Day 111: And What You Didn't Know...

There are many misconceptions around Equal Money as a global solution to poverty, abuse and suffering. The main one being that everyone's freedoms and individual expressions will be limited or restricted. If you happen to be someone with this very misconception, consider this:

Our current definition and understanding of the terms "freedom", "freedom of expression", "individuality", "free choice" and so on is based on us accepting and living within a system that values money, power (power of the minority) and self enrichment above all else. Following from that, it is only logical to deduce that these terms, like freedom, will be centered around wealth, power and self enrichment.

The most common arguments I hear about why an Equal Money System will never work are:
  1. We will no longer have freedom as we have it now. Our civilization and progress will halt as there will no longer be competition to drive us.
  2. Doctors would be paid the same as street sweepers (strange enough people always use the same analogy)
  3. It would turn everyone into zombies and individuality would disappear
My responses are as follows (please feel free to start a discussion):
To number 1: Obviously we wouldn't have freedom as we have it now. Freedom as it exists today is dependent on whether or not on has money. In an EMS, all will actually be able to live the life they want (travel, be an artist, live in the country, be a doctor etc) because they will not be restricted by money. And the second part, competition is holding back valuable advancements centered around improving quality of life, as our current science and technology advances and research is dependent on money and is focused on making the biggest profit possible.
Number 2: Maybe if people actually did their research properly I wouldn't have to even respond to this statement. There would be a compulsory term of "community service" performed by young adults (18 yrs and older) for a period of a few (probably 4) years. So until we develop automatic street cleaning robots, maintenance of roads, sewerage, supplies, drinking water etc will be handled by this group of people. They will still be able to go clubbing and party and what not, as that is what hormonal young people generally like to do. This will also be an opportunity for them to decide if they would like to specialize in any kind of skill because they enjoy doing it. So every person who wants to be a doctor will only do so if it is something they truly enjoy and would like to do. No special privileges will be given to anyone simply because they are doing a specific job. The entire focus of work will be around improving the lives of all, and through improving the lives of all so we improve our own lives and opportunities.
Number 3: I don't even know why people say this. Seriously. Individuality will not be snuffed out, the opposite will happen. As everyone will have the opportunity to live the "good life" while at the same time not thinking about what others think of them, fashion, fitting in, looking a certain way etc, people will be more willing to "be themselves" and will not feel forced to act a certain way (especially if their income depends on it).

People claim that we can only be free in a free market economy. Look around. Do you see freedom for all? If the free market economy was giving freedom to all there wouldn't be poverty, homelessness, joblessness, legal drugs that stop one thing from killing you only to cause you to die in a different manner, cash crops that are diminishing in quality and nutrients.

Another point to consider is the "one world government" point. Practically speaking, it makes the most sense to ensure dignity for all, but there are now so many conspiracy theories abound that offering a practical framework for a global management system that is run in such a way that corruption is impossible falls on deaf ears.

We are all far too quick to judge and make conclusions. We are so set in our ways that even considering another path is a very difficult thing to do. The fact of the matter is that what we have been doing, how we have been living, is not working. Sometimes I look at the news and have this sinking realization, once again, that everything I am seeing is REAL and that someone (person, animal, whatever) has lived it.

It is far too easy for us to block out all the shit that happens in the world, all the death, destruction and hurt, so that we can go on with our little existence of "trying to be happy".

With an Equal Money System, we won't have to try anymore, happiness will be a given.

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