Day 122: All Our Children Are Psychopaths

All our children are psychopaths - and parents are to blame. These are only 2 recent articles centered on young children committing violent and cruel acts.

People seem to be surprised when they hear of these cruel kids and of how common these stories are becoming - but it really shouldn't come as a surprise. With the absence of supportive home environments and parents who don't care, kids are learning from movies, music, porn and friends. They are not taught to respect life - so what can we expect from them when they begin to really contribute to the world? How are these little American Psycho's going to grow up?

We are moving into a new age - this is for sure - the Age Of Psychopaths. We will all need to keep our animals locked away for fear that some bloodthirsty spoiled brat is going to try and mutilate them. And what of the children that this generation of homicidal maniacs breeds? The whole world will be overrun with sex-crazed, animal-abusing, grandmother-raping assholes with giant guns.

There is one thing that could prevent this Apocalypse-By-Psycho's: Prospective Parent Training. Anyone who does not undergo this parenting training will not be allowed to have children and if they do, the children will be removed from their care until they do and can prove that they will not make more psychopaths.

But no! that would be a violation of the human right to fuck up our own children if we want to - as long as we feed them and don't beat them up too much! You, sir, seem to be accusing me of being a bad parent! I am doing the best I can and I can't help it if little Johnny snuck out and microwaved your cat - I have tried everything and the little turd just won't stop being an asshole like his daddy. He'll grow out of it! Here, Johnny, eat this chocolate and watch some TV - isn't your show, Axe Murderer on now?

This same topic has been covered by me a couple of times already - but it is apparently not a topic of great interest to anyone, cos it's so "sensitive" in nature. Let me tell you what's sensitive in nature: nuclear bombs in 20  - 40 years time, blowing the crap out of everything because little Johnny joined the army and got promoted.

How completely abysmal is our society that these kids are so cruel? What level of terrible are the parents of these kids? We can't even blame the kids because they are simply the product of their environments, but we are all still responsible, including these kids.

Want to make a difference? Educate yourself. Live as an example. Investigate Equal Money. Learn how the human mind works so that you can become an effective teacher to your children and support them to develop themselves into effective people who will contribute to improving life for all creatures on Earth. We're at the stage where if we don't act to make drastic changes, it isn't really gonna matter if we ban fizzy drinks in school, or send every child to counseling - cos we''ll all be dead.


  1. much appreciated this writing, there are very few people addressing this point in such a direct way


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