are actually showing that you want the world to have a good time too
  • Keep your head in the sand - ignore the crappy parts of the world
  • You "Vibration" can make the world a better place, but not physical action
The Miserable Guy was trying to discuss thee points:
  • How could the people who had terrible, unavoidable things happen to them have possibly "chosen" that life
  • How is the Law Of Attraction applicable "out there" in "the real world"
  • Something about corporations
  • How does Law Of Attraction make the world a better place
So the Miserable Guy got  cut off a lot and it seems as though he didn't get to say everything he wanted to say. Abraham Hicks also led a merry chase around the questions and didn't actually answer them, fully or at all. Some of the other stuff simply didn't make any sense.

The whole concept of the Law Of Attraction is aimed at self-enlightened, self-interested people who are willing to jump at any excuse to feel less guilt about not caring enough to change the world. Having bad things happen to people who have "negative" outlooks doesn't prove the Law Of Attraction - it only proves that this world is a shithole. People wouldn't have negative outlooks if bad things hadn't happened to them. AH also says that we create our own reality, yet are unable to change it. Does being the Creator not make us responsible for our creation? And why would physical action to change the system not have any effect while our "vibration" does? The MG tried to bring up the corporatization and the systematization of the world, but AH's answer was unintelligible.

The Law Of Attraction may make a few people feel good for a while, but it is no practical solution to the world. Things will not magically get better if we think happy thoughts. Murderers and abusers will not go away because we send our positiveness out into the airwaves. Positive thinking will not feed the hungry in drought-ridden lands. We need a practical solution that is capable of addressing each current failing of our system effectively and in a manner that benefits all life (not just some life)

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