Day 134: Love Makes War OK

We tend to make light of our brutal and warring nature, especially in the media and other widely distributed platforms. Think of the movie The Fifth Element - in the end when Lilu must decide whether or not to save the world from the Big Bad Ball of Evil, the dude convinces her that even though there is war, poverty, abuse and all that "bad stuff", that there is also "good stuff" like love, which makes the world worth saving.

How the hell did we come to justify the existence war at all? How have we come to justify our nature by saying "it's OK that we're evil bastards, cos we can be nice when we want to"? When is war ever OK?

Our willingness to overlook the darker side of our nature all comes down to satisfying our desired belief of ourselves and the world. It is easier to not think of war and poverty and to instead focus on one's appearance, or bank account, or gadgets. It is easier to accept the world that is presented to us on the TV than it is to ask questions such as "why does poverty exist at all?" and "why are children raised in homes and schools that do not teach them to respect life or how to be independent and sensible?".

We will actually convince ourselves that "my world" and "my life" is not a part of the whole world and all of the problems that comes with it - because we firmly believe that it is enough to simply survive and satisfy our personal needs and desires and that asking any more of us is simply ludicrous. "I, good sir, have worked hard to get to where I am! I have provided for my children and spouse a good life and I have taken time to do something that I enjoy and I do not believe that you, or any other could ask more of me. I pay my taxes - I do my part! It is not my place to change the world!"

Now add to all the media manipulation and accepted societal norms the fact that children are being given dud education that doesn't prepare them or give them and kind of skills to navigate this life on any path but for the path that is predetermined by their programming and restricted by their bogus education - they don't develop the capacity or ability to ask the questions that matter!

Every day we are slipping farther into our world of justifications and petty distractions. Physical appearances means more while the value of life means less. Everyone is caring less every day about the lives of other living beings, as everyone is trying to project themselves to have the "most" value. We are willing to get caught up in fads and fashions that come and go daily and yet we have become incapable of being responsibly for something or someone by fulling committing ourselves to the well being  of that which we have committed to. We would rather cover up our thoughts and feelings in a haze of meds than consider the possibility that we are responsible for our experience of ourselves and are therefore able to change our experience.

We are all trying to live in a fairytale, even though the world is collapsing around us.

Wake up! If we don't change our nature, no amount of love will be able to stop the war that is coming to send us all into the oblivious nothingness of non-existence.

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