Day 110: Mother Nature, The Killer

We have been seeing a rise in new, weird and wonderful microscopic doo-hickeys and maybe the least acknowledged factor of equation of our situation is that we have no idea what is going on. We like to hypothesize and theorize what it is that's going on, but we don't really know.

We surround ourselves with the idea that we humans are all-knowing - think of how we've developed "professions", "professionals", "experts", "doctors", "masters" and so on. We are desperately trying to convince ourselves of our own superiority and royalty by eating, working, sleeping, shitting, peeing, mating, shopping, dressing, getting pets, raising kids, teaching, learning, sitting, etc according to what the experts advise as the "best" way to do things.

We structure our worlds and our lives so that we are in situations of self-validation as often as possible, constantly seeking to reassure ourselves of our own divinity and righteousness. What we don't realise is that in the process of ensuring that all of our existence is focused on US, we are blocking out everything that is not naturally occurring in MEville (MEtopia, MEtropolis, terra ME-a) such as any other person, creature or object that does not directly influence ME.

Of course, there are those that see some form of suffering and feel an emotional reaction which apparently spurs them on to "do something" - usually some form of activism - but it is very rare to find a person who has truly dedicated their life to bringing forth a solution to end suffering, certainly not across the board on a global scale. Most "activists" act only to soothe their conscience and validate their idea of who they think they are. None of these activists have offered a global solution to end all suffering. None of these activists have even seriously considered what could be a global solution.

The same goes for philosophers, psychologists/psychiatrists, politicians etc who may notice some things that other people fail to realise (think of all the pic's, quotes and memes you see floating around on facebook) - but not once has one of these people (or the people who "share" their views and perspectives) taken any form of action. It's as if they feel they are merely observers to the catastrophic unraveling of life on Earth and that even just saying something is too much of an "influence on the native population".

You can talk and notice things and share on facebook all you want, but it doesn't offer a solution that guarantees dignity for ALL life.

So, back to my original line of thought: Nature is trying her best to rid herself of the parasitic infestation of humans that is slowly sucking the life out of her. Viruses are becoming more and more resistant and virulent while we try to keep up by fiddling with our drug concoctions, like mad scientists trying to make a stone roll uphill. Maybe our drugs are what is causing the viruses to become more effective at killing us?

We all have God-complexes and the funny thing about that is that we are God - in that we shape our reality - yet we do not realise this and continue to blunder along, praying to God to make us God-like while secretly believing "I am all-powerful and all-knowing" but not wanting to take responsibility for that which we have created and so place the blame elsewhere. This is the ridiculousness, the duality of our so-called "nature".

We have the power and ability to choose not to accept our natures. We have the responsibility to be the care-takers of this planet and all its inhabitants.

Investigate Equal Money as a Global Solution.