Day 170: Please Take My Child For I Cannot Feed Her

The article above describes the story of how one Foundling Asylum established by a group of nuns in the mid-19th century could have one baby left on its front step every day. The babies would be abandoned by desperate parents, often with a note attached, pleading with the nuns to care for the child because the parents simply could not.

They say that creating a life and nurturing this life, watching it grow and flourish, is the greatest thing we can do. If this is so, then why is it so easy to be unable to care for this life? If creating a life is the greatest thing we can accomplish, then why does half the world live in poverty? Should every gift of life not be guaranteed, at the very least, a comfortable life?

Imagine for a moment: You are the one responsible for nourishing a life and yet you are not even able to provide food, clothing or shelter. In a final, desperate act of love, you leave the child upon the step of an orphanage or charity, having attached a plea to whomsoever may find the child, to care for it in all the ways that you cannot. Living through a scenario such as this is not something that any parent would want (excluding a few psycho's) - so why would you allow another to go through it?

Our society is hypocritical. Our society is cruel. Our society is uncaring. Our society lacks compassion. Our society is selfish. Our society is shallow. Our society is greedy. Our society is undeserving. Our society is mentally unstable. Our society is unreliable. Our society is dishonest.

We are our society. We determine the rules, the laws, the norms, what is acceptable, what is unacceptable, how we live, how the rest will live.

We have deemed it to be acceptable for the existence of poverty and therefore for the occurrences of parents giving up their children in the hopes of a better life. As long as we sit idly by while atrocities take place then we are deeming those atrocities to be acceptable.

There should be no orphans, for we should be a community of beings. There should be no poverty, for we should be sharing what is here in abundance. There should be no abuse, for we should be supporting those who have troubles. There should be no ignorance, for we should be adequately educated and capable.

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