Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 137: Pay A Fine For Your Homelessness

The British government is making squatting illegal so that any people in occupation of a private property that they do not own or are leasing will be fined and/or imprisoned. This new law includes dilapidated buildings and unoccupied homes where the homeless take shelter.

Once again our system demonstrates that it will only give support to the elite, while those without money are abused and mistreated.

I don't even think that most of us realize the implications of actions such as this one: every time we accept and allow the perpetuation of this elitist system, we are actually indicating that every life has a price and a monetary value. We are actually accepting and allowing a system which dictates that the amount of rights you have and the value of your life is directly proportionate to the amount of money you have.

We think we are far from those "extreme" societies we see in movies (think: In Time) and that there is no way we would ever segregate people according to monetary value, when in fact, we already do! Just because we haven't installed 50 foot walls and armed security doesn't mean that we are not doing exactly that: we are living in a Monetary Apartheid. The rich live in mansions and gated communities where the poor may not enter and the poor live in squalor where the rich would not willingly go. The use of time in the movie In Time is also a perfect metaphor for our economic system: if you run out of time you're pretty screwed.

We live in a perpetual daze of hope that someday, it will be my time, where the fantasy story will be centered around me so that I become a movie star/sports person/really rich person - because these things have happened to other people. The fact is that these fantasies come true for one out of a million people and it can never be more that that in our system, or it would collapse. We can't have everyone's dreams come true - who would do the nasty jobs that support all of our elite lifestyles? This is how our fantasies of "living the dream" are used to lead us along like good little sheepies - cos you never know, one day your dream may come true!

I forgive myself for not realizing that in a system where one must purchase their support and basic rights there will only be a few winners and many losers.

I forgive myself for not realizing that our hopes for fame and fortune allow us to be led to accept the system as the abusive construct that it is, as we are living with the goal of one day being one of the elites.

I forgive myself for not realizing that we have put a money-based value on life which indicates that no life will have guaranteed rights as every life will get and be treated according to their bank balance.

I forgive myself for not realizing that our society has already become an extreme example of evil and cruelty as we deny the most innocent and dependent beings their basic rights to life, being the right to comfortable housing, nutritional food, clean drinking water, freedom of movement and a life free from abuse - all in the name of money, profits, losses and costs.

I forgive myself for not realizing that we are living in a segregated and separate society in which those who have money live separate from those who do not have money.

I commit myself to establishing a new system in which support and basic rights to life will be guaranteed to every being, ensuring that everyone is a winner.

I commit myself to educate people that our desires to be elite are fueling the system of abuse to continue on as it is.

I commit myself to establishing a new system in which all life will have equal value that will have no match  so that no one may ever sell the life of another for personal gain and profit again.

I commit myself to establishing a new system in which every being who is unable to care for or protect themselves will be treated and cared for with dignity and respect so that they are never denied their rights to life and may live in a supportive environment.

I commit myself to showing people that we have entered into another era of apartheid and segregation through our separation of income earners.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day 136: Animal Cruelty And YOU

5 Cats were found near an animal sanctuary, each with an eye gouged out and each showing signs of long term torture. 3 Of the cats were euthanized due to the extent of their poor physical conditions. They were all small enough to be mistaken for kittens due to malnourishment.

Have you ever wondered why animal cruelty and cruelty in general exists? It is a trait unique to the human species, to find enjoyment in the suffering of others. How does enjoyment like that happen? Are some people truly psychopaths due to biology - or are they simply the products of their environments? Was it simply the wrong mixture of certain elements and BAM! now you've got yourself a psychopath? Or would it be more of a gradual development of a bad mixture over an extended time period?

Every obsession in our extensive database of Weird Stuff Only Humans Would Do starts off as one thought - one moment of "that makes me feel gooood" coupled with, for whatever reason, the choice to disregard the voice of reason coming from inside saying "Umm, that doesn't seem like the kind of thing one should like...". The only reason one would have to ignore the Inner Voice of Common Sense is if one's desire to satisfy oneself is stronger than one's desire to satisfy the basic obligations of life - and that is the product of one's environment: when parents tell their children that they are "special" - more special than anything else, which leads the child to believe that they now have the right to have power over those that are "less special".

Can you imagine that right now, there are more beings than you or I could count that are so miserable that all they want now is for their existence to end. I'm not talking about depressed teenagers - I'm talking about animals being forced to live in cages while human(s) torture them for personal pleasure; children being beaten and berated; people starving and living out in the cold, getting frostbite because they have nowhere to go because they have no money. It's a wonder most people in the "western world" (anyone with money in their pocket/bank account) actually believe that humans deserve this life when we are only ever one of 2 things: torturers or people who allow torture to exist. I find that hard to fathom.

I cannot put into words the absolute despair that this world exudes. I cannot begin to describe the pit of heartache I feel. I simply cannot comprehend the absolute willingness of our species to accept and allow the existence of such horrors all in the name of free choice and self fulfillment.

I forgive myself for not realizing that animal cruelty originates from childhood in which the child was molded by his/her environment to not understand the nature of the human mind and how thoughts work so that the child then develops into a person who is ruled by their thoughts  without realizing that the thoughts are always only that which one accepts and allows to exist within self as self and therefore the choice one makes to accept and allow a thought to exist within oneself is actually one deciding who one is in that moment according to what one will accept and allow to exist within oneself.

I commit myself to educate people on how the human mind and thoughts actually function so that the human race may free itself from the trappings of the unconscious and unintentional choice to be a torturer.

Equal Money System - Stop animal cruelty.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 135: Money Is The Root Of All Evil

If money is the root of all evil, then why has it become a necessity to life?

Money is the reason we have to see our loved ones go hungry. Money is the reason we have to send our child to a school we know will not really educate them. Money is the reason we put off going to see a doctor. Money is the reason we watch someone die when we can't afford treatment. Money is the reason we cannot give our children the life we wanted for them. Money is the reason we knowingly harm ourselves because we can't afford the costly options. Money is the reason we have to sell or give away pets we can no longer afford to keep. Money is the reason for the existence of backyard breeders. Money is the reason for using inferior building materials. Money is the reason for drinking dirty water. Money is the reason factories dump toxic waste instead of disposing it safely. Money is the reason most factories exist in the first place. Money is the reason for our stomach ulcers. Money is the reason for our drinking problems. Money is the reason for living in a shack. Money is the reason for living in a cardboard box. Money is the reason for factory farming. Money is the reason for soil erosion due to agriculture. Money is the reason for the pollution from all the cars being driven to work and back. Money is the reason for manufacturers using dangerous chemicals to cut costs. Money is the reason for animal testing in the cosmetics industry. Money is the reason for the existence of animal-based competitions and sports. Money is the reason for surplus food being thrown away instead of redistributed to the hungry. Money is the reason for designed obsolescence.

When we see the problems in the world, we don't normally link money as being the cause - or if we do, we will say that there is "nothing we can do about it, it's just the way the world works". Are we not the ones who decide and direct how the world works? Are we not the dominant species on Earth? Does the fact that we are the dominant species then not imply a sense of responsibility to those whose lives we affect? If we are willing to keep billions of animals in forced slavery, without rights or a voice, all for the sake of money - does that not make us the one and only source of evil in this world? If we are the ones who created money and continue to accept its dominance over the lives of every being on Earth, does that not make us the true creators and bringers of evil?

To be fair to money, it does not have a will of its own - it is simply a tool used by us. We are the ones who have created and continue to accept and allow a system that discriminates according to money and monetary value. We are the ones who have become so innately self-important that we will turn away from the suffering of another being at the hands of a human, simply because being aware of the suffering makes us feel bad. The truth is that we have absolutely no interest in helping those who are less fortunate, as we are more concerned for our own wellbeing, physically and emotionally.

We do not want to acknowledge and admit to ourselves that the tool which allows us to live in comfort is the one thing that is forcing countless others to live in misery. We do not want to admit to ourselves that we have the ability to change the system, because that would mean changing ourselves. We are not willing to stop being the persona we have been since we were taught to be this way from infancy - this persona is all we know! If we were to suddenly stop caring so much about our personal outcomes then we may actually "lose" a part of ourselves.

If we truly cared, we would not allow things like thoughts, judgements and programming to stop us from doing everything in our power to change the system to a system that supports all life. If we truly cared, we would not turn away from another's suffering simply because it makes us feel some unpleasant emotion (guilt?) - we would use their suffering as one more piece of evidence as to why the system cannot go on the way it is going and what the cost is for allowing it to continue. If we were really serious about making a difference, we would not allow our personal preferences, prejudices, and desires to limit the scope of possibilities for a solution - we would consider and search for solutions without bias.

Consider Equal Money without bias and you may come to realize that this is a solution that can actually work to give all life on Earth the guarantee to live without being abused.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 134: Love Makes War OK

We tend to make light of our brutal and warring nature, especially in the media and other widely distributed platforms. Think of the movie The Fifth Element - in the end when Lilu must decide whether or not to save the world from the Big Bad Ball of Evil, the dude convinces her that even though there is war, poverty, abuse and all that "bad stuff", that there is also "good stuff" like love, which makes the world worth saving.

How the hell did we come to justify the existence war at all? How have we come to justify our nature by saying "it's OK that we're evil bastards, cos we can be nice when we want to"? When is war ever OK?

Our willingness to overlook the darker side of our nature all comes down to satisfying our desired belief of ourselves and the world. It is easier to not think of war and poverty and to instead focus on one's appearance, or bank account, or gadgets. It is easier to accept the world that is presented to us on the TV than it is to ask questions such as "why does poverty exist at all?" and "why are children raised in homes and schools that do not teach them to respect life or how to be independent and sensible?".

We will actually convince ourselves that "my world" and "my life" is not a part of the whole world and all of the problems that comes with it - because we firmly believe that it is enough to simply survive and satisfy our personal needs and desires and that asking any more of us is simply ludicrous. "I, good sir, have worked hard to get to where I am! I have provided for my children and spouse a good life and I have taken time to do something that I enjoy and I do not believe that you, or any other could ask more of me. I pay my taxes - I do my part! It is not my place to change the world!"

Now add to all the media manipulation and accepted societal norms the fact that children are being given dud education that doesn't prepare them or give them and kind of skills to navigate this life on any path but for the path that is predetermined by their programming and restricted by their bogus education - they don't develop the capacity or ability to ask the questions that matter!

Every day we are slipping farther into our world of justifications and petty distractions. Physical appearances means more while the value of life means less. Everyone is caring less every day about the lives of other living beings, as everyone is trying to project themselves to have the "most" value. We are willing to get caught up in fads and fashions that come and go daily and yet we have become incapable of being responsibly for something or someone by fulling committing ourselves to the well being  of that which we have committed to. We would rather cover up our thoughts and feelings in a haze of meds than consider the possibility that we are responsible for our experience of ourselves and are therefore able to change our experience.

We are all trying to live in a fairytale, even though the world is collapsing around us.

Wake up! If we don't change our nature, no amount of love will be able to stop the war that is coming to send us all into the oblivious nothingness of non-existence.

Change your nature with Desteni I Process.
Change the world with Equal Money.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 133: Dying To Get Away

A stowaway from Cape Town was found dead in a plane's wheel housing after the plane landed at London Heathrow.

What does an incident such as this one tell us about our world, about our society? At first glance, there are 2 possible reasons someone would risk life and limb to sneak into the landing wheel housing of a plane: the first is that they are trying to escape something from their previous global positioning, such as poverty, crime, police, etc; the second possibility is that they wanted to "have fun" and either couldn't afford buying a ticket and going through the VISA process or they thought that sneaking into a plane was the fun.

Both of these possible reasons could have been avoided entirely if money wasn't the one controlling factor of each of our lives. In response to the first possibility: The reason for wanting to escape would simply not exist if there was no poverty or crime. In response to the second possibility: traveling is currently a luxury afforded only to those who have the money to pay for it, so without money as it is now we would all be able to travel if we so choose it - OR if the stowaway was an adrenaline junkie - there would have been no thrill sneaking onto a plane that does not restrict who may board and who may not.

So basically, our society places more value in money than life.

Now maybe you're thinking I'm allowing too much fantasy into this story telling, that there is no way that we would ever allow anyone to go and travel anywhere without paying for it - but let me ask you this: is that not the choice you would want to be available for yourself and your family? Why is it so impossible to imagine a world in which we give freely to others that which we would like to be freely given unto us? Why must we pay to survive in a system that is rigged to support the elite few and squeeze the joy from the lives of the many? Would you not want a life for your children in which they would not have to worry about money? Would you not want a life for your children where they can do and learn and become proficient in the things they love as opposed to the things that will allow them to survive this brutal world?

I forgive myself for not realizing that in order for each of us to live a life of true freedom, self expression and joy we must first be willing to share and give freely to all those who live by our side on this, our home, planet Earth.

I forgive myself for not realizing that so many tragedies could be averted if we no longer forced ourselves to depend on money in order to survive.

I forgive myself for not realizing that we have been and still do support this system in its continued existence of placing more value in money than in life.

I commit myself to live as an example of sharing and giving that which I would want to receive.

I commit myself to show people how every tragedy's source and rasion d'etre is money.

I commit myself to show people that we have the choice to no longer accept and allow this system of abuse to continue.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 132: Green With Envy

A study has shown how petty humans truly are - and claims that it is a sense of "fairness". Participants were made thirsty and then offered an eighth of a cup of water and told that their "partner" was given a 500ml bottle and chose to only share this small amount. The participants were then given 2 options: either drink their small amount of water, or deny it which would mean that the partner would also not be allowed to drink their share of water.

Does this not beautifully show how spiteful we are? We would rather act in revenge and denial than stand independently as an example to others. We would rather have an "eye for an eye" than give and share unconditionally. We would rather divide up the Earth out of spite than allow dignified life to all who live upon it.

Definition of "fair": free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice.
Definition of "spite":  a malicious, usually petty, desire to harm, annoy, frustrate, or humiliate another person; bitter ill will; malice.

Our shared mentality has become "if I can't have it, no one can!" - and we don't even realise it. The study above claims that it is our sense of fairness that leads to us denying water to our partner if we are slighted by them, and yet if this were in a different context, such as if a teacher were to deny food to a child because the child has not been taught to share, we would call it cruelty. What makes one spiteful action any different from another? The desire to continue living this way. The wish to remain ignorant of our true natures so that we may continue hoarding as much apparent value within this life as possible - and guard it jealously.

We are a petty and jealous lot. In a movie, if we were to watch a stalker saying to his/her object/subject of obsession "if I can't have you, no one can" and yet we cannot recognise our own stalker-esque nature. We are living within and as a warped sense of justice, as in our minds, justice is only given to those who can pay for it or to those who have done something to deserve it. We are far to petty to allow all who live to be guaranteed justice unconditionally as we are simply too jealous. In our minds, we cannot bear the thought of other people being treated the way we are treated when they haven't earned it and we have. We cannot comprehend the concept of unconditional sharing as we have placed a value on life where some are worth more and deserve more than others.

I forgive myself for not realizing that my definition and understanding of "fairness" has been warped to cater to our accepted and allowed nature of spitefulness in which we justify our spitefulness with fairness.

I forgive myself for not realizing that in order to create heaven on Earth we all need to learn how to share unconditionally with others.

I commit myself to redefining the word fairness so that it can no longer be used to justify abuse.

I commit myself to living as an example of unconditional sharing to others.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day 131: Woman Slashes Her Own Dog 31 Times

A woman sliced her 2 dogs and blamed it on an imaginary intruder. One of the dogs had 31 cuts and had to undergo a 4 hour surgery to repair the damage. The woman apparently has a history of depression (which is based on wanting attention and validation).

I forgive myself for not realizing that any person who claims to be depressed is in fact only seeking attention from others in order to validate them and their feelings as "real" - as they have trapped themselves in a cycle of specific thoughts which they believe are real.

I forgive myself for not realizing that any psychologist who believes that depression is anything other than obsessive thoughts or that it is a "disease" which overpowers people does not understand how the human mind or the system within which it functions, works.

I forgive myself for not realizing that depression is self sabotage whereby a person will willingly sink into thoughts of self pity within the belief that they have no power/control over their thoughts and can therefore not change their experience of themselves.

I forgive myself for not realizing that depression is an extensive state of self pity wherein the person will play the "poor me" victim in search of someone or something to lift them up out of their despair, like a knight in shining armor.

I forgive myself for not realizing that depression is not real as it is simply the manifestation of our ignorance of how the human mind actually works and can be overcome within a single breath taken within self responsibility.

I forgive myself for not realizing that depression would not exist if we were taught and will teach our children how the mind as thoughts, emotions and feelings actually works as a basic software program running in the background, with the goal of keeping humanity enslaved to the mind and therefore enslaved to whomsoever is controlling the media and consumer markets.

I forgive myself for not realizing that the act of mutilating animals, who are unable to protect themselves, is purely evil and self interested, as the only reason for such an act would be to fulfill some twisted fantasy or thought-based obsession within one's mind.

I forgive myself for not realizing that our enslavement to money helps keep us ignorant of how our minds and the system really work, as that is the course of action that is most beneficial to the small number of elite who control the money.

I forgive myself for not realizing that within an Equal Money System there would be no enslavement and therefore we would be free to live the lives of our choosing with the foundation of an education that enable and empowers us to truly direct all aspects of ourselves and therefore, things like depression would not exist as depression is the abdication of self responsibility.

I commit myself to show people that depression is a tool for people to get attention and validation that the thoughts they have are real and therefore I commit myself to show people that our thoughts are not real, they are only the products of our ignorance and lack of education.

I commit myself to show people that psychologists don't actually know anything about the human psyche as their own educations were insufficient and they are simply the products of their environment.

I commit myself to show people how to stop sabotaging themselves by identifying and stopping their thought patterns through self forgiveness, self corrective statements and living those statements.

I commit myself to show people how to stop participation within self pity and victimization in order to truly the the power to move oneself as an expression of life.

I commit myself to show people how to release the idea of depression and how to stop participating within the thoughts that lead to depression.

I commit myself to educate people and children on how the human mind really works within this system so that we may all be free from the illusory chains that we believe are real as our thoughts.

I commit myself to show people that any action of abuse is not in the best interest of all life as it is only the fulfillment of the desires of a small minority which is unacceptable.

I commit myself to show people how every part of our lives is controlled by money, especially our minds.

I commit myself to implementing an Equal Money System so that all may be free to live the best life we could possibly live, without the lies of things like "depression" controlling our experiences.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 130: How Dare You Inconvenience ME?!?

According to my Research in Social Sciences course, there is a direct correlation between wealth and conservatism: it seems that wealthy people are more concerned with not changing anything in their world (obviously because they already have everything they want). There is also a correlation between wealth and opposing social welfare.

So in the article linked above, rich people were harassing construction workers who were improving their water supply lines - which of course necessitated that the road over the water lines be closed, causing the motorists to take a (slightly longer) alternate route. Sufficient advanced warning was given to residents by their local authority, but some of the people became so agitated by the road closure that they proceeded to harass the workers so badly that the workers, who once loved their job, now dreaded going to work and even considered quitting.

The workers claimed that they had never received such ill-treatment, even in the poorest and most dangerous of neighborhoods.

So what does this tell us of how money affects human nature?

People become so used to fulfilling their every desire timeously, that  any delay to their Gimme Monster's (the inner demon that says gimme this! gimme that! gimme everything!) wishes and desires being granted, causes the Gimme Monster to turn into the Gimme Demon and do whatever it feels is necessary to get its own way.

Normally the wealthy use their money to get what they want, such as getting their children off on a murder charge, or covering up harmful activities or actions caused by their company - but it is not uncommon to hear of extreme actions taken by the wealthy to secure their desires - and it is very probably more common to not hear about their extreme actions.

So rich people very seldom don't get what they want - but at what cost?

Their actions are completely selfish and are only ever self serving, but they will never face the consequences because they are living the dream - the life that all of us petty mortals long to lead. Our desire to be one of the rich is what is used to ensure that the rich will always have absolute control and power over the outcomes of this world and its inhabitants.

The acceptance and allowance of the idea of wealth is the doorway that leads to all of the abuse and horrors of this world - as wealth is currently based on fulfilling selfish desires without a moment's consideration of those who may be less fortunate (or the opposite of fortunate - doomed?). This disregard for anything but self allows humanity to commit atrocities, as all is done in the name of ME.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 129: I Will Live Again!

Reincarnation is the concept of people's souls/life essence/whatever being reborn into the world after the end of their current life. Most people who believe in reincarnation also believe that we choose our lives and the lessons we will learn and that those who are living as starving African children are being punished for some wrongdoing.

My question is: is the choice valid when we cannot remember making it? Those who claim to remember are more influenced by their desire for their life to "mean something" than by any actual self honesty, so none of their claims can be trusted. We are very capable of imagining alternate realities, as evidenced by all of the books, movies and art from human history - this ability to imagine weird and wonderful things, or even seemingly normal things, removes any credit from any claim which is based on something that cannot be shown in the physical world. We are very good at making ourselves believe in things that are not there (think: money) - and so it is impossible to trust these memory claims.

Now, my next question is: who the hell would want to impose a punishment on a child who was born into the world with no memories or any other baggage? People who believe in reincarnation condone and justify the suffering experienced by animals, children, plants - based on the idea that they (the child/animal/plant living in misery) deserve it for being a dick in a previous life. Would you place a child in a maximum security prison, surrounded by murderers and rapists, for an alleged crime that the child has no recollection of committing? The belief that past wrongs must be righted to restore the balance is demented - just like children paying for the crimes committed by their parents. I guarantee that forgiving ones self for a terrible act would be the most difficult thing one could ever do - and it would be far more effective than getting one's memory wiped and made to suffer without knowing why.

Consider this: if we truly made a choice about the life we would live, why is all of humanity stuck in a cycle of abuse and ignorance? Would a conscious choice not imply a form of self-enlightenment? Oh wait - that's the whole problem! Everyone is so focused on their own self enlightenment that they cannot see past their instant personal gratification. The only choices we make are between - oh wait, never mind - there is no free choice. Everything in this world is centered around money and the fight for survival. We don't even determine what food we like - that's all already determined for us by our environments and our thoughts! Take this girl ( who only eats cheese and tomato pizzas after having a bad tummy bug which led to a fear of food: she does not choose the pizza, her thoughts and fears herd her away from other foods. She allows her thoughts and fears to choose for her.

Reincarnation is a fantasy for those who'd rather not face the cold, hard truth: We have no choice and we are all slaves to money.

We are capable of unshackling ourselves, as we are the ones who hold the keys - yet we have come to find comfort and a sense of security in the familiarity of our bindings - and so we will not part with them willingly as the light shining through the crack in the door is unknown to us and may hurt us.

For those of us who have the means to educate ourselves about how the world really works (the world runs on profit) and how we really work (where do our thoughts come from, why do we like, do, hate, want etc the things we do) have the responsibility to take the first step to implement a global system that will stop all abuse and ensure that all will live a life worth living and have real free choice - as there are many (people, animals, plants) who simply cannot help themselves.

Investigate an Equal Money System as the vehicle to bring forth free choice and true freedom.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 128: The Money Made Me Do It

It is safe to say the money is the root of all evil - we can trace the cause of every atrocity committed by man back to money, including, genocide, rape, abuse etc. Let me tell you why:

We are the products of society just as society is our creation, and society is centered around one thing: money. Our lives mean little without money within this society: if you didn't have money you'd be homeless and hungry - this is the stark reality. We'd all be completely different people living completely different lives if money didn't exist.

Our society is so focused on money and profit that we have simply become another commodity to be exploited - and the easiest way to exploit something is when its not fighting back, so the guys at the top (who own the people who own the banks) make sure that we are nice and compliant. In our haze of self indulgence we have never learned, not to mention even considered, where it is our thoughts come from or where our emotions come from or how our very nature is shaped from conception. It is this lack of self awareness and self honesty that allows the development of abusive behaviour.

This simple, yet engulfing factor of our lack of self understanding has allowed an age of horrors and abuse. Consider feral children: they completely mirror their environment and cannot be "rehabilitated" by humans, especially if the first formative years were spent away from prying people. Clearly, we are what we are taught to be by our parents and environment - so why has no one asked the question or realized that every parent alive is a terrible teacher and influence? If parents truly love their children, why do they willingly turn them into monsters?

A great part of the violence and abuse in the world today, if not the majority, happens at home within the family unit. Husband beats wife, child kills parents, siblings fight, mother verbally assaults children, parent kills children, lover kills lover... How many people do you know that come from an abusive home of some sort, where they were "Damaged" in some way? If it is so common for family units to "house" some kind of abuse, how can we believe that families are structured around love? Our family units are based on dependance and fear - not love. Parents fear losing their child, the child depends on the parents - until the child is older and their roles are reversed. Our very foundations in this world are rotten.

Time to tear down our crumbling buildings , lest they tumble down on top of us. Time to realize that parents must teach our children something new, as the cycles of our old ways will inevitably end in our destruction.

We cannot continue blundering through life, oblivious to the functioning of our very nature, allowing ridiculous thoughts to lead us to terrible actions. We must change the focus of our society from money to LIFE.

Investigate Equal Money as the tool with which to honour life.
Investigate Desteni I Process to learn who you are and how to become the actual director of your thoughts, emotions and actions in this world so that we may establish a world in which all life is guaranteed to be here with dignity.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Day 127: Woman Sues Social Services

A 20 year old woman who was beaten, starved and locked in a basement by her aunt for 10 years is suing the city of Philadelphia, claiming her ordeal could have been avoided if officials did their jobs properly.

A story such as this one accentuates what is so desperately lacking in our global community - the ability and will to care for people and things other than ourselves. The abusive aunt would never have treated her niece - let alone any being - that way if she actually stopped and considered how she would feel if someone did that to her. The people who allowed the child to be placed in an abusive home would not have settled for the easiest option which would allow them to go home early and indulge themselves if they actually cared.

We make these little choices, all throughout our day: "me or the world?" Every time we are faced with a choice, we have chosen "me", as is evidenced by the state of our planet and all the life living here. The media is encouraging this lifestyle, slowly and quietly feeding us morsels of "me-ness" - essentially saying that it's ok to act selfishly, it's perfectly natural, normal and justifiable since everybody is selfish - therefore no one expects you not to be.

Everywhere you go, every person you see - we are all constantly justifying to ourselves why it's ok to live the way we do and accept the world around us. As we get older, it becomes less and less necessary to convince ourselves that our actions are justifiable, that we really have done enough within our life to be able to say that we live a life of honour, dignity and compassion. As we grow older our justifications become completely integrated into our very being, so that that is who we are. "I am happy with myself and my life because I lived the dream and have a beautiful family." " I am absolutely right to care about what others think of me as that is the measure to which I judge myself." "I am right to turn from violence and abuse, if I stop paying attention to it, it will go away." "God has laid the path down for me, I am simply a humble follower of His Divine Will."

We teach our children our own ways of thinking and self justifications and now they have the added bonus of the media spewing justifications out at every turn. Take a good look at our society: what is it that majority people really care about? What they see on TV and in magazines and what they hear on the radio. Our media is a clear reflection of the society we'd like to become: completely shallow and superficial where everyone is a superhero, skinny (or well muscled), no one needs to shit or piss, everyone has a tiny dog that never pees or poo's, everyone is amazingly attractive, everyone is unusually intelligent, everyone can fire a gun really well.....

It is no easy task to stop the way we have lived our entire lives - but it is very possible and attainable for each of us. The first step we must take is to educate ourselves as to how we have been taught to live up until now, so that we will be able to recognise where within ourselves we are living that programming and then stop living it. The world is a reflection of who we are, so in order for us to change the world we must first change ourselves: we must choose to live in a way that honours all life and not just our own.

Investigate an Equal Money System as the new reflection of humanity that actually cares for, respects and honours ALL life.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 126 - You're An Illiterate - You Just Don't Know It

Recently I was struck by the complete lack of comprehension in communicating with people through written words. I have always known that people are generally not good readers, as we are taught that reading is "uncool" and are not effectively taught how to read when we are young, but only now do I comprehend and realise the full extent to which so many "educated" people are illiterate - unable to read with full understanding and comprehension.

This leads to the conclusion that our education systems are stunted in their vocabulary teaching, as one is literate only to the extent of their vocabulary. I have experienced this very thing in reading through my study books - at first I struggle to comprehend the words, but as I become more accustomed to the vocabulary I am able to read with more comprehension.

It is impossible to have a conversation with someone whose vocabulary is limited to that which they know. You will notice that a religious person is very well versed in the vocabulary of their chosen faith, yet is unable to comprehend any part of another belief system. It is very difficult to get someone to open themselves to considering something outside of their learned vocabulary.

Consider this: how did language come to be? Some believe it was the natural evolution from the caveman grunting and snorting, but however it started, it would have been with only one person. An entire community wouldn't suddenly call a rock a rock in unison - it would have been one person calling it a rock and then teaching the others. How did it come to be that communities across huge areas of land all learned to speak and/or write the same language? It started with one, and so was taught to the many. This is how our human system functions, the few will determine what it is that the many will learn.

This system of teaching will also be the key to teaching humans to consider alternative ways of living that would be to the benefit of all. If one talks to ten, who then each talk to another ten, who then each talk to another ten, and so on and so forth, we would have a chance of making an impact - a difference.

I forgive myself for not realizing that our education systems have been designed to not educate us at all, but simply to brainwash and train us into being the perfect slave who never ask questions and don't have a clue about how the world works or how our minds and bodies work.

I forgive myself for not realizing that someone who is an "expert" is someone who has an extensive vocabulary in their area of expertise.

I forgive myself for not realizing that our education system is intentionally dumbing down students to ensure that the chance of someone developing an effective and extensive vocabulary to the point where they can ask the questions that actually matter is next to impossible.

I commit myself to show that from birth we are taught by our family, friends and society to conform to the rules of the system or else we will be rejected by all.

I commit myself to show how vocabulary is the key to all becoming experts at living in a practical way that ensures comfort for ourselves and others.

I commit myself to show how our education system is dumbing down students by not teaching them to read effectively so that they will be able to educate themselves and will be locked within their tiny box of "My Vocabulary" which they will not part with willingly as that box is what allows them to feel like they are an expert at something.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 125: Would You Do This Job?

People are paid the equivalent of 3,50 Pounds a day, with a bottle of moonshine, to unclog sewers of Delhi, India.

The work-related mortality rate for the people doing this job is almost 70% and (or because?) they are not provided with any protective clothing or equipment. This still happens even though it has been banned - the municipalities employ thousands of sewer divers across India. All of this is still occurring even though India has recently announced that they will be spending 52 million Pounds on a space mission to Mars.

So that effectively indicates that the government of India (and every other government) would rather focus on studying a rock planet than addressing the problem right here on Earth of almost 50% of the population living in poverty - not including animals and the destruction of nature.

All around us, in every aspect of our civilization, we have decreed the value of life to be less than the value of money. Consider that the only reason any country would focus on a mission to Mars instead of solving poverty is that they want to keep up with the international competition so that they can make more money. The only reason a country would spend any money on defense is to protect the money they have.

Look at North Korea: here is an example of blatant disregard for life in favour of prancing around with guns, threatening war to whoever looks their way. What is the motivation for these actions? They want more money, they want to protect the money they have and they want to appear to be strong so that no one will want to try and take their money. But then what of the people? The people are starving because the government (which is made up of people and not robots or aliens, contrary to popular belief/assumptions) squeezes every resource they can from the citizens, leaving them with nothing. Of course, as with every country, the leaders and high-ranking officials live in the lap of luxury.

This line of thought leads me to pondering: every movie we see where their is the valiant hero, freeing his people from the "old ways"/tradition or whatever has been designed in such a way that we will perceive personal glory and personal fulfillment as more important than communal fulfillment, which in turn led to the belief that it is OK for some people to be rich while other people starve - cos the rich people are valiant heroes who fought for their personal freedom - so what if they destroyed a few communities along the way and introduced diseases and alcohol and abuse.

Back to my original point: would you want to be a sewer diver in India? Would you want your child to be a sewer diver in India? Would you be willing to put your young child to work so that your whole family could survive? Would you want to live in a society where child labour is accepted because that is how most people are forced to live in order to survive? Of course you don't want any of these things - no one does - so then why do you allow so many, many people to live in such circumstances simply because you were fortunate to be born in a place where you were given an opportunity to live comfortably? How is your life any more important than the life of a child working in India? How is the life of your child more important than the life of any other child? Oh, simply because it is yours it is somehow more valuable? That doesn't even make sense.

Choose a world where all will be free from misery due to the (mis)fortunes of birth and circumstance. Vote and share your ideas at

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day 124: Farm From Hell

Another case of animal abuse has been exposed: a farmer and his assistant beat and starved pigs, as well as causing unnecessarily painful deaths by beating the pigs' brains out.

The man claims that the reason he treated the pigs this way is because he never received any kind of training - as if any person would treat animals that way just because they hadn't been trained on how to properly look after animals - people treat animals like that when their parents and environment didn't teach them to respect life when they were children.

We talk about installing surveillance all over the place to try and prevent cruelty and crime and what-not - but that is not solving the source of the problem - it's just a band-aid. Sure, it will probably allow for offenders to be caught and persecuted, but it won't support people to not become cruel or criminals in the first place.

It's like the whole hullabaloo of making the internet more secure, or trying to prevent fraud, or trying to keep kids away from porn sites - enforcing security measures will only stop people after they've already become possessed/desperate (which is not a bad thing) - it does not ensure that every child is given a supportive home in which they learn to respect life, use common sense and not become trapped in their thoughts and emotions.

See also: Creation's Journey To Life: Day 126

I forgive myself for not realizing that as animals have no voice and no way to defend themselves, animal abuse is the ultimate evil as abuse of an innocent.

I forgive myself for not realizing that exposing abuse without implementing a solution to the cause of the abuse is useless, as there will always be another case of abuse somewhere else as the cycle continues.

I forgive myself for not realizing that the lack of training originates from childhood - where children are not taught by their guardians to respect life.

I forgive myself for not realizing that by accepting and allowing the idea to exist and be perpetuated that humans are what they are and cannot change, is what is allowing the torture and abuse of animals and all life to continue.

I forgive myself for not realizing that cruelty has been justified as the human right to free choice.

I forgive myself for not realizing that animal abuse will never be stopped by activists exposing situations of abuse, as they will never commit themselves fully to stopping the abuse as that would require that they let go of their ideas of who they are and how their minds work, which apparently no one is willing to do.

I commit myself to show people that our continued abuse and mistreatment of animals is the manifestation of ultimate evil as the animals have no way to defend themselves.

I commit myself to showing people that the cycle of abuse will continue until we address the source of the problem as one.

I commit myself to show people that the only lack of training occurs in childhood when parents do not train their children effectively to become self responsible adults who live with respect and compassion for other life.

I commit myself to show people how our acceptance of human nature as immutable is what allows the abuse of animals and all life to continue.

I commit myself to show people how free choice is used to justify atrocities.

I commit myself to show that animal abuse will not stop unless every human is willing to educate themselves on how the human mind and body really functions so as to stop the atrocities of the mind in the name of money and self interest.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 123: Goodbye, Green Belt - Hello Mall Strip!

Britain ministers are considering allowing the Green Belt land to be developed on to promote - wait for it... an economic boom!

So how does this reflect on us as The Human Race, that we are willing to destroy (very real) natural habitats and life for (very imaginary) monies and profits? My Spidey senses are telling me that the reflection is black and slimy and probably would smell of rotten eggs - if it had a smell.

We are a toxic sludge on the Earth, smothering it and feeding off of it at the same time - if we do not change we will smother our own source of survival. What will it take for us to see that the way we are living is simply destructive in every way? We destroy ourselves with thoughts of inadequacy, jealousy, envy, anger, hatred, judgement, morality; we destroy our bodies by not educating ourselves on how to care for them and allowing our food and medical industries to distribute dangerous products which we unwittingly ingest out of a misplaced sense of trust in the system; we are destroying the planet and wildlife and plant life by acting only in our own interest in trying to exploit as much as we can as quickly as we can; we are destroying our society by teaching our children to hate.

I forgive myself for not realizing that if we treat our Earth like a commodity, its resources will deplete at a greatly accelerated rate as the very definition of a commodity demands that there be a state of complete exhaustion of the commodity.

I forgive myself for not realizing that we cannot survive without the Earth.

I forgive myself for not realizing that we are completely dishonest about who we are as we act like and promote ourselves to be "caring" and "good" - when in fact we are always only acting out of self interest in an attempt to survive in a system where the weak are crushed underfoot.

I forgive myself for not realizing that our dishonesty has ushered in a system based on double standards - where certain lives are given more value than others - which in turn allows abuses to take place at an ever increasing rate.

I forgive myself for not realizing that the key to a dignified life for all involves that institution of equal standards for all which will ensure that every life is ensured freedom, comfort, dignity, expression - without fear of cruelty.

I forgive myself for not realizing that we are now the cruelest creatures on Earth, as we take perverse pleasure in seeing the suffering and loss of others - but only if we are winning somehow.

I forgive myself for not realizing that if we continue to exploit our Earth for its resources for profit, the Earth will inevitably become incapable of supporting us as physical lifeforms.

I commit myself to show people that every thing that we turn into a commodity must, by definition, be a finite source - and so will the Earth if we continue to exploit it.

I commit myself to showing people that we are completely dependent on the Earth for our survival.

I commit myself to show people how to stop living dishonestly and to start creating a world that honours all life and supports those who are unable to support themselves.

I commit myself to show people how the double standards we have implemented are serving only to perpetuate abuse.

I commit myself to show people that implementing a system based on equal standards for all will allow every life to be lived fully and enjoyed.

I commit myself to show people how we are the cruelest creatures on Earth and how we can educate ourselves to stop and live with support.

I commit myself to show people that the continual exploitation of Earth's resources for profit will lead to Earth being unable to sustain us any longer.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 122: All Our Children Are Psychopaths

All our children are psychopaths - and parents are to blame. These are only 2 recent articles centered on young children committing violent and cruel acts.

People seem to be surprised when they hear of these cruel kids and of how common these stories are becoming - but it really shouldn't come as a surprise. With the absence of supportive home environments and parents who don't care, kids are learning from movies, music, porn and friends. They are not taught to respect life - so what can we expect from them when they begin to really contribute to the world? How are these little American Psycho's going to grow up?

We are moving into a new age - this is for sure - the Age Of Psychopaths. We will all need to keep our animals locked away for fear that some bloodthirsty spoiled brat is going to try and mutilate them. And what of the children that this generation of homicidal maniacs breeds? The whole world will be overrun with sex-crazed, animal-abusing, grandmother-raping assholes with giant guns.

There is one thing that could prevent this Apocalypse-By-Psycho's: Prospective Parent Training. Anyone who does not undergo this parenting training will not be allowed to have children and if they do, the children will be removed from their care until they do and can prove that they will not make more psychopaths.

But no! that would be a violation of the human right to fuck up our own children if we want to - as long as we feed them and don't beat them up too much! You, sir, seem to be accusing me of being a bad parent! I am doing the best I can and I can't help it if little Johnny snuck out and microwaved your cat - I have tried everything and the little turd just won't stop being an asshole like his daddy. He'll grow out of it! Here, Johnny, eat this chocolate and watch some TV - isn't your show, Axe Murderer on now?

This same topic has been covered by me a couple of times already - but it is apparently not a topic of great interest to anyone, cos it's so "sensitive" in nature. Let me tell you what's sensitive in nature: nuclear bombs in 20  - 40 years time, blowing the crap out of everything because little Johnny joined the army and got promoted.

How completely abysmal is our society that these kids are so cruel? What level of terrible are the parents of these kids? We can't even blame the kids because they are simply the product of their environments, but we are all still responsible, including these kids.

Want to make a difference? Educate yourself. Live as an example. Investigate Equal Money. Learn how the human mind works so that you can become an effective teacher to your children and support them to develop themselves into effective people who will contribute to improving life for all creatures on Earth. We're at the stage where if we don't act to make drastic changes, it isn't really gonna matter if we ban fizzy drinks in school, or send every child to counseling - cos we''ll all be dead.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 121: Designing DNA Of The Perfect Racehorse

As if racing isn't abusive enough, now the racehorses are being bred according to whether they have the "speed" gene - because animals are only worth something to us if we can make money off of them. Why else have so many species gone extinct? Either we kill them because they can make us money (think: rhinos) or we kill them because they are in the way of us making money.

What possible reason could we have for fiddling with genes if we're not trying to help the animals (like finding a way to stop genetic disorders and such) - other than for the love of money, of course. Come to think of it, I've never heard of any kind of research into horse genes (or any other animal) the way people are going on about this "Fast gene". In fact, veterinary research is pretty low scale in general. Ask a vet how to support a horse to grow a correct hoof and they're generally pretty clueless - but ask a vet how to suppress your horse's pain so that you can still compete and they'll rattle off all the different kinds of painkillers available - it is your horse - you can do whatever you want with it.

We don't develop gene therapy for diseases and physical weaknesses because there's no money in the cure - but there is plenty money in the treatment. There's also plenty money in horse racing, ergo plenty gene therapy to enhance the horse in order to enhance our winnings.

I forgive myself for not realizing that we have treated animals like commodities for us to profit off of, or as obstacles to making a profit that need to be "dealt with" accordingly.

I forgive myself for not realizing that true compassion and responsibility for animals would have us supporting them as much as possible to be free of disease and ailments.

I forgive myself for not realizing that using animals to make a profit is abuse, as the animal will be treated according to the best way to ensure the highest profit and not the best way to support the animal.

I forgive myself for not realizing that developing gene and DNA research to find and utilise the "fast gene" in horses while genetic disorders are still existent is an indication of just how self interested we are in that profit is more important the curing diseases.

I forgive myself for not realizing that all medical industries are profit driven and do not care about curing diseases because curing diseases would mean that the people working in the medical industries would all be out of jobs.

I forgive myself for not realizing that any person who claims care or compassion for an animal without considering and applying a global solution to human greed is actually only feigning compassion as they are not willing to do whatever is necessary to stop animal abuse, they prefer to hide behind the accepted ideas of activism and such that have never yielded any real results or considered any form of global solution.

I commit myself to showing people how we are only using animals to either profit off of emotionally or economically or removing them from the path of profit.

I commit myself to showing people that applying our resources to support animals to live comfortable lives free from disease instead of finding ways to make more money off of them is true compassion and responsibility.

I commit myself to showing people that any situation wherein an animal is used for profit, money will be the deciding factor in any and all events and situations - not the animal's welfare.

I commit myself to showing people how our current actions are indicating to what extent we are absorbed in our own well being and dismissing the welfare of our animals.

I commit myself to showing people how all medical industries only ever act according to profit and money and do not care about their supposed patients.

I commit myself to showing people how to live true compassion by educating themselves and then finding and applying ways to ensure that all life is honoured at all times, such as within an Equal Money System

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 120: Why We Look For Aliens

An excerpt from the above article:

"But some may ask: Why? Why do these things? Granted, this is not going to change the way you make your coffee in the morning. Sure, there are spinoff technologies and many jobs created but that is not at the heart of why we do these things.
The drumbeat of human civilization is the pursuit of new knowledge. We explore, we discover, and we advance. From fundamental research on cancer to revolutionizing our understanding of the universe, it is not an either/or: we must do it all.
Anything less is a sign that our priorities as a race have been hijacked by agendas beneath our potential. As has become a refrain in my community, the drumbeat continues and we echo the wise words of Teddy Roosevelt: Dare mighty things."

So apparently feeding the hungry and educating every child is a low priority unworthy of our amazing amazingness - what else would a statement like that imply? Of course, devoting time, brainpower and buttloads of money to satisfy our curiosity is way more important than devoting time, brainpower and buttloads of money to ending poverty, war, discrimination, diseases and all those dirty things that only affect hobos and African countries.

The only reason we look for other lifeforms, or try to discover what's under/in that rock over there is because our own curiosity is more important than all the beings suffering here on our planet. If we were all living in peace, prosperity and dignity we would be able to devote a hell of a lot more to discovering and studying all sorts of things, but people don't think like that - oh no, we all want our instant gratification.

Think about the whole "space race" thing between Russian and USA. What is the point of something like that other than to play at king of the castle and do the victory taunt if you win (na na na na naaa na). What possible results could a space race produce that could support all life? All it does is further promote competition and discrimination. 

What does it matter at a time and place like here and now if "life is difficult or easy" or if we are "alone" in the universe? If we are the only life in the universe, then we will most likely be the last, and soon. I give us 300 years, tops, before the earth is too toxic to support life. Maybe by then we'll have developed space ships capable of going super fast, but it won't matter because we will probably not learn from our past mistakes and will just carry on being complete assholes until we eventually kill each other off. Or we may all die sooner in a nuclear war - that may be the more likely scenario. 

The other point is that who cares if we are alone or not, we are destructive bastards and quite frankly don't deserve to live. Asking questions like that should only happen when every child is fed, clothed, safe and schooled so that they develop into capable, compassionate adults who know how their own minds and bodies function so as to cut the bullshit and not get trapped in the loopy, illusory crap we're stuck in now. 

All of the governments who claim to be the best (USA, UK, China, Japan, Germany etc) and most devoted to research and development (like building spaceships) are actually quite blatantly stating that looking for fossils on a big rock really f***king far away is more important that supporting every life here on Earth.

Vote for an Equal Money System to support life here on Earth first, before going on expeditions into space.

Vote for an Equal Money System to end all weapon productions and wars.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 119: Fashion Makes Us Human

Apparently, fashion is the defining factor of our humanity - it is what separates man from beast - the whole idea of wearing clothes, that is.

Clothing started off as protection from the cold - the first of the homo sapiens sapiens to blunder around had to stay warm somehow, especially if they were in Europe or Asia (or North Pole!). Africans generally didn't bother with clothing much - mostly they just decorated themselves. Anyway, so then clothing evolves from being protection from the cold to being a part of the human code of conduct (Thou shalt cover thine body in shame, for thou art a sinner and so on and so forth) and people wore clothes all the time, cos that's just what people did and what was expected. Maybe people just got so used to wearing clothes because it was cold all the time where they were from... But them it warped into being a part of society, it became more than just clothing. Maybe it was simply the expectation that everyone would wear clothing, no matter where they were from. Whatever the case, the fact was that now people were were all taken with the concept of clothing.

Now, I don't see why anyone would see clothing as the "thing" that puts us apart from animals. If you ask me, for all our apparent intelligence, we are the most retarded creatures for what we've done with it. We developed written and spoken language, but used it to manipulate, control, abuse and lie to each other. We developed technology, but used it for war and profit. We developed ways to make the lives of animals a little easier and longer, but used them to keep our animal slaves alive longer in laboratories and factory farms. We developed and honed our building abilities, but used them to build palaces for the rich while the poor live in shacks made of rubbish and rocks. We developed music in all sorts of styles with all kinds of instruments, but now use it to get rich and influence people to carry on buying into our ridiculous societal ideas and ideals. We developed the internet as the ideal way to provide an education to all, but instead use it to further spread our nastiness toward each other.

So what exactly is it about our obsession with appearances that makes us superior to any other life form?
Our intellect? I think not!
Our ability to adapt and survive? Animals and plants do the same - and better.
Caring about what we look like? That doesn't make us superior - only narcissistic.
"Self expression" through clothing? What - really? The only kind of expression that is happening through clothing is the kind that we are taught by society (or we rebel to society). There are very few people who have ever truly used clothing as a form of self expression - the existence of the fashion industry has tainted every attempt as everyone is trying to make money by following or setting the latest trends.

Look at the fashion that is being promoted: do you see self expression, or the desire to be outrageous, sexy, smart, fashionable...?

The existence of the money system has tainted every form of self expression available to us - as people will shape their self expression according to what will make them money.

The absolute ignorance of how the human mind and body works has ensured that all of our children will never truly express themselves as they are all just copies of their parents, within whatever context they find themselves within in the system.

Fashion should be illegal: it promotes judgement, comparison, value according to physical appearance, slave labour, eating disorders, shallowness, body image issues, animal fur industry, factory farming, killing wild animals, greed, corruption, self interest, elitism.........

Vote for the abolition of the fashion industry in an Equal Money System so that clothing is no longer a tool for enslavement, but protection from the elements or true self expression. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 118: Richest Town In "Communist" China

Communism is based on all property, land , resources etc being publicly owned, right? So how come there are rich people in communist states? According to the basic premise, everyone should be "free from oppression and scarcity" and there should be no class divisions (rich, middle, poor). So how did it come to be that the communist countries seem to be more like corporations than "communist countries"?

In a company, the higher up the ladder you are, the higher your salary will be and the more benefits you will have. The lower down you are the less money you will make and the less benefits you will receive - BUT you are still a "part of the family (company)" and are therefore still looked after (kind of).

So, China is apparently using Marxist-Leninism. If this is the case, Marxist-Leninism is stupid.

This is an extract from the Marxist-Leninism section on Wikipedia:

"The purpose of a Leninist revolutionary vanguard party is the forceful deposition of the incumbent government; assume power (as agent of the proletariat) and establish the dictatorship of the proletariat. Moreover, as the government, the vanguard party must educate the proletariat—to dispel the societal false consciousness of religion and nationalism that are culturally instilled by the bourgeoisie in facilitating exploitation, and to instil the material scientific outlook of the world and the sense of proletarian internationalism"

Sounds a bit iffy to me. Also does not appear to gel so well with what China has going on.

Anyway, back to my original point: every Communist application in the world thus far has failed miserably, even at just ensuring basic rights to the people. Yet somehow, people still think that communism could work. "If it's done the right way" or "if they would only do this and that and this..." or "it is not time for revolution yet!" and so on and so forth. Yet it always comes back to the idea that the "idea" of communism should work or would work only if blah di blah - the fact is that it doesn't work in reality. Too much power always ends up going to a small minority and they take full advantage. Then there is suddenly a really wealthy little town that uses helicopters as taxis and then everyone wonders "how did that happen?".

None of these communist ideas take into consideration that humans are pretty much evil and that changing human nature will take some serious doing and forgiveness. Have you ever wondered why it is that those who are already filthy rich will work so hard and cause so much harm to make more money that they don't even need? Hmmm. That is human nature, it seems.

The reality of our situation is that no one wants to change, because that would mean "losing" their money, which would mean losing their identity, because we have all defined ourselves and shaped our lives around the existence of money. The fact that we will allow others to starve because of it is what is truly evil about our nature.

Communists are basically just religious people - Communism is their religion and their God is the idea of revolution/the fantasy or whatever, but like religion, it is simply something to believe in and shape one's self image according to - none of the communists realize that the plans and ideas of communism are just as flawed as capitalism as they do not take every aspect of the equation into consideration, such as the human aspects of greed, jealousy, fear, self interest - which have, up until now, been the controlling and deciding factors of our entire history and all of our lives.

Communism is just a fantasy, never able to quite break through into reality.

Investigate an Equal Money System as a Global Solution. Educate yourself and develop self discipline to become a human who truly cares by living according to what is best for all life.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 117: Policing Your Behaviour

A 75% drop in shoplifting has been attributed to cardboard cut outs of police officers in stores.

I forgive myself for not realizing that human behaviour is greatly influenced by visual imagery,  as shown by the above article.

I forgive myself for not realizing that our ignorance of exactly how suggestible we are to pictures has allowed us to be easily programmed according to whatever the few people in positions of power want us to be.

I forgive myself for not realizing that our subconscious and unconscious minds play at least as much of a part in who we are and what we do as our conscious mind.

I forgive myself for not realizing that we have been programmed to associate certain images with certain thoughts and feelings so that we develop into the ideal form of "herd" which can be easily manipulated and maneuvered.

I forgive myself for not realizing that even those who think they are not "sheep following the herd" exist solely to give the illusion that we have free choice, when in reality we are all making our choices and lives within the confines of money.

I forgive myself for not realizing that we have each developed our own personal policeman in our minds which will keep us in line with our basic programming code.

I forgive myself for not realizing that the reason so many jobs are being lost and so many people are without a means to make a living is because the entire design and functioning of our global economy is based on personal gain and placing a monetary value on everything, including life.

I forgive myself for not realizing that in an Equal Money System there would be no need for police as there would be no crime as there would be no poverty or desire to harm other people as everyone will understand and live the principle that every prophet has taught: treat another as you would like to be treated.

I forgive myself for not realizing that in a world where all live according to the principle of what is best for all life, policing would not be necessary.

I commit myself to showing people how easily we are influenced by pictures.

I commit myself to show people that our ignorance of our own functioning is being used to exploit us.

I commit myself to show people that we have been programmed in more than one layer.

I commit myself to show people how we are behaving just like a herd that is being constantly maneuvered into place by herders.

I commit myself to show people how to remove the policeman in the mind.

I commit myself to show people that we are able to stop the loss of jobs and incomes by stopping the economic system and implementing one that is best for all life.

I commit myself to show people that implementing an Equal Money System as that which one would like to have done to oneself will eradicate crime and therefore the need to police people as all will learn to live within and as self responsibility.

I commit myself to showing people that living according to the principle of what is best for all life will make policing no longer necessary.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 116: Get Out, You Filthy Beast!

Isn't it interesting how we use countries and nationalities (and skin colour, culture, religion etc etc) to divide up and separate all of the different humans. The people of one country are unwilling to assist the people of another country as they are apparently "not the same". People from one country are unwilling to assist those coming from elsewhere as it would cost too much money. Refugees seeking a more hospitable place to live are called immigrants and accused of trying to steal from the "original inhabitants" - jobs and land.

All of this stems from the idea that we must fend for ourselves to protect what is ours from "those who wish to take it". And so we call each other invaders, we force women and children from the shacks they live in with what little possessions they have, simply because they are "alien" and don't belong in MY country.

I forgive myself for not realizing that the labels we give to each other were designed to "desensitize" us so that we don't think of other people as living, breathing and feeling beings, but as "migrants", "romas", "gypsies", "hobos".

I forgive myself for not realizing that if we are treating disadvantaged people without respect or dignity, we will receive the same treatment if ever our positions were to be reversed.

I forgive myself for not realizing that declaring war on immigrants is actually declaring war on those who are simply trying to survive.

I forgive myself for not realizing that survival has become so difficult for so many that simply the fear of poverty is driving people to commit atrocities - all in the name of money.

I forgive myself for not realizing that the fear of losing money and therefore the fear of one's own life diminishing is the driving force behind the scorn that is directed toward those who are seen as "lower class" and "leeches" of society as everyone deeply fears not having enough to survive.

I forgive myself for not realizing that the children who are born to the people who are called "migrants" are given little opportunity to develop into effective and stable "members of society" - as society is very clearly rejecting them.

I forgive myself for not realising that by seeing other people as "alien" we will feel more comfortable to damn them to unpleasant lives as we do not think of or see them as we think of and see ourselves.

I forgive myself for not realizing that  the division of land and peoples is abuse as it facilitates the manipulation and extortion of those who do not have money to defend themselves with.

I commit myself to showing people that playing at being ignorant of the humanness and aliveness of others does not make them any less alive and capable of feeling pain.

I commit myself to show people that treating others with respect and dignity will cause them to treat us with respect and dignity.

I commit myself to show people that if we ensure that everyone is able to survive comfortably as a fulfillment of the basic right to life, then there will be no war and no fear of immigrants.

I commit myself to show people that the fear of not being able to survive is causing us to act like monsters as we deny each other the basic rights to life.

I commit myself to show people that our fear of loss and death is driving our inhumane treatment of others and the labeling of them as inferior - simply because they don't have money and we fear that they will come and take ours somehow.

I commit myself to showing people that every child is entitled to their development in stable and supportive environments.

I commit myself to show people how we use labels to not feel guilty about the miserable lives others lead.

I commit myself to show people how the separation we instigate within our lives is covering up the manipulation and extortion of those "less fortunate" as those who do not have money.