Day 136: Animal Cruelty And YOU

5 Cats were found near an animal sanctuary, each with an eye gouged out and each showing signs of long term torture. 3 Of the cats were euthanized due to the extent of their poor physical conditions. They were all small enough to be mistaken for kittens due to malnourishment.

Have you ever wondered why animal cruelty and cruelty in general exists? It is a trait unique to the human species, to find enjoyment in the suffering of others. How does enjoyment like that happen? Are some people truly psychopaths due to biology - or are they simply the products of their environments? Was it simply the wrong mixture of certain elements and BAM! now you've got yourself a psychopath? Or would it be more of a gradual development of a bad mixture over an extended time period?

Every obsession in our extensive database of Weird Stuff Only Humans Would Do starts off as one thought - one moment of "that makes me feel gooood" coupled with, for whatever reason, the choice to disregard the voice of reason coming from inside saying "Umm, that doesn't seem like the kind of thing one should like...". The only reason one would have to ignore the Inner Voice of Common Sense is if one's desire to satisfy oneself is stronger than one's desire to satisfy the basic obligations of life - and that is the product of one's environment: when parents tell their children that they are "special" - more special than anything else, which leads the child to believe that they now have the right to have power over those that are "less special".

Can you imagine that right now, there are more beings than you or I could count that are so miserable that all they want now is for their existence to end. I'm not talking about depressed teenagers - I'm talking about animals being forced to live in cages while human(s) torture them for personal pleasure; children being beaten and berated; people starving and living out in the cold, getting frostbite because they have nowhere to go because they have no money. It's a wonder most people in the "western world" (anyone with money in their pocket/bank account) actually believe that humans deserve this life when we are only ever one of 2 things: torturers or people who allow torture to exist. I find that hard to fathom.

I cannot put into words the absolute despair that this world exudes. I cannot begin to describe the pit of heartache I feel. I simply cannot comprehend the absolute willingness of our species to accept and allow the existence of such horrors all in the name of free choice and self fulfillment.

I forgive myself for not realizing that animal cruelty originates from childhood in which the child was molded by his/her environment to not understand the nature of the human mind and how thoughts work so that the child then develops into a person who is ruled by their thoughts  without realizing that the thoughts are always only that which one accepts and allows to exist within self as self and therefore the choice one makes to accept and allow a thought to exist within oneself is actually one deciding who one is in that moment according to what one will accept and allow to exist within oneself.

I commit myself to educate people on how the human mind and thoughts actually function so that the human race may free itself from the trappings of the unconscious and unintentional choice to be a torturer.

Equal Money System - Stop animal cruelty.