Day 112: Nasal Spray Trumps Counseling

This nasal spray apparently makes you happy. So happy that you'll stop fighting midway through an argument. Never mind the old fashioned and long route of investigating problems to be able to implement solutions - oh wait, people have hardly ever done that anyway. So let's just scrap that.

So now that drugs solve all our problems for us (apparently), we'll all never be sad or angry again and we'll all live in a constant state of bliss and floatiness. What about all the people who can't afford drugs? Well, they'll just have to work harder or something, drugs aren't free you know.
But for us, the lucky ones, why should we even bother that those guys can't be all happy like we are, they chose their lot in life, we worked hard to get to where we are, this is the way it is.

I wonder, will this new happy nose spray bring about world peace and prosperity - 'cos it sure does make me feel perky. I bet, if everyone were to use this stuff, there'd be no more greed, hunger, war, rape and all that stuff because we'd all be too busy being happy. Who said science couldn't fix the world? Hah! That'll show them.

And in any case, it's not like we are able to stop what we are feeling or thinking on our own - they are chemicals and synapses firing in our brains and only more chemicals and synapses triggered by drugs can stop them.

I forgive myself for not realizing that there is no quick fix or cure all for the realities of our existence and that the harm we have caused will take time and patience to repair and correct.

I forgive myself for not realizing that the feelings of happiness and bliss have been abused in that we have used these feelings to distract ourselves from the suffering of others and that our search for these feelings distracts us from considering any of the world and life around us.

I forgive myself for not realizing that the search for happiness is a delusion as it is a search for some kind of fulfillment that can only be obtained under certain conditions instead of being a gift that one gives to oneself as it is already HERE - and yet such a gift should also be one that each and every being should be able to receive and thus must be freely given and shared by ensuring that all have their physical needs met.

I forgive myself for not realizing that individuals in an agreement (relationship, marriage, partnership etc) must base their agreement to and with each other on open communication and understanding of the words they use with each other so as to best prevent or resolve dis-agreements.

I forgive myself for not realizing that as this world currently is, only those with money have access to the opportunities and facilities that allow one to have an enjoyable life.

I forgive myself for not realizing that there is no miracle cure that is being or will be developed by the science or medical industries that will make everyone happy and peaceful - the only likely developments will only be used for profit and control, such as this nose spray which tricks one's body into feeling happiness without resolving any of the real issues.

I commit myself to living as an example of walking breath by breath to clean up this mess we have made.

I commit myself to show people how even our happiness and enjoyment has been used to perpetuate suffering, as we hide in our blissful ignorance we do not care about those who are suffering.

I commit myself to show people that the search for happiness is a delusion in that it leads one on a merry chase for the magical prize which is in fact something that is already HERE.

I commit myself to show people that agreements depend on the members of the agreements' communication to be open and clear.

I commit myself to showing people that money is used by people to hide within lives of pleasure even though half the world lives in poverty.

I commit myself to show people that any drugs that alter the way you feel are in fact only keeping us from changing ourselves by hiding and fuzzing out our perception of the global issues.