Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 198: My Very Own Reward System

In my Psychology studies, every now and then I read about the development of human behaviour being based on a reward system, where a child is taught by its parents to do and think in certain ways by the parents using either positive or negative reinforcement. Some psychologists propose that we develop our own internal reward system, where we will either reward or punish ourselves according to our behaviour.

How many times a day do we tell ourselves who we are and what is expected of us? "I am a responsible person, I must act accordingly.", "I need to prove to everyone that I am clever.", "I have a tendency to lose control when it comes to eating.", "I can't stop myself because I have never been able to stop myself.". We all have our own internal value and belief systems on which we will base our reinforcements, we just don't understand how it all works and how one is able to change how these internal systems are used.

Think about the most obvious reward system: After I finish doing ________ I will eat some ice cream. We have reached a point within our personality development wherein we are unable to do anything without the assurance of some kind of reward. We have attached a value to our actions so that nothing is unconditional because we need to assign a worth to everything so that we can feel worthy and valued.

All of this starts with how we were raised. Our parents bartered with us to eat our veggies or finish our homework, or even to be the best in school so that we can "earn" their love and respect. We feel like we need to "balance the scales" by "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours." - now everything we are, everything we do, is done only for some reward as opposed to doing something simply because it needs to be done and that it will be beneficial.

Nowadays, we feel like we are valued if we do something to get a reward, it makes us feel warm and gooey on the inside - the thought that we did something "right". We'll give to a local charity and feel like that somehow absolves us of certain responsibilities or even wrongdoings - as if a right can undo a wrong. Or we'll give to a charity simply to "feel good" about ourselves for a while, like we made a difference - like we did our good deed for the day and now it's all right to think only about ourselves.

In order for us to bring forth a world where all are free and able to enjoy life, we need to stop thinking only in terms of "how will this benefit/reward ME?" and start thinking in terms of "What can I do to make this world better for ALL?". Implementing heaven on Earth will require the unconditional participation of every one of us - we need to be willing to share ourselves freely with our society - to give of our time, labour and experience, and work together as one.

Investigate Equal Money

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 197: Shame On You, Body!

We are completely obsessed with our ideas of physical "perfection" - there is no need for me to reiterate this particular point. We all know we're superficial. We all know that we value physical beauty more than life. We all know that we don't actually mind that our cosmetics and beauty products are tested on animals, even though those tests are irrelevant due to the difference in our genetics. We all know that we've been living as if all we are is what's on the outside - as if our bodies and clothing and hair and makeup are representations of who we are - as opposed to our words and actions.

What's quite interesting, which I only became consciously aware of today, was how much we are ashamed of our own bodies for doing the things that are natural and that we don't really have any control over (not yet, at least). For example: bowel movements, farting, burping, snoring, sneezing, coughing, peeing, sweating, hair and all the various odors that emanate. We all know that these things are natural, but we're so obsessed with being perfect that we completely write these things from our awareness and from our idea of "Who I am".

Just think of fictional books, or of movies/TV series - even PC/console games - how many of these "cultural creations/expressions" include those common, universal, human realities? Most of the time they are "conveniently" glossed over or ignored completely. If they are brought up, they are treated with contempt - as if we should be ashamed.

How about this article: - A doctor is claiming that some of the women in the photo's are fat and others are obese - and claiming that what she is saying is based on her medical opinion as opposed to her superficial-human opinion. Suddenly our medical profession is jumping on the superficial bandwagon? Oh, right - they've been on the thing all along (ei plastic surgery for one).

In reality - none of these things matter. What matters is that every being on Earth is able to nourish their bodies as required. What matters is changing the way we produce and consume food so that the process doesn't involve suffering for the animals, poison for the plants and gluttony for the humans (on non-nutritious foods). What matters is forever banning vivisection. What matters is turning our attention to stopping the conflicts and wars that are threatening to destroy our planet. What matters is changing our economic system so that no one is ever forced to go hungry, cold, sick or uneducated simply because they can't afford it. What matters is learning to live in peace with each other. What matters is living honestly and not trying to hide behind fairytales and pretty pictures.

Join the cause that matters. Show your vote for an Equal Money System.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Day 196: Another Word For Ethnic Cleansing

Burma has seen an entire district razed to the ground in the most recent clashes between Buddhist and Muslims. This was sparked by the rape and murder of a Buddhist woman.

Ethnic cleansing is basically the forced removal of a particular social group of people from an area. The ones who would be most affected by being forced out of their homes would be women, children and the elderly - the ones who most likely did not rape and murder a Buddhist woman. So, why are they the ones who are suffering for what a minority has done? Why do those who are doing the "cleansing" believe that forcing women and children out of their homes is some kind of justice for a crime? Has no one told them that they are simply ensuring that the cycle of abuse will continue, that women will continue to be raped which will lead to retaliatory actions?

Emotions can be seductive, they draw you in and take you over so that you do and say things you might no do and say otherwise. The people who are "cleansing" their neighbourhoods of many women and children and only a few men have been consumed by their rage and hatred, it guides them to think, act and speak that which no one should ever think, act or speak. Acts such as these are what led to the Holocaust.

The people who are living in these situations are so immersed in their feuds, rivalries and traditions of hatred that there is no way that they can stop themselves - they need assistance and support. Obviously their government has no interest in providing any form of education or guidance - they are far too busy trying to line their own pockets with ill-gotten gains. Clearly their religious leaders do not attempt to sway them from their hatred-induced actions - the center of the conflict lies at the religious cores, so it is safe to say that if their religious leaders were to preach a different key, the followers would listen. These people do not have ready access to computers or the internet, so they are unable to educate themselves. So how, then, does one make a difference in situation such as this one?

By changing the way the entire system works. If we were to implement, or even show substantial support for a solution such as an Equal Money System, we could move from living either to survive or in greed to living with consideration of all of the beings we share this Earth with. In the end, we must live with ourselves and the choices we made.

I am one vote for living a life worthy of honour.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 195: 16 Tiger Cubs Rescued From Smuggling Truck

16 Tiger cubs were found in crates on a truck driving through Thailand bound for the border. Officials believe the cubs were meant to go to be chopped up for traditional Chinese medicine.

It's easy to forget about the things that happen in our world every day, we keep ourselves busy with trying to survive and for the lucky few, with trying to entertain ourselves. How we have deemed ourselves "keepers" of this world is beyond me - all we do is rip apart everything we can get our grubby hands on so that we can make a buck. We call ourselves "evolved" - but how does that make sense when we live for an imaginary value system which we allow to dictate what the state of the world will be and who and what will be ripped apart next to increase our apparent "worth". And what of the superstitions and religions which lead to animals, babies and adults being hacked into pieces to improve the life or well being of some other fucker that has enough money to pay for the "treatment".

The things we do in the name of life and in the name of money are despicable. Isn't it then common sense to stop the insanity and implement a new value system that will protect all life instead of just the ones who have lots of imaginary currency? Wouldn't this ensure that tiger cubs never get used for traditional medicine? Yes, obviously it would take time and patience to let go of the old value system and traditions, but our diligence and hard work would be a small price to pay for heaven on Earth - wouldn't you agree?

Maybe I am dreaming. At least I am not the only one. Many have dreamed before me, and many more will dream after me - The real question is though: how many of these dreamers will actually be willing to look past their own traditions to be able to envision and promote a life and system that would honour all life in all ways, always? Not many, I expect. Maybe there are few who feel what I feel - the pain and terror of animals being ripped from everything they have ever known to be carved up alive - because if you truly felt the pain of every innocent ripped apart for human profit then there would be many more that realize that this system of ours is the manifestation of Hell for many more beings than the few who live in Heaven. Real change must start with seeing this system for what it is: dysfunctional and beyond salvation.

We have the power to choose Heaven on Earth for all. What are you waiting for? Or are you just another dreamer who will never actually stand for the betterment of all?

It all starts with One Man, One Vote at

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 194: Dance, Monkey, Dance!

2 Black bears were used in a Chinese circus, performing tricks such as balancing acts and jumping for a skipping rope. One of the bears has a leather strap on its face to keep its mouth closed. If I was a bear being forced to perform circus tricks, you'd have to strap my mouth closed too.

I don't see the appeal in circus animals. I don't see the appeal in any sport involving an animal that is being forced to perform or compete. Yeah, sure, if you do it for long enough the animal will get used to it and a few may even enjoy it, but training an animal simply to obey aides so that you can earn money - instead of a real communication based on mutual enjoyment - is simply another system of abuse.

Most animals that have been "domesticated" or caged by humans live a life that we wouldn't wish on our worst enemies, never mind ourselves or our children. The food industry may be the largest contributor to the animal abuse industry, but it is most definitely not the only contributor. I have no interest in rating the severity or scale of the abuse or suffering animals endure at human hands, as that would simply diminish the reality of the situation. Each and every animal that suffers shouldn't have to suffer. No one case of animal abuse is more severe than another, because all of them shouldn't ever, ever, happen.

This line of speaking leads me to ponder a little more on Punishments Fitting The Crime, and I now have a scenario in mind involving animal trainers (such as the trainers of these circus bears), being ripped from their homes and families by an unknown species whom they are unable to communicate with and who seem to consider them with great disdain, wrestle them into tiny cages from which they are unable to break free and must live in their own filth, surviving on near-rotten food, and being trained every day through the use of sticks, prods, electric pokers, whips and all sorts of other fun tools to perform physical actions that have no point and make absolutely no sense because they still don't understand what the weird other creatures are saying. Also the other species is much stronger and more capable in general. Maybe they have fancy laser whips or something that really gets the humans' attention. Anyway, when the human performers have spent hours upon hours doing the same physical performances they are put into a huge tent or stage in front of hundreds of weird alien people where they must put on the show for the viewing pleasure of Mr & Mrs Alien People and their cute kids, Ally and Leon. Now wouldn't that be grand?

WE tend to avoid thinking of ourselves being in the place of other beings who are abused - especially animals. We have come up with all sorts of really handy responses to questions of responsibility and compassion, among which include: "I can't do anything to change their plight.", "It's just the way things are.", "Those circus people need to make a living too.", "animals don't feel pain or think like we do.", "We are meant to rule over the world and do whatever we please cos God says so in the really old book written by people hundreds of years after the alleged Son Of God roamed the Earth." (OK, maybe they stop at "cos God says so").

Stop the inhumanity. Stop the madness. Vote for a system that does not depend on abuse to function. Show your vote for an Equal Money System so that no animal need be the puppet for the humans' strings.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 193: Punishment Fits The Crime

We see some pretty despicable things every day. A lot of despicable things are involved in pretty much everything that surrounds us and allows us to live the way we do. Let's face it: we're a despicable lot living in a tangled mess of our own making. There are most definitely some abuses that are far afield, that are so horrendous that they leave us speechless - maybe these require a different kind of approach...

The punishment should fit the crime, wouldn't you agree? Now I'm not talking about a person who steals food to feed their family, that's not even a crime. I'm talking about the really evil f*ckers who rape and molest and torture and kill - and who are big fat greedy corporate ass hats who roll around in money while the rest of the planet suffers.

So, what I am proposing is that whatever form of abuse these knobs perpetrates on a living being, will be done to them. We're going to need to develop our technology in certain fields, such as in extracting memories from said knobs to be able to get the detail of the punishment just right; we're also going to need to develop a realistic virtual reality machine thingy. Now, when these knobs are found (we'll also need to make a cool machine for catching ass hats), we'll extract their memories of abusing the other being(s) and then "transplant" that memory onto a super computer where it will be altered so that we can insert the abuser's consciousness into a virtual reality in which he/she is in the role of "the abused" and relives the experience over and over until they reach a point of dedication and commitment to never allow such abuse again. Obviously they will need to prove themselves for the rest of their lives and will need to be monitored to ensure they don't lapse back into old patterns of thinking. Now, for the really twisted knobs who are unaffected by being the abused, we could synthesize the inner experience of someone being abused (fear, panic, powerlessness etc) with some kind of weird drugs. If that doesn't work, we put them to death because they are past the point of being able to change.

How about dropping a few billionaires in the middle of a war-torn, desert country and leaving them to survive with no food, water or clothing. The thought makes me smile a little. 

Whenever I see animal abuse, I start vividly imagining those abusers being in the animal's place and having some machine beat the crap out of them (or whatever it is they did to the animals).

All of these... speculations... are dependent on continuing within a system where abuse actually happens. Now I'm not saying that changing our natures will be easy or without mishap, but it is possible. We can change. We don't need to live in a world that leads us to think up ways of torturing the evil f*cks that torture kittens and puppies. Yes, we will need to make drastic changes to our lifestyles and cultures, but only where our actions accept and allow abuse.

Investigate Equal Money System to build a society without crime.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 192: Affirmative Action Is Discrimination

Affirmative action is a common enforcement in many countries, especially those with mixed cultural and racial heritages/backgrounds. It also covers gender, religion, sexual orientation and national origin. The whole point of affirmative action is to force "equality" in the workplace and in education, but are the practices decreasing or increasing discrimination?

In South Africa, affirmative action is seen and felt most in the racial aspect, large companies and organizations are required to have black members in controlling positions, black people will be given jobs if the other applicants (with the same qualifications) are white and corporations are required to have a certain percentage of black employees. If this isn't discrimination then what is? These actions have fostered more resentment than acceptance and simply plays right into the whole mentality that the color of our skin actually makes us inferior or superior.

Affirmative action emphasizes superficial differences between people that have, in the past, been used as tools of oppression and abuse. How does the implementation of determined and focused separation contribute toward healing the faulty and prejudiced perceptions of our society? Any time we label each other, you can be sure that it is attached to some form of discrimination or judgement. Affirmative action is all about the labeling of people.

Affirmative action does not educate the 50 year old grandmother, who was never able to attend school in the era of apartheid, so that she is able to support herself independently, nor does it teach teenage mothers how to care for their children and raise them so that they contribute to creating the best possible world for everyone.

Affirmative action is justified as righting the injustices of the past. We are stuck in the past - paying for mistakes made decades ago because we simply do not know how to move forward and rebuild a better world for our children, having learned from our mistakes. Racial discrimination is still prominent in South Africa, as I am sure it is in other countries as well. How can we live in harmony together if all we do is hold on to our hatred and spew abuse back and forth between each other? How can our leaders claim to advocate for their own actions as being in the best interests of all when they, too hold on to their poisonous anger and hatred.

It is time to stop making the same mistakes over and over. It is time to choose our leaders according to ability and not charisma charm. It is time to implement a governing system that cannot be abused. It is time to stop Affirmative Action and start Corrective Action. It is time to build a new world in which all will prosper.

Investigate Equal Money and cast your vote.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 191: Pay Me, Then I'll Save Your Life

How often do we read and see stories about people raising money to pay for some or other life-saving medical treatment? And those are just the ones lucky enough to have been picked up by the media. What does this say about our society?

Let me tell you: Our society has defined the value of a life according to how many dollar signs are attached to that life. Every day we try to "remember the good things in life" and "find a reason to smile today" - while at the same time we are accepting and allowing our society to exist as a system of abuse and exploitation by justifying it as "just the way it is".

This is probably the most widely used Get Out Of Jail card for responsibility ever. We use this excuse all over the place, as if it is a valid reason for allowing abuse to continue. Tell me how it makes any kind of sense, please, because I just don't understand. The really f#cked up part is that we then go on to teach our kids to think and live this way and so the cycle just continues.

How is it that we have come to judge the worth of a life according to money? Even those who have had to raise a small fortune to save their own or another's life don't question why we live this way. The risk of relying on public health facilities across the globe is increasing, to the point that we are not surprised to hear of people dying due to poor service on an almost daily basis. In South Africa, public hospitals are pretty much a death sentence, and private hospitals charge a fortune for absolutely everything. And then there's the whole medical aid scheme robbing us blind and refusing to cover most of the costs on arbitrary technicalities. And, let's not forget the pharmaceutical industry, trying its very best to kill us as slowly as possible to be able to squeeze as much profit out of us as possible. Obviously, the most vulnerable get gang raped by the whole lot of them - pensioners and families raising kids - these are the people who have the highest requirement for support.

The excuse of "it's just the way it is" is just that - an excuse - a way for us to avoid taking the more difficult path of changing the way we live. One will find that most people's greatest fear is changing themselves - our greatest fear is losing ourselves by choosing a path we have not walked before. We are all capable of living in a way that honours life. We will need to give ourselves courage, and patience to walk this path.

Choose life, not money. Go to to see how

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 190: Feminism

My psychology study module briefly touches on feminism and feminist approaches to theories and research within the social reality. As I was reading, it occurred to me that feminism is exactly the same as veganism, racism, elitism, conservatism - and pretty much all the other -ism's that postulate one specific reason or set of reasons for humanity's suffering and one specific "way" to somehow fix everything. Now of course each one of these -ism's represents, in one way or another, one aspect of our society that is wrong, but that is all. None of the -ism's I've ever heard of would institute a global solution to suffering that was best for all life.

How does feminism on its own save the world, so to speak? How does veganism ensure a dignified life for all beings? How does stopping racism end poverty once and for all? How does activism actually change the world on a large scale? One could slap an -ism onto the ending of every word or concept and we'd still end up asking the same questions.

We like to get riled up over some or other "cause", to make us feel like we're doing something, or contributing in some way. We like jumping on bandwagons. "Oh, that lady's speech about female power being smothered by male oppressors really moved me! I think I'll join her cause and fight for gender equality! Let's all talk about how we've been wronged in the past so that everybody will know! Yeah!" And then we feel really, like, connected to a cause, man. As long as we are doing something that we believe in, then who cares about all the other issues and abuses in the world! I'm taking one fight at a time, I can't be asked to do more than that, surely!

It's funny, we all protest and activise and support our causes away, and yet fail to consider supporting one cause that will end the reasons for activism and protests and supporting causes. We make and watch quirky videos meant to raise awareness of some abuse or poverty and we think "Wow, that video really made me think. The people who made it are really working to accomplish something good, so I'm going to support them!" All because of a video that catches our attention. It could have been made by a gang of thugs for all we know, being endorsed by the powers that be because someone knows the right someone else. All these little videos and campaigns achieve is making some people very rich and maybe, if there is some authority watching the program like a hawk, some of the funds will be used as a temporary band aid somewhere in the world.

The recurring deficiency in each one of the major charities and -ism's is a global solution to end all suffering and guarantee that every being lives a dignified life free from abuse and hardship. Maybe, if every organisation were to get together, there would be a chance that they would come up with a solution - but unfortunately people are so stuck in their own opinions and beliefs that a unanimous conclusion in a situation like that in a time like this is next to impossible.

Changing the world will require that each of us reconsiders our lifestyle and what exactly we accept and allow to exist within us as thoughts, which will eventually manifest as actions and words. Forget the -ism's - show your vote for a life guaranteed to be dignified and enjoyable for ALL:

Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 189: Pensioners Raped And Hanged

Based on an article in the Kwa Zulu Natal newspaper, The Witness, 22 October 2012. 

An elderly couple from a rural area of Kwa Zulu Natal were hanged in their own home last week. 84 Year old Mfanalo Mkhize was found slumped on the floor with a rope around his neck and his partner, Zamekile Ngidi (65) was found still hanging from the rafters. A concerned neighbour found them after they didn't bring the corn she had asked to purchase for her. The last time the couple was see alive was on Wednesday when they had gone to collect their pension and do grocery shopping. Mkhize's licensed firearm was missing, along with their pension money. Their groceries were untouched. This comes only months after two elderly women were raped in the same area, a 94 year old and an 84 year old.

In South Africa, as in most countries, state supplied pensions are a pittance, so the fact that a person(s) would kill an elderly couple for a gun and pocket change (while leaving the groceries) indicates that this murder was committed for something(s) other than money. I don't know what scares me more, crimes committed in the name of starvation or crimes committed in the name of enjoyment.

This is not the first time I've read about pensioners being raped and I've gotta say: I just don't understand it. Now it's not like a whole hell of a lot of things we do make sense, but there's normally some kid of reason, even if it is dark and twisted. For me, acts of cruelty and abuse just don't compute. I could rattle off some possible scenarios that are capable of fostering real cruelty in a person, but I simply cannot wrap my brain around it.

All I can think when I read these stories is: why do we insist on keeping the world the way it is? Why do people refuse to consider another way of living? Why does every parent not stand up and demand a better world for their child? Why do we continue to participate in and perpetuate the abuse and negligence of our society?

All of these questions have answers, of course, the answer could even be boiled down to one single reason: we don't want to change. Simple. If we really wanted to change, we would. We would stop at nothing till every being on Earth was living a contented life. We already know how determined we can be - as is evidenced by our determined ignorance.

Think on it. Want it. A better life for all is possible. Show your vote at

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 188: Payday Loans Are Like Heroin Addiction

Payday loans have become popular the world over, but, as indicated by the article above, some people have become dependent on these loans. One couple has taken out 36 payday loans between them. It seems as though lending practices change every week - one week it is impossible to get any for of credit and the next week you have banks practically begging you to take their money (at sky high interest rates).

Payday lending is unsustainable, it's very existence was borne from an already crumbling debt based economy. Maybe those who conceived of the concept of payday loans thought it could work as a band-aid to help people get through a tough month, but they did not take into consideration that with the cost of living rising and employment rates and salaries falling, people are at risk to become completely dependent on these loans, because every month is a tough month.

Payday loans are described as "toxic" in the article as they seem to be so easy to get and the general view of these loans is that they are quick and convenient, and so people underestimate the actual financial commitment they are entering into. But then again, when you need to put food on the table in this economy, sometimes there simply is no other choice.

The only toxic thing going on here is the system, which is unfortunately the foundation for everything in our lives. I say unfortunately when I really mean it's all our fault cos we are the idjits who created this mess and participate within it every moment of our lives without question. We live in a world where genocide is committed weekly, if not daily, all for the dollar signs in our eyes. We cannot see that this whole system is collapsing in on itself and we're the poor sods standing under its roof with no way out. We actually care more about famous people, fashion and sex than we do about the rhinos being butchered for their horns, or the multitudes of habitats being destroyed for the purpose of farms or golf courses, or the toxic and radioactive waste that we have and do dump into rivers and oceans and holes in the ground.

It's not money that makes the world go round these days - it's debt. Everywhere you look, everyone is steeped in debt. No one talks about the fact that money is a made up and irrelevant "resource", because everyone wants to have lots of it. Why should we question the world we were born into? Who are we to change that which our ancestors have built and bequeathed to us? Why should we give up all this cool stuff and all of our dreams for all the unlucky ones cursed by their time and place of birth? It's not my fault, so I'll just make the best of what I have and keep on trying to get rich quick and be happy!

We like to pretend that our lives are the most important in the world and that we must ignore everything around us until we are in a better position to contribute in a constructive way, maybe through donating some money to a good cause. This kind of thinking will do us in.

Please stop being a selfish prick. We can each make a difference. One Man, One Vote -

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Day 187: Brazen House Robberies On Increase

Armed house robberies in South Africa have been increasing, and I suspect that this is the case in many countries. In South Africa, house break ins have actually been decreasing whilst robberies increase. "Criminals" have become much bolder, they are more willing to break into a home while someone is there - almost guaranteeing confrontation. This statistical data fits right in with the ever increasing horror stories on the news (and off) that we now see daily. People are definitely more willing to harm others, and in horrific ways.

Now of course there is an industry profiting from the insecurity that people are feeling more and more: the security industry is making a killing off of the fears of the people in relation to personal and family safety. In South Africa, a security system can cost anywhere from R1000 to R150 000 - not including monthly subscription costs.

Driving around in South Africa, one will see fencing around every house - barbed wire is common, electric fencing in wealthy areas, and sometimes even shards of glass glued to the top of posts or walls. Now I don't know what cities and towns elsewhere in the world look like, but what certainly is a shared trait in this day and age is a deep fear and suspicion of everyone around us.

We are absolutely terrified of each other - and with good reason. Each of us knows that every other person is just like us, which means that every other person is always only looking out for their own interests. We all know what dark thoughts lurk around within ourselves, and we know that those same thoughts exist within others. We don't even know where these thoughts come from!

The only way we will stop feeling this fear of other people is if we all commit to learning about where our thoughts come from and how we are able to stop them before they manifest as someone's worst nightmare. When we have reached the point where we know that every other person in the world does not accept and allow "dark" and hidden thoughts, then we will be able to walk outside without fear, allow our children to play outside, feel safe in our homes and basically feel safe wherever we are.

Aside from the thought-dimension leading to abusive acts, poverty is a great motivator of "bad deeds" too. The only reason people feel the need to steal in the first place is because they are trying to survive. Our system does not provide for every man, woman and child - this is a fact. If we are to really change the world into a safer place, we need to make sure that everyone is fed, clothed and bedded well. In order to keep our children safe we need to ensure that every single person knows exactly how the human mind (and therefore the system) and body works. Every person needs to be able to direct themselves in a manner that will support what is best for all life.

Show your vote for a safer life - go to

Friday, October 19, 2012

Day 186: Competition Makes The World Go Round

One of the subjects I am studying is all about how the South African government functions, specifically within providing goods and services to satisfy the needs of society. Or maybe I should say: how the South African government is supposed to function. Today I was writing my exam notes and I got to a section all about procurement and the regulations around purchasing goods and services for public use. Large purchases are handled by the tender authority and companies offer deals from which the best deal must be chosen - not necessarily according to the lowest offer. One of the regulations around this tenders process is the competition must be encouraged by the tender authority to the businesses bringing their offers.

The fact that our governments are not even aware of the simple fact that competition is what got us into this mess in the first place is disconcerting. The fact that those who have sworn to improve the quality of life for people within a country are willing for thee to be a "winner" and a "loser" is disquieting. The fact that there are so many more "losers" than "winners" is disheartening.

Our way of thinking and living: always doing what will satisfy our own desires and not considering the needs of others or the consequences of our actions; is quite simply, unsustainable. There is no way that our lives will improve on a large scale if all we ever think about is winning and beating our competitors - be they man, beast, plant or earth.

The system runs according to people being either "winners" or "losers" - and so the government is restricted to functioning within that framework. Instead of developing plans of action that would manifest  support for every person so that each one is a "winner", so to speak, we are all stuck in this mindset that there is always a winner and there is always a loser and we must do whatever we are able to do to ensure that we are the winners. The government, which is made up of people, is stuck within this mindset/worldview too: it tries to improve the lives of people within the starting point of there will always be winners and losers, and so every action the government takes is only ever going to support this system of competition. The fact that most of the governments in the world are indebted to some fat cat just to try and keep afloat is indication enough that the governments have no idea how the system works or how to improve it.

Vote for a system that will promote true honest and transparent functioning, a system which will educate each one on how it works. Show your vote for a better future at

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 185: I Don't Want To Lose You

A large part of our lives is dominated by fear of loss - fear of losing our children, or partner, or friend, or wealth, or home, or job, or parent... We also fear losing our own life - or do we fear losing the world around us when we die? When we die, do we leave, does the world disappear from our reality, or do we simply cease to be? These are questions that are always within us since we simply don't understand what life is and how far it extends.

One question we must ask ourselves is if what we feel for all of these important things and people in our life is love, or is it actually just the fear of losing them since we have now defined ourselves according to these things we love and through the interactions we have with them.

Consider the fear of death: in essence it is the fear that one will "lose" one's life and/or self. This fear is irrational as it is based on assumptions of what death is and what comes after death. Death is not understood and so it is feared. We fear that all that we are and all that we know will be taken from us. We fear that our life was meaningless - if we simply cease to exist after death. We fear that death will cause our loved ones to be lost - out of our reach.

Many of us believe that we are incomplete on our own and that we require other things/people to complete us. Death would obviously be a problem within this belief system - because death would then cause one to be incomplete - whether it is oneself or that which completes one that does the dying. This is, once again, irrational and illogical reasoning. It all comes back to trying to not take responsibility, trying to plead that "if I am not a perfect being, how can I change anything? First I need to find that which will make me whole again" - as if an imaginary crazy lumberjack lopped off a bunch of appendages of each of us as soon as we start hitting puberty - 'cos most of the time that's when our stupid brain really kicks in. Suddenly we're flooded with hormones and thoughts of pain and love and we feel like we're "hollow inside" and that "no one will ever understand me". This is when we are most susceptible to being infiltrated by another "incomplete" being  so that we will merge and together, be whole. And then they die, or fight, or leave, or whatever and we are left, alone, with only our incomplete incorporeal selves and no imaginary gauze.

So we are essentially all psychological amputees, stumbling through this life, looking for someone who has a left imaginary leg where ours once was - all because we are simply not willing to stop and ask the questions that would set us free: Are my thoughts who I am? Am I able to direct my thoughts? Am I able to stop myself from participating in something that contributes to abuse? Am I really directing my life, or am I simply being directed by my programming? Do I really have free choice? Why do we need to pay to be able to just survive? Why is money more valuable than life? Is what I am feeling real? Why are emotions more important than physical reality?

We are slaves - we just don't know it. Investigate Equal Money as the global solution to bring forth a world and society that honours all life and guarantees a life of integrity.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Day 184: Every Government: An Image Of 'Fruitless, Wasteful' Spending

South African news agencies really went all out with bashing in the reputation of the South African Government (the ruling party is the African National Congress). The first link is to a press release by the Inkatha Freedom Party, giving the figures for irregular spending within the provincial KZN departments for the  2011/2012 fiscal year: Unauthorized spending was at R1,2billion (up from R265million), Irregular spending was at R2,7billion (up from R1,4billion and "fruitless and wasteful expenditure" was at R93million (up from R12 million).

In the second article, the South African government spent R5billion on partying: food, entertainment and travel.

I first read the story from the first link in The Witness newspaper this morning. The front page story detailed how fluctuating and ever rising food prices may lead to food riots as the percentage of household income spent on food has increased to the point where a pensioner earning R1200 a month would need to spend over 100% of their salary just on buying nutritious food. Funny, how these 2 stories are in the same newspaper and yet nothing will be done to change either situation in a permanent and honourable way.

How corrupt does our system need to become before we will demand that the abuse stops? How many government officials, who have sworn to do what is best for all of the people, need to get away with stealing "public money" before we demand change? How many families need to go hungry while the elite and government thieves live in the lap of luxury?

These things do not only happen in "countries like South Africa" - these are global trends that are inherent within a system and society that functions according to profit and every man for himself.

The figures discussed above are very large ones - at the point where we are simply unable to understand or comprehend the totality of these numbers. In a country like South Africa where many families survive on as little as R1000 per month, these figures that the government has allegedly lost to the various vices and dishonesties of the officials would literally change the living conditions of all of the impoverished families. How is it possible that any government is the source of such abuse and yet no one bothers doing anything about it? None of the officials who have procured funds on the sly will be caught and because they know that they will not be caught, they have no qualms about doing it again - and again, and again.

Sometimes a thing is simply too broke to fix. This is our society and economic system. We have very clearly and thoroughly determined what is NOT the way to live and what is NOT the way to ensure that life is honoured - so now it is time to STOP and start anew, having learned how NOT to live.

Investigate Equal Money

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 183: Being Selfish Makes Us Happy

Well now, this article made my day. Not that it's good news, it just presented itself as the perfect topic to blog about. So basically, what the article is saying is that a study has shown that those who are able to act in self interest without feeling guilty are happier people than those who try to act for the "common good". According to the article, due to our parents teaching us as children that "sharing is caring" we tend to feel guilty when we don't share and will forego the things we know will make us happy.

This makes me laugh. Firstly, where the f*ck is all this foregoing of self interest in an attempt to prevent guilt? This study obviously didn't bother to take into account anything deeper than the very superficial tip of the iceberg of human nature - if we were truly tending toward the foregoing of self interest in the interest of the greater good (or even just to not feel guilty) then there wouldn't be quite so much inequality and poverty, would there? Or maybe the study is simply indicating that every single human being is a selfish prick who never, ever acts for any purpose other than self interest.

The second point that this article brings to the fore is that people really don't like sharing. In the study, a group of people were given $3 each and told to donate it to a charity (there were 2 more groups who were given money, one was told to keep it and the other was told to decide for themselves what to do with it). The group that was told to keep the money was the happiest group and the other 2 groups had feedback of feeling dissatisfied with the outcome. I was honestly about at the point where I thought that no human would ever acknowledge something like this - maybe all hope is not lost. But then again, the fact that sharing makes people depressed kind of puts a kink in my small ray of sunshine.

So if we have (d)evolved to the point where we simply don't want to share with others and actively choose our own happiness over the contentedness and happiness of the rest of the world, how the hell are we going to get out of this mess? If no one wants to make the world a better place, as it would involve letting go of self interest and sharing with others, then we are well and truly screwed in our collective behind.

The worst part about this study is that it is presented in such a way that humans being selfish is acceptable, as if it is not abusive toward life. Our perceptions are majorly distorted.

Being in a position to act in the best interest of all but still choosing self is ABUSE. We are abusers - nothing more. We try to separate ourselves from the "bad guys" we see in the news and in movies when in reality we are much worse, because we are pretending to be "good" when in fact all of our actions are perpetuating the abuses of life on Earth.

Make a stand for LIFE. Investigate Equal Money

Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 182: Are You There God? It's Me, Jesus

Is there a God? Does God exist? Can God hear me? Is God listening? Is there some divine plan for me? What is the meaning of life? Why am I here? Did God put me here for a reason? Does God love the rich more than the poor? Why does God send tornadoes and hurricanes toward us? Why does God allow suffering and abuse? Why did God make me look this way? Why do good people get cancer? Why doesn't God intervene on behalf of starving children? Why does one thing have to die in order for another to live?

Those are some very pertinent questions, for a crazy person. Isn't it that people who have imaginary friends in adulthood are termed as "totally bonkers"? Wouldn't the belief in a "higher power" that is directing all of our lives and is watching us all the time classify someone as a paranoid schizophrenic?

This just goes to show how easily we manipulate our perceptions to suit our needs. Lying is BAD - unless you do it for a good reason! Talking to dead people is impossible - unless you're an ordained priest. Asking questions is good - unless you question the way we live. Sharing is good, except when you really like your money.

We are hypocrites. We are contradictory. We are really, really stupid.We have an Obsession With Hope - unable to simply live within the practical, physical boundaries of our bodies and the Earth. Hope is used to continue the fairy tale lives happening in our heads, where everything is measured according to whether our desires were fulfilled or not. If our desires are fulfilled and we have satisfied the imagination, then we will be "happy". If our desires have not been fulfilled we wallow in depression, which is just another form of self indulgence, and feel "sad" - but even in this sadness and wallowing we are generating imaginary scenarios and fantasies in which the world revolves around ME.

One thing is certain: We have become very good at making ourselves right all the time. We are all expert justifiers and rationalizers, we can even turn abuse into a scenario in which we were "in the right".

We justify why we have hope as if without hope then there is no reason to carry on living - as if being alive is not enough of a reason. What good does hope or God or Jesus or religion do if it can't even feed all of the hungry children?

Break free from the chains of our mad society - just because all the other inmates are telling you not to change doesn't mean they are right.

The truth is that there is no justifying or rationalizing the world we have created. Investigate Equal Money to right the wrongs of our insanity.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 181: Failure Of The Schooling System

There are very few countries in the world whose schooling system is decent - and by decent I mean high attendance and high success/pass rates.

South Africa has a compulsory schooling age range of children between 7 and 15 years old must attend school or their parents could be fined or sentenced to prison for 6 months. Over 110 000 children within this compulsory age group did not attend school last year, according to the Department of Basic Education's annual report, as well as 478 959 students between 16 and 18 that did not attend school last year. Taken from an article in The Sunday Times, 14 Oct 2012 (South African Newspaper).

The newspaper article includes poverty, lack of access and lack of interest as contributors to the high numbers of school drop outs. One case mentioned is of a 12 year old boy who does not attend school because he doesn't get along with other students, and his mother claims he becomes aggressive every time she asks him to return to school. South Africa does not have a free education system - even though rural schools have very low fees (only a few hundred Rand per year) many people still cannot afford to send their child/children there - many people are sole providers for large families and so education comes second after food and basic survival needs.

We all know that our educational systems around the world are pretty useless - they don't teach kids very much that is practical in real-life scenarios. I know from my own experience that as soon as I had written an exam I would forget everything I had so diligently learned. For the few things that are useful to know in school, the methods used to teach are ineffective, with only a minority of students exceeding.

What has not been acknowledged is that a child's learning experience starts at home, with the parents/guardians/family, from the moment the child is born and as seen from the feral children, the first 3 years of a child's life are the years that are the most important for the formation of the child's personality and learning abilities. Obviously this concept has not received any kind of advertising as people who are dumber are also easier to control.

Children are becoming more unruly and downright abusive - simply because the parents do not know how to properly educate and prepare their children for life. Children are being spoilt with unchecked freedom without any guidance of what consequences their actions may have. Parents stuff their kids full of sugar and TV in a bid to keep the kids entertained and distracted so that the parents do not have to deal with them.

Changing the system starts with learning how it works and where its flaws are so that we don't make these same mistakes again. Investigate Equal Money as a long term solution to our ever degrading society.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 180: Religion: The Big Bad Wolf

Islam extremists are allegedly compiling a list of unwed mothers in Mali with the intention of handing out cruel punishment to said unwed mothers. Mali has been another African nation to experience trauma recently and is somewhat overrun by militants and extremists and militant extremists. The extremists have conducted public executions, amputations, stonings and floggings. The militants are buying children from their families to turn into child soldiers. In short, the whole place is a disaster zone.

The comments posted under the article focus mainly on debates of religion and whose god is the bestest and whatnot. Some people attack Islam; others attack Islam, Christianity and Judaism; I'm not quite sure what some of the others were trying to say, but I'm sure they were keeping with the trend of the bashing of various religions and/or religious groups. The fact is that all religions have at least one aspect of being f*ed up, whether it be the condoning of abuse, the encouragement of ignorance, or the discrimination of various groups of peoples - to name a few. Religion is an excuse for us humanoids to not be responsible for the world we've created.

Back to the article - and this point applies to many situations - and what is mentioned in one of the comments: the extremists rape and impregnate woman and then stone them for "allowing" themselves to be raped and dishonoured - which is quite odd. It's kinda like the parents who beat up their toddlers for having potty training accidents and then blaming it on the kid. When you see pictures and hear stories of all these things that people do, you kind of wonder what the hell goes through their heads for them to be able to do the things they do? For a man who rapes a woman, I would imagine it would be along the lines of "she deserves it", in essence placing the responsibility of the situation on the woman in order to minimize the amount of guilt he feels. It all comes down to rationalizations: the abuser convinces themselves that what they're doing is somehow "right" and "justified" - and then you get the ones who have been rationalizing and justifying for so long that they become addicted to the abuses they commit and start doing it simply because they enjoy it, as it validates their warped self image and world view.

Unfortunately we have all become subject to our individual and sometimes shared world views, justifications, rationalizations, beliefs, addictions and so on, so that we live according to these made-up concepts as opposed to actual reality. The reality is that abuse is unacceptable in any form or situation. The reality is that living for a religion instead of living according to principles that protects and supports all life is what leads to countless abuses. The reality is that we are out of touch with reality and with the physical world and with our physical bodies. The reality is that we are all living in a fantasy world wherein we value our own needs above those of the world and all of its inhabitants.

Are you ready to stop your rationalized living and step into a better world for every life? Investigate Equal Money

Friday, October 12, 2012

Day 179: Waging War With Dolphins

The Ukraine is training dolphins to be agents of war and destruction.

Dolphins are being trained for military action by the Ukraine navy in a return to Soviet-style underwater warfare, it emerged yesterday.
The marine mammals will be taught to attack enemy combat swimmers using special knives or pistols fixed to their heads, said a source in Sevastopol, a large port on the Black Sea.
They are also able to locate items of military interest and mark them by attaching buoys, or plant explosives in enemy territory.

I would say that this is an all-new low for humanity, but we hit rock bottom long ago and simply cannot become any more evil. What would possess any person to train animals to wield weapons is beyond common sense and moving off in the direction of bat-shit crazy.

We actually believe that war and military action is a valid path toward some form of being OK. When people join the army they do it for one of 2 reasons: to "protect" their country or to validate some idea/belief they have of themselves. Somehow we have arrived at the conclusion that fighting and killing masses of people will somehow make the world safer. Somehow we believe that weapons are "good" because they allow us to protect ourselves. If we were to all realize that if we were to choose to live together and apply what is in the best interests of all and of the planet, weapons designed for death and destruction wouldn't be in the picture at all!

Unfortunately the arms trade makes a lot of money for a few people and so is not likely to just go away, even if we wish real hard.

When you picture the world and life on Earth 20 years from now, what do you see? Do you see a peaceful place where the guy with the biggest gun and the most buck's has squashed all the other players into submission and now rules with an iron fist? Or maybe you see a nuclear wasteland? Or maybe you see a place, much as it is today, but with more fighting, less food, less water, less resources, every man for himself and rabid monkeys all over the place shooting people (cos they got military training too)?

Any future that includes war and weapons comes with misery and suffering. Why are we so determined to wait until war is all around us before we stop denying the fact that no good will come of it and that it is simply unacceptable?

Dolphins trained by the military to kill shit is not a good sign for our chances of creating a safe and happy life for all. Dolphins with guns on their heads is also not the last atrocity we will think up.

Stop now before this madness goes any further. One man one vote in and Equal Money System

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 178: The Future Of The Earth

This lake in Russia is so toxic that spending one hour on its shore will kill you - and in the slow kind of way: radiation sickness. The Russian government tried to keep the existence of their nuclear facility a secret, but it was eventually opened to foreigners. All this was during the arms race between Russia and USA. Ah, the beauty of human nature...

When their facility's existence was finally acknowledged, the Chelyabinsk region had seen a 21 per cent increase in cancer, a 25 per cent increase in birth defects, and a 41 per cent increase in leukaemia.
The nearby Techa river, on which several villages relied for water, was so contaminated that up to 65 per cent of locals were stricken with radiation sickness.
Prevented from mentioning radiation in their diagnoses, doctors treating those who had fallen ill termed the sickness 'special disease'. Even then, these notes were classified until 1990.

Is this what our planet will be like in 20 years? A hot zone of nuclear waste and fallout? What will our paper money mean then?

We'll be using gold bars to bash in each other's skulls instead of as a precious commodity. Slavery will be common place, with those controlling clean food and water controlling the people around them. Food, water, clothing, tools - these will become the new currency. No need to wait for God to zap the Earth, we're well on our way already.

Isn't it funny how the "ugly" parts of our nature are covered up so effectively? All the "modern" people living in "westernized" societies are claiming that life is getting better, that humans are getting better. We're ascending to a higher level of awesomeness. At the same time as these claims, some other things are happening: our children are becoming monsters; the abuse, torture and neglect of children and animals is escalating; violence is increasing, along with the threat of nuclear war; the rich have never been richer and the poor poorer; the value of life has never been reduced to a commodity as it is now; we have never claimed and postured and strutted about as much - for no reason - as we are now (how much do we claim to know vs. what we actually know); and, never in all our history have we been so willfully ignorant of the horrors when we are in a better position than ever to educate ourselves about the system and work to change it.

We claim that we are evolving, but what is the point when all it brings is the shadow of the shame we refuse to feel and the horrors of being used for another's profit. We claim to be ascending, but we are stuck in an imaginary world playing a made up game in which the cost of losing is everything - and only 1% will win.

What do borders matter - are they not simply lines in the sand? What do politics matter - we know all politicians are liars and cheats and are more interested in personal gain that in improving society. what good does money do when most of us don't have enough of it? What good is an education when all we are taught is to regurgitate some made-up and misrepresented knowledge that teaches us nothing of the world or ourselves?

Nothing we do makes any sense. The world is in pieces. Time to put it back together: Equal Money

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 177: Bankruptcy: The New Global Industry

Based on an article taken from The Mercury, Kwa-Zulu Natal based newspaper, dated 10/10/2012.

Voluntary surrenders of estates in South Africa have begun to "proliferate" and a "fledgling industry" has emerged, according to a recent judgement by Pietermaritzburg judge. The number of people in poor credit standing has increased by 170 000 in South Africa in the June quarter, from 9.05 million to 9.22 million people. The number of consumers considered to be in good standing has fell by 60 000 to 10.38 million. People are turning to lawyers specializing in voluntary surrender to handle their applications to have their estates surrendered in the hopes of dropping their debts. The lawyers are making a killing, the consumers are avoiding paying their debts and the creditors are left fighting for scraps.

They call this, what we're experiencing, the debt crisis. The cost of living is getting to be higher than the average income - and by cost of living I am including transport and shelter (which means some serious loans. So, if South Africa has a population of about 45 - 50 million and 20 million earn enough money to register as able to obtain some form of credit, while 10 million of those earners are unable to get credit, that means that only about 1 fifth of the South African population can be termed as financially stable citizens. Generally speaking of course.

More and more people are seeking debt relief - but even more people are simply unable to find work to earn a decent living. In this system we've built up, workers are being replaced with cheaper, more efficient machines; corporations are taking over entire markets where there once was a multitude of small business owners; the age for retirement is being increased in many countries, leading to people having to work for longer which prevents the younger generation from getting jobs or from getting promoted.

It seems fitting that the act of surrendering one's estate to one's creditors and the application thereof would actually become a new form of exploitation. The lawyers exploit the need in the market and the consumers exploit the law to lose their debt. It also seems a little... questionable, that the number of consumers in bad credit standing increased by 170 000 at the same time as the number of consumers in good credit standing increased by 60 000 - is it just me or do those numbers induce a slight gnawing sensation in the pit of one's stomach?

We tend to believe that our society will remain intact no matter what, that "human decendy" will prevail in the case of some catastrophe... Well let me ask you one simple question: What f*ckin' "human decency"?

Stop the lunacy of a debt (slave) based system. Choose a system that values life. Investigate Equal Money.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 176: 100 Million Pound Sports Center

The royal couple, William and Kate were present at the opening of the new 100 million Pound football training center. It has state of the art equipment and is set on over 300 acres. All this in the country that is closing emergency centers in hospitals and cutting millions from welfare support in a bid to minimize costs in the still-spiraling economic meltdown.

'A mixture of pride that we are capable in this country of creating something so beyond compare anywhere else, and excitement at what this means, not just for our national game, but for sport and opportunity in this country as a whole.‬‪

The article also mentions (more than once) the specific brand of clothing the Kate is wearing along with how much the items cost.

How does a center such as this get built, with "royals" attending the opening, while every person and every animal in the world who is not lucky enough to be wealthy and taken care of is struggling every day just to survive? Those who were lucky enough to afford a house or car at one time are now struggling just to make the monthly payments and feed themselves. All this is going on while the cost of food and power is set to soar up (again) in the near future ( which will make it that much more difficult to survive. The really interesting part of this whole equation is that the rich actually get richer while the rest of the world starves. (

Now I know that most people are not interested in changing their lifestyles to bring forth a better world for everyone - but the reality is that very soon there will not be many people left standing within a position to act. Not to mention the fact that we are running out of resources to continue supporting our current lifestyles (

Countries are setting up to go nuts on each other with missiles and drones and border skirmishes and nuclear bombs - for really ridiculous reasons - it's all just a part of posturing and strutting and puffing up the ego's of the people in charge, and the good little citizens drink in all the pretty words of the politicians like it's water in the middle of a desert.

To bring this all back to my original line of thought: OH MY GOD WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE SLOW AND PAINFUL DEATHS. That, and no one even cares. We are more concerned with Bieberating everything and finding people to boost up our egos and raping and murdering and mutilating and tsk-tsking and generally being complete retards, as if this is all a dream and when we wake up, it will magically be better. Well it won't - we're going to have to ACT to make a change.

Act now. Investigate Equal Money.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 175: Child Soldiers

Have you ever wondered why anyone would want to use child soldiers? In the article above, a former child soldier shares his insights: "Because you can easily manipulate them," he says.
"They also want to belong to something, especially if they live in a society that has collapsed completely. Their communities are broken down, they want to belong to anything slightly organized and these groups become that."

 The interesting this about this article is the few comments that have been posted: 

Typical of black people, rapings violence murder etc in every country they are in.
Haiti,south africa,zimbawe etc have gone under since they were "liberated" from their mental and physical white caretakers and mentors.

it must be something genetical/racial since whites and asian dont behave like this.
The true face of Africa. Not an altruistic bone in it's body, no empathy, no civilisation, no peace - just war, death, murder and thievery. What a useless bunch of losers.

These 2 stood out the most. If it wasn't so tragic I might have laughed. I am, once again, astounded by the sheer will of the human to live in ignorance, spite and nastiness. There are many retorts that came to mind as I read these comments, but I know that nothing I say will penetrate the thick wall of stupidity that surrounds people like this. Maybe I sound harsh - but you've got to admit: it's oh so true.

We - as in humans - as in all of us - as in including black, white, brown and every colour in between - are nasty pieces of work. If we're not beating the crap out of each other and forcing children into slavery and war then we're sitting on our fat asses pointing fingers at the world without being willing to actually do anything to change the world. Plus the whole income and lifestyle gap thing - how could I not mention poverty.

Every time someone brings to light some horror in the world, one hundred people smother it with pretty pictures and pretty thoughts and pretty stories about the "good" part of life. What the hell good is the "good" part of life if only a few people actually experience it (and this is excluding all the animals and critters)? What good is a pretty sunset to a child soldier? What good is a story of love to a woman who is being held captive and raped daily? To inspire hope you say! Hope is the greatest evil of them all. Hope leads people to thinking and acting obliviously to the real world around them. Hope may make you feel all gooey inside, but that's about it. Hope is simply an energetic charge inside our bodies that induces irrational thoughts and behaviour leading to consequences such as inaction. Inaction - such as seeing a child begging on the street and, instead of recognizing the broken system we sustain, we go on about our day and our lives within the hope that things will "get better".

Do you think that hope will abolish child soldiers? No. But I know what will.

Investigate Equal Money

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 174: Did I Make The Right Choice

Within our cultures and society we have placed a lot of significance on the idea that there is some form of plan or order to our lives, some call it fate, others destiny and others still God's plan. We have it within our minds that our lives are preordained, whether it is a conscious belief or a subconscious assumption. For those who do not believe it outright, there is still a sense of "Is this the right choice/Is this what I am meant to do/Is this the right person for me" which is a form of hope within the person that there is some entity or force that is guiding their life. This belief of ours that our lives are "out of our hands" obviously allows us to pass on responsibility for our selves, our actions, our words and our thoughts - blaming whatever we like on whatever external source we believe is shaping our lives.

Especially now, in the Americanized and westernized cultures there is a great focus  placed on the idea that each person has a "soul mate" or a perfect match. The whole concept of a perfect partner for every person is severely misguided, for all that this idea brings is an excuse to end one relationship mainly because we have no idea how to actually commit to another person or how our minds and thoughts are capable of misleading us into energetic experiences of excitement vs boredom. We have been using the excuses of "this person is not the one for me" and "I am no longer in love with so-and-so" to simply give up and go looking for new energetic fixes within fresh new relationships. The truth is that most of us don't have a clue how to make a relationship function, or about the dynamics and considerations involved with honoring such a commitment.

Life, it seems, has become a never-ending search for the "ultimate" experiences: Find your "one true love", fulfill your dreams, be happy all the time - all the time we are searching for our next big fix, the next big thing - scuttling around, trying to keep entertained and stimulated. Maybe in an ideal world there would be nothing wrong with living like this, but this is far from an ideal world and we are now at the point where living selfishly is what is perpetuating the abuse and suffering around the globe.

How often do we hear people asking whether they are making the right choice - as if one choice is any better or worse than another. The bare reality is that the choices in themselves are not right or wrong - they simply are.What differentiates one choice from another is the consequences that will ultimately follow. We are so enveloped in our inner storms and whirlwinds that we cannot see our choices and their consequences clearly - everything we see is distorted by our inner turmoil and our programmed belief and thought systems. This obviously means that we live and choose simply to satisfy whatever urges and turmoil is most prevalent within ourselves.

For how long will we allow ourselves to be ruled by our deceptive moral compasses? The fact that we do nothing to improve the lives of others is evidence enough that our idea of right vs wrong and good vs evil are far off the mark - it seems that all of the "good" things are the ones that benefit ME and all of the "evil" things are the ones that are detrimental to ME.

Learn how to become the true director of your life at

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 173: Humans - God's Glorious Creations

I couldn't pick just one article tonight, so here are 3.

The first is about larger predators moving their territories into urban areas to survive. Obviously we would rather shoot them than take into consideration that we are destroying their homes and with it their food and water sources. The article mentions that the reason people initially started moving out of rural areas and into urban areas was to "get away" from the dangerous wildlife. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the main reason for people moving to cities is to study/work and not out of fear for their safety. So this is just one more horror story for the angels to gossip about up in the clouds. "Look at what those filthy humans are doing now!" - well, they would be if there were any, but we all know that there's no such thing as an angel - just like there is no god - the proof being the state of the world and the beings inhabiting it.

The second article is another story about another young mother not knowing (or caring) the first thing about taking care of a child. She locked her 3 year old in a room for up to 22 hours a day. Alone. Without access to a toilet/bathroom. One big meal per day outside the room. She ignored the child's screaming and banging by distracting herself with chores and simply not being at home. The child was covered in feces and urine. The bedroom that the child stayed in was covered in feces and urine. The child had obviously not been bathed in a while and did not know how to speak. But obviously it is within the rights of a parent to be a complete douchebag, but not too much of a douchebag. The mother was quoted saying that if the child wanted food, he would ask for it. Unfortunately she seemed to be unaware of the child's inability to speak. But of course we could never mandate parenting lessons to each and every prospective parent in the world, as that would be seen as somehow violating their rights to free choice and it would make them feel inferior - we simply can't have that. 

The third and final article is about a couple (The husband is a deputy prosecutor) who adopted 2 kids from Ethiopia - a girl aged 18 months and a boy aged 6. They have been abusing and neglecting these two kids so badly that the girl may be permanently blind. The boy weighed less when he was rescued from their care in September than when he had first came into the couple's care in March. He was admitted to a children's hospital in September for "hypothermia and skin lesions caused from lengthy exposure to urine", according to court documents. The doctor who examined the kids advised against allowing the children back into the care of the couple, as that would most likely mean their death. This is simply a case of 2 despicable humans enjoying being cruel and seeing helpless beings suffer. If actions such as these do not demonstrate clearly enough that we need a drastic societal reform then we are well and truly in Hell right now.

Investigate Equal Money as a solution to all of these societal ills.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 172: I Wanna Kill Sh*t

An 11 year old girl in need of a heart and liver transplant has found joy in shooting and killing a bear before she possibly dies. The following is extracted from the article linked above:

An 11-year-old girl in need of a heart and liver transplant had her wish come true when she killed a 335-pound black bear.
Taken out on one of the last bear hunts of the season in Junction City, Wisconsin, on Sunday Kaitlynn Bessette had to wait until the last day of her trip before she managed to take down the huge beast with one shot to the heart.
'When I looked through that scope I didn't see it as a bear, I saw it as a 300 pound lion that's about to attack you, so I held the gun as steady as I could, I turned my head and than I shot,' said Kaitlynn who has always dreamed of being part of a successful bear hunt.
'I felt thankful, like really thankful I shot a bear,' said Kaitlynn.
'I'm definitely proud of my daughter, she has been a wonderful blessing.' (Mother)
Kaitlynn's father Seth, was just as happy for his daughter as his wife saying, 'She's a good kid, I'm really proud of her.'
The little girl described the hunt as the day her wish came true and said that the family now hopes to mount the bear on the wall to keep the memory alive.

There are not many animals that hunt for sport and none who hunt for trophies. We stand alone in this despicable category. We also have a big-ass plaque in the hall of "I Committed Genocide Cause I Could" alongside viruses and whatever other weird germs like to wipe out entire populations every now and then.

What is it exactly that a person enjoys about robbing the life of an animal for no other reason other than " 'cos I can/wanted to/felt like it". Maybe hunters are just one small step from becoming mass murderers (of humans) because the simple reason for them killing is because they like it - they like watching the life leave the eyes.

At this point I am having difficulty with forming anything else to say on this particular article - it's all already right there. The only reason this 11 year old girl enjoys killing things is because at some point in her life, she decided that animals are inferior to humans because they look and act differently. Going from her actions alone I am inclined to conclude that animals are far superior to humans because, at the very least, animals don't find joy in acts of cruelty and self interest.

We are the rulers of this world and therefore it is within our rights and within our powers to dictate what end each of our slaves - I mean subjects - will meet.

Maybe this particular girl was simply angry at the world for being the unfair cesspool that it is by giving her a terminal illness that she decided that she would spend every moment she was able killing all the innocent and "more fortunate" creations of life. Maybe this girl is simply a psychopath, a stone cold killer without compassion who only takes glory from being in control over life and death.

There is something seriously wrong with our society. Investigate the solution at