Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 115: Does This Make Me Look Pretty?

How much of our energy goes toward keeping up appearances?
How much do we think about what we look like?
How much time do we spend thinking about what other people think about us?
How often do we imagine that everyone around us it thinking of us?
How much do we think about whether our partner will still love us when we look different?
How much time do we take to apply make up and other cosmetic products?
How much time do we think of the pictures we see in movies and magazines of other people (and what they apparently look like)?
How much time do we spend thinking about and working out how much our food will affect our bodies?
How often do we deny ourselves a small pleasure for fear of it changing our bodies?
How often do we hate ourselves?
How much do we hate ourselves for the way we look?
How often do we blame food for changing our bodies?

I could go on... for a while - but you get the idea.

Is this really the life you want?
Is this really who you want to be?
Is this all?
Is this all there is to life?
Do you really care about all of these thoughts and obsessions?
Does it really matter?
Do you really care what someone thinks of you even though you know they care more about what you think of them than vice versa?
Does one's physical appearance really determine the nature of oneself?
Are we defined by what we look like?
Is this the meaning of life - look good, get laid, get paid?
Are all of our relationships headed toward failure because we don't have the guts to be honest with ourselves and with our partners?
Are all of our relationships fated to be short love affairs centered around passion and intensity instead of communication and trust?
Will we always believe that poverty is a part of life?
Will we always believe that life is inherently unfair?
Will we always enforce inequality?
Will we be able to face ourselves in the afterlife?
Will we be able to justify our inaction when we face every being who suffered due to our inaction within our lifetime?
Will the few tears we shed and the few dollars we donated be enough for us to know we did everything we could?
Is anything short of total dedication even enough?

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