Day 198: My Very Own Reward System

Day 197: Shame On You, Body!

Day 196: Another Word For Ethnic Cleansing

Day 195: 16 Tiger Cubs Rescued From Smuggling Truck

Day 194: Dance, Monkey, Dance!

Day 193: Punishment Fits The Crime

Day 192: Affirmative Action Is Discrimination

Day 191: Pay Me, Then I'll Save Your Life

Day 190: Feminism

Day 189: Pensioners Raped And Hanged

Day 188: Payday Loans Are Like Heroin Addiction

Day 187: Brazen House Robberies On Increase

Day 186: Competition Makes The World Go Round

Day 185: I Don't Want To Lose You

Day 184: Every Government: An Image Of 'Fruitless, Wasteful' Spending

Day 183: Being Selfish Makes Us Happy

Day 182: Are You There God? It's Me, Jesus

Day 181: Failure Of The Schooling System

Day 180: Religion: The Big Bad Wolf

Day 179: Waging War With Dolphins

Day 178: The Future Of The Earth

Day 177: Bankruptcy: The New Global Industry

Day 176: 100 Million Pound Sports Center

Day 175: Child Soldiers

Day 174: Did I Make The Right Choice

Day 173: Humans - God's Glorious Creations

Day 172: I Wanna Kill Sh*t