Day 113: The Price Of Tradition

How often does one see and hear stories of child brides? How about genital mutilation? Or Families selling their daughters into an abusive marriage? Or foot binding in China? How about stoning someone who has brought shame upon a family? Or woman being treated like slaves by their husbands and other men?

Humans seem to be bound to tradition - doing the same things over and over throughout their generations just because that is what has been taught to them and the way that it is taught is as if it is the "right way" or the "only way" one should live.

Have you ever considered that religion is merely another tradition? Yes? Have you considered that all it is is a tradition?

So why do we continue to participate in these abusive traditions, even when we don't want to and we know there's something horribly wrong? Money. We fear for our children - that if they do not conform then they will never fit in and no one will be willing to support them.

Why do child brides exist? The family is trying to secure money for themselves and a secure future for their daughter.

Why does genital mutilation happen? No intact girl will be accepted for marriage, her mother would rather cut her genitals off than watch her starve.

Why do families sell their daughters into marriages they know will be unhappy? At least the girl will be fed.

Why are little girls' feet bound in China? The smaller their feet, the better their marriage prospects.

Why do people get stoned for shaming their family? So the family regains respect and acceptance from their community and they will not be cut off from earning an income/making a living.

Why do men treat women like slaves? 'Cos everyone else is doing it and it is not profitable to be the odd one out.

We are willing to do terrible things to survive. Maybe that's the problem? We fear death or non-existence so much that we are willing to live in Hell on Earth - as long as we're alive. We really are an odd bunch. We live according to the idea that those who came before us knew more than we did - that they were somehow above the suffering of their time and above having to live in a way that makes sense. We try to emulate our ancestors according to this idealized image of who they were and how they lived, to ensure that we are also revered by our fore bearers. Why the hell else would we think that these traditions are OK in any way? How stupid are we that we carry on re living the same lives over and over - by choice - and then say "Well, there's nothing we can do to change it, it's just the way things are"?

Just because we have always lived the way we have always lived doesn't mean we can't stop and choose to live in a way that there is no more abuse or suffering.

Just because have been doing what we've always done doesn't mean we can't do things differently. Better.

Step our of your ancestors grave and choose a new path that gives to all life the opportunity to live with dignity and without abuse. Investigate the Equal Money System as a global solution to end all evil traditions.

Vote and share your views on the Equal Money site for the various goals proposed for an Equal Money System.