Day 185: I Don't Want To Lose You

A large part of our lives is dominated by fear of loss - fear of losing our children, or partner, or friend, or wealth, or home, or job, or parent... We also fear losing our own life - or do we fear losing the world around us when we die? When we die, do we leave, does the world disappear from our reality, or do we simply cease to be? These are questions that are always within us since we simply don't understand what life is and how far it extends.

One question we must ask ourselves is if what we feel for all of these important things and people in our life is love, or is it actually just the fear of losing them since we have now defined ourselves according to these things we love and through the interactions we have with them.

Consider the fear of death: in essence it is the fear that one will "lose" one's life and/or self. This fear is irrational as it is based on assumptions of what death is and what comes after death. Death is not understood and so it is feared. We fear that all that we are and all that we know will be taken from us. We fear that our life was meaningless - if we simply cease to exist after death. We fear that death will cause our loved ones to be lost - out of our reach.

Many of us believe that we are incomplete on our own and that we require other things/people to complete us. Death would obviously be a problem within this belief system - because death would then cause one to be incomplete - whether it is oneself or that which completes one that does the dying. This is, once again, irrational and illogical reasoning. It all comes back to trying to not take responsibility, trying to plead that "if I am not a perfect being, how can I change anything? First I need to find that which will make me whole again" - as if an imaginary crazy lumberjack lopped off a bunch of appendages of each of us as soon as we start hitting puberty - 'cos most of the time that's when our stupid brain really kicks in. Suddenly we're flooded with hormones and thoughts of pain and love and we feel like we're "hollow inside" and that "no one will ever understand me". This is when we are most susceptible to being infiltrated by another "incomplete" being  so that we will merge and together, be whole. And then they die, or fight, or leave, or whatever and we are left, alone, with only our incomplete incorporeal selves and no imaginary gauze.

So we are essentially all psychological amputees, stumbling through this life, looking for someone who has a left imaginary leg where ours once was - all because we are simply not willing to stop and ask the questions that would set us free: Are my thoughts who I am? Am I able to direct my thoughts? Am I able to stop myself from participating in something that contributes to abuse? Am I really directing my life, or am I simply being directed by my programming? Do I really have free choice? Why do we need to pay to be able to just survive? Why is money more valuable than life? Is what I am feeling real? Why are emotions more important than physical reality?

We are slaves - we just don't know it. Investigate Equal Money as the global solution to bring forth a world and society that honours all life and guarantees a life of integrity.