Day 128: The Money Made Me Do It

It is safe to say the money is the root of all evil - we can trace the cause of every atrocity committed by man back to money, including, genocide, rape, abuse etc. Let me tell you why:

We are the products of society just as society is our creation, and society is centered around one thing: money. Our lives mean little without money within this society: if you didn't have money you'd be homeless and hungry - this is the stark reality. We'd all be completely different people living completely different lives if money didn't exist.

Our society is so focused on money and profit that we have simply become another commodity to be exploited - and the easiest way to exploit something is when its not fighting back, so the guys at the top (who own the people who own the banks) make sure that we are nice and compliant. In our haze of self indulgence we have never learned, not to mention even considered, where it is our thoughts come from or where our emotions come from or how our very nature is shaped from conception. It is this lack of self awareness and self honesty that allows the development of abusive behaviour.

This simple, yet engulfing factor of our lack of self understanding has allowed an age of horrors and abuse. Consider feral children: they completely mirror their environment and cannot be "rehabilitated" by humans, especially if the first formative years were spent away from prying people. Clearly, we are what we are taught to be by our parents and environment - so why has no one asked the question or realized that every parent alive is a terrible teacher and influence? If parents truly love their children, why do they willingly turn them into monsters?

A great part of the violence and abuse in the world today, if not the majority, happens at home within the family unit. Husband beats wife, child kills parents, siblings fight, mother verbally assaults children, parent kills children, lover kills lover... How many people do you know that come from an abusive home of some sort, where they were "Damaged" in some way? If it is so common for family units to "house" some kind of abuse, how can we believe that families are structured around love? Our family units are based on dependance and fear - not love. Parents fear losing their child, the child depends on the parents - until the child is older and their roles are reversed. Our very foundations in this world are rotten.

Time to tear down our crumbling buildings , lest they tumble down on top of us. Time to realize that parents must teach our children something new, as the cycles of our old ways will inevitably end in our destruction.

We cannot continue blundering through life, oblivious to the functioning of our very nature, allowing ridiculous thoughts to lead us to terrible actions. We must change the focus of our society from money to LIFE.

Investigate Equal Money as the tool with which to honour life.
Investigate Desteni I Process to learn who you are and how to become the actual director of your thoughts, emotions and actions in this world so that we may establish a world in which all life is guaranteed to be here with dignity.