Day 139: Profiting From Poverty

Barclays has been speculating on food prices to push prices up (and therefore to make a profit).

Shouldn't food prices, at the very least, be regulated by our governments? Isn't it a no-brainer to ensure that all of the basic necessities of life are guaranteed to each and every person? Why should money determine whether we will be able to eat tonight or not - or whether our children's growth will be stunted? Why should money determine whether or not we can receive a life-saving treatment in a hospital that is not facing budget cuts? Why should money determine whether our kids will go to a good school? Why should money determine whether we will have a roof over our heads or not?

How about this question: Why the fuck can a business profit by driving up the cost of food? How could we allow this to happen?

Why are so blinded by our desire to be rich and to life the "high life" that any form of consideration of sharing our perceived wealth with anyone else seems preposterous to us? Because we are nasty, selfish bastards - that's why. We would rather hold on to the hope of being rich and famous and spend our days plotting and scheming how we can make our own lives better that we do not give a moment's thought to those who are unable to eat for lack of money. In South Africa, it is not uncommon to see a dozen children begging at traffic intersections, wearing tattered clothing that hardly passes as rags. Who is advocating for the rights of these children? Who is taking time out of their busy schedules of "ME" to consider how we can change our system to ensure that every child is guaranteed their basic rights such as food, clean water, a safe home, education, a compassionate figure to show them what warmth and respect is?

Show me how activism is a way to cause a global change. IT has not and does not. If activism was effective, the world would be a much more pleasant place. Charities are in the same boat - if they were capable of causing a significant change it would have happened by now.

The absolute worst part of the society that we have developed on this planet, is that it is 100% a product of who we are. Money would not exist if we weren't complete douche bags. Poverty wouldn't exist if we actually cared about others. Cruelty wouldn't exist if we weren't so hellbent on satisfying every twisted thought, fantasy and fetish that came our way. Crime wouldn't exist if we shared of what we have.

This is why we advocate An Equal Money System: it considers that in order for our society to change, we must change. We need to truly come to understand how our minds work - why we have the thoughts we have and how we can stop them from coming up. A simple thing such as this puts an immediate end to rape, pedophiles, jealousy, hatred, pent-up rage, greed, murder, fetishes and cruelty - as these things are all products of obsessive thoughts within us that we don't know how to deal with so we just call them "natural" so that we don't have to feel bad about having them. An Equal Money System takes into consideration that a new system must be based on common sense and fulfilling the rights to life - not on profit.

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