Day 137: Pay A Fine For Your Homelessness

The British government is making squatting illegal so that any people in occupation of a private property that they do not own or are leasing will be fined and/or imprisoned. This new law includes dilapidated buildings and unoccupied homes where the homeless take shelter.

Once again our system demonstrates that it will only give support to the elite, while those without money are abused and mistreated.

I don't even think that most of us realize the implications of actions such as this one: every time we accept and allow the perpetuation of this elitist system, we are actually indicating that every life has a price and a monetary value. We are actually accepting and allowing a system which dictates that the amount of rights you have and the value of your life is directly proportionate to the amount of money you have.

We think we are far from those "extreme" societies we see in movies (think: In Time) and that there is no way we would ever segregate people according to monetary value, when in fact, we already do! Just because we haven't installed 50 foot walls and armed security doesn't mean that we are not doing exactly that: we are living in a Monetary Apartheid. The rich live in mansions and gated communities where the poor may not enter and the poor live in squalor where the rich would not willingly go. The use of time in the movie In Time is also a perfect metaphor for our economic system: if you run out of time you're pretty screwed.

We live in a perpetual daze of hope that someday, it will be my time, where the fantasy story will be centered around me so that I become a movie star/sports person/really rich person - because these things have happened to other people. The fact is that these fantasies come true for one out of a million people and it can never be more that that in our system, or it would collapse. We can't have everyone's dreams come true - who would do the nasty jobs that support all of our elite lifestyles? This is how our fantasies of "living the dream" are used to lead us along like good little sheepies - cos you never know, one day your dream may come true!

I forgive myself for not realizing that in a system where one must purchase their support and basic rights there will only be a few winners and many losers.

I forgive myself for not realizing that our hopes for fame and fortune allow us to be led to accept the system as the abusive construct that it is, as we are living with the goal of one day being one of the elites.

I forgive myself for not realizing that we have put a money-based value on life which indicates that no life will have guaranteed rights as every life will get and be treated according to their bank balance.

I forgive myself for not realizing that our society has already become an extreme example of evil and cruelty as we deny the most innocent and dependent beings their basic rights to life, being the right to comfortable housing, nutritional food, clean drinking water, freedom of movement and a life free from abuse - all in the name of money, profits, losses and costs.

I forgive myself for not realizing that we are living in a segregated and separate society in which those who have money live separate from those who do not have money.

I commit myself to establishing a new system in which support and basic rights to life will be guaranteed to every being, ensuring that everyone is a winner.

I commit myself to educate people that our desires to be elite are fueling the system of abuse to continue on as it is.

I commit myself to establishing a new system in which all life will have equal value that will have no match  so that no one may ever sell the life of another for personal gain and profit again.

I commit myself to establishing a new system in which every being who is unable to care for or protect themselves will be treated and cared for with dignity and respect so that they are never denied their rights to life and may live in a supportive environment.

I commit myself to showing people that we have entered into another era of apartheid and segregation through our separation of income earners.