Day 187: Brazen House Robberies On Increase

Armed house robberies in South Africa have been increasing, and I suspect that this is the case in many countries. In South Africa, house break ins have actually been decreasing whilst robberies increase. "Criminals" have become much bolder, they are more willing to break into a home while someone is there - almost guaranteeing confrontation. This statistical data fits right in with the ever increasing horror stories on the news (and off) that we now see daily. People are definitely more willing to harm others, and in horrific ways.

Now of course there is an industry profiting from the insecurity that people are feeling more and more: the security industry is making a killing off of the fears of the people in relation to personal and family safety. In South Africa, a security system can cost anywhere from R1000 to R150 000 - not including monthly subscription costs.

Driving around in South Africa, one will see fencing around every house - barbed wire is common, electric fencing in wealthy areas, and sometimes even shards of glass glued to the top of posts or walls. Now I don't know what cities and towns elsewhere in the world look like, but what certainly is a shared trait in this day and age is a deep fear and suspicion of everyone around us.

We are absolutely terrified of each other - and with good reason. Each of us knows that every other person is just like us, which means that every other person is always only looking out for their own interests. We all know what dark thoughts lurk around within ourselves, and we know that those same thoughts exist within others. We don't even know where these thoughts come from!

The only way we will stop feeling this fear of other people is if we all commit to learning about where our thoughts come from and how we are able to stop them before they manifest as someone's worst nightmare. When we have reached the point where we know that every other person in the world does not accept and allow "dark" and hidden thoughts, then we will be able to walk outside without fear, allow our children to play outside, feel safe in our homes and basically feel safe wherever we are.

Aside from the thought-dimension leading to abusive acts, poverty is a great motivator of "bad deeds" too. The only reason people feel the need to steal in the first place is because they are trying to survive. Our system does not provide for every man, woman and child - this is a fact. If we are to really change the world into a safer place, we need to make sure that everyone is fed, clothed and bedded well. In order to keep our children safe we need to ensure that every single person knows exactly how the human mind (and therefore the system) and body works. Every person needs to be able to direct themselves in a manner that will support what is best for all life.

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