Day 119: Fashion Makes Us Human

Apparently, fashion is the defining factor of our humanity - it is what separates man from beast - the whole idea of wearing clothes, that is.

Clothing started off as protection from the cold - the first of the homo sapiens sapiens to blunder around had to stay warm somehow, especially if they were in Europe or Asia (or North Pole!). Africans generally didn't bother with clothing much - mostly they just decorated themselves. Anyway, so then clothing evolves from being protection from the cold to being a part of the human code of conduct (Thou shalt cover thine body in shame, for thou art a sinner and so on and so forth) and people wore clothes all the time, cos that's just what people did and what was expected. Maybe people just got so used to wearing clothes because it was cold all the time where they were from... But them it warped into being a part of society, it became more than just clothing. Maybe it was simply the expectation that everyone would wear clothing, no matter where they were from. Whatever the case, the fact was that now people were were all taken with the concept of clothing.

Now, I don't see why anyone would see clothing as the "thing" that puts us apart from animals. If you ask me, for all our apparent intelligence, we are the most retarded creatures for what we've done with it. We developed written and spoken language, but used it to manipulate, control, abuse and lie to each other. We developed technology, but used it for war and profit. We developed ways to make the lives of animals a little easier and longer, but used them to keep our animal slaves alive longer in laboratories and factory farms. We developed and honed our building abilities, but used them to build palaces for the rich while the poor live in shacks made of rubbish and rocks. We developed music in all sorts of styles with all kinds of instruments, but now use it to get rich and influence people to carry on buying into our ridiculous societal ideas and ideals. We developed the internet as the ideal way to provide an education to all, but instead use it to further spread our nastiness toward each other.

So what exactly is it about our obsession with appearances that makes us superior to any other life form?
Our intellect? I think not!
Our ability to adapt and survive? Animals and plants do the same - and better.
Caring about what we look like? That doesn't make us superior - only narcissistic.
"Self expression" through clothing? What - really? The only kind of expression that is happening through clothing is the kind that we are taught by society (or we rebel to society). There are very few people who have ever truly used clothing as a form of self expression - the existence of the fashion industry has tainted every attempt as everyone is trying to make money by following or setting the latest trends.

Look at the fashion that is being promoted: do you see self expression, or the desire to be outrageous, sexy, smart, fashionable...?

The existence of the money system has tainted every form of self expression available to us - as people will shape their self expression according to what will make them money.

The absolute ignorance of how the human mind and body works has ensured that all of our children will never truly express themselves as they are all just copies of their parents, within whatever context they find themselves within in the system.

Fashion should be illegal: it promotes judgement, comparison, value according to physical appearance, slave labour, eating disorders, shallowness, body image issues, animal fur industry, factory farming, killing wild animals, greed, corruption, self interest, elitism.........

Vote for the abolition of the fashion industry in an Equal Money System so that clothing is no longer a tool for enslavement, but protection from the elements or true self expression.