Day 109: The Drugs Made Me Do It - Round 2

People taking a particular drug for Parkinson's say that it is making them act obsessively.

Well now. This is interesting. Is this like the God dilemma? "There is a God because I believe there is and I know in my heart He made me how I am and there is nothing I can do about it". But now it's more like "There is nothing I can do when the drugs alter my chemical balance so that I think of this particular thing obsessively."

Sure, drugs may intensify certain feelings, but there is not very much in this world that alters your body to the extent that you really do have no control of your thoughts and feelings.

So now we are at a point in our existence where it is easier to blame drugs and God and whatever else than to take responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions. We are teaching our children to suppress themselves with drugs instead of teaching them how to take responsibility for themselves and sort themselves out.

Our entire society is centered around the justification that we are not in control of ourselves at all, that we are thralls to our thoughts and emotions. It makes it easier to maneuver us. We are more willing to be fooled into believing something.

Consider this: if we are so willing to pass the buck for the little things in life, why wouldn't the same apply to the bigger issues?

I forgive myself for not realizing that pharmaceutical companies' incomes depend on people being sick and so the most profitable course of action is to make drugs that don't cure and that have multiple side effects so that people will use even more drugs.

I forgive myself for not realizing that drugs are the perfect excuse for our favourite activity: pointing fingers and that we are so determined to ensure that the blame is placed anywhere but on us, that we completely overlook where it is that we are responsible.

I forgive myself for not realizing that I am responsible for what I accept and allow to exist within me as thoughts, feelings, words and deeds.

I forgive myself for not realizing that our desire to be free has been mis-translated into a warped manifestation as the belief that not being responsible for anything is freedom, within this manifestation we have actually giving up real freedom as being able to do and focus on being the ones actually consciously directing our lives and this world to be and become Heaven on Earth.

I forgive myself for not realizing that we will never be free in a "free market economy" as all it is is the illusion of freedom as only those who have money are free while those who do not have money are only always wishing for and dreaming of money.

I forgive myself for not realizing that within an Equal Money System we will be able to focus on real cures as we will not be restrained by making a profit or minimizing expenses.

I commit myself to showing people that pharmaceutical companies develop drugs and "treatments" that will earn them the most money, not ones that will cure the most people which will mean less money for the company.

I commit myself to show people that we are so focused on blaming others that we are missing the point that we are all responsible together and that the only way we can clean up our mess is if we all stand together and take responsibility.

I commit myself to stand as a living example of self responsibility and self direction by being the one that determines who I am in every moment.

I commit myself to show people that our idea of what freedom is is not freedom at all - freedom is being able to live and enjoy life knowing that those around you have the same freedom - freedom IS self responsibility as being the one directing and determining the best possible life for all.

I commit myself to showing people that a free market economy is slavery in disguise as we are all living for money and working for money and dying for money as we have been taught that money is the key to happiness and enjoying life.

I commit myself to show people that we will be able to discover amazing things within an Equal Money System as we will not be restricted by money in any way.