Day 149: Satan Is Coming

A teenage boy may have committed a Satanic suicide, according to the South African newspaper The Post. The boy was found hanging off a rail in his bedroom, with "strange symbols, an incision and a blood smear". There were symbols painted on his bedroom wall and there was also an incision to his chest with blood smears around it.

Even if this particular case wasn't a satanic suicide, there have been suicides in the name of Satan/the Devil/Lucifer/Evil dude(s). What drives a person to believe that their death will empower evil incarnate? Why would someone want to empower evil incarnate?

I have done a little light reading and according to Wikipedia, Satanism is not so bad. There aren't any connections made to rituals or cults or anything - but apparently The Church Of Satan is all about self-indulgence and self-fulfillment. Another aspect of Satanism is that it is supposedly the "true/first religion of man" and that it predates Christianity. It seems as though the Christians labelled any opposing religion (like pagans) as satanists in order to weed out the competition, basically. According to The Joy Of Satan, Satanism involves some serious meditation in order to elevate oneself and to advance spiritually. Also, Satan and demons have totally been misunderstood.

Many Satanists believe that Satan was a rebel and like him for it. Others believe that he is the true God. In Judaism, satan means "the opposer". A recurring theme seems to be that Satanism is used as a distraction to get people all riled up at not the real problems in society. Every now and then a newspaper article gets chucked out with Satanic rumblings and the community goes up in arms.

The essential bits of Satanism are that it is basically a new-age self-enlightenment movement that is often (deliberately) misunderstood and used to distract people from the real problems of the world.

So for those who do believe in the gory sacrificing version of Satanism (including the sacrifice of self as suicide) - what is their intention behind their actions and beliefs? There are only 2 options: either they believe that Satan will improve the world and therefore wish to empower him/her; or they believe that the world is not fucked up enough as it is and needs a little more pain and suffering. Either way these people are not overly clear in their assessment of their situation and the world and I must conclude that they are self-centered little a-holes not dissimilar from every other a-hole who thinks love will save us from this impending (self-inflicted) doom, or that Jesus loves us but is gonna kill us all anyway, or that animals are not living beings, or that the rainforests aren't important anyway.

Show me a religion/belief system that is not completely self indulgent. I am seriously - show me - cos every one I have come across pays little heed to the lives of the many and cares only for the glorious I in salvatIon. Every aspect of our society is about blame displacement and shifting responsibility and refocusing attention. If one really wanted to make a difference, one would not trust in the slim chance of there being an afterlife conducive to making a difference from beyond and therefore take one's own life. If one really wanted to make a difference, one would not wait around for a mythological being with horns or halo.

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  1. The world is filled with "religious organizations"that make grand & glorious claims as well as condemnatory proclamations.A vast difference exists between church "doctrine" & what the Bible has to say.(here I am only referencing organizations that use the Bible)Love(according to The Bible)should be the motivating force behind everything we do.That alone should eliminate any self indulgent or self serving attitude. If those were the traits demonstrated in any group claiming to represent God, I would walk swiftly away.


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