Day 129: I Will Live Again!

Reincarnation is the concept of people's souls/life essence/whatever being reborn into the world after the end of their current life. Most people who believe in reincarnation also believe that we choose our lives and the lessons we will learn and that those who are living as starving African children are being punished for some wrongdoing.

My question is: is the choice valid when we cannot remember making it? Those who claim to remember are more influenced by their desire for their life to "mean something" than by any actual self honesty, so none of their claims can be trusted. We are very capable of imagining alternate realities, as evidenced by all of the books, movies and art from human history - this ability to imagine weird and wonderful things, or even seemingly normal things, removes any credit from any claim which is based on something that cannot be shown in the physical world. We are very good at making ourselves believe in things that are not there (think: money) - and so it is impossible to trust these memory claims.

Now, my next question is: who the hell would want to impose a punishment on a child who was born into the world with no memories or any other baggage? People who believe in reincarnation condone and justify the suffering experienced by animals, children, plants - based on the idea that they (the child/animal/plant living in misery) deserve it for being a dick in a previous life. Would you place a child in a maximum security prison, surrounded by murderers and rapists, for an alleged crime that the child has no recollection of committing? The belief that past wrongs must be righted to restore the balance is demented - just like children paying for the crimes committed by their parents. I guarantee that forgiving ones self for a terrible act would be the most difficult thing one could ever do - and it would be far more effective than getting one's memory wiped and made to suffer without knowing why.

Consider this: if we truly made a choice about the life we would live, why is all of humanity stuck in a cycle of abuse and ignorance? Would a conscious choice not imply a form of self-enlightenment? Oh wait - that's the whole problem! Everyone is so focused on their own self enlightenment that they cannot see past their instant personal gratification. The only choices we make are between - oh wait, never mind - there is no free choice. Everything in this world is centered around money and the fight for survival. We don't even determine what food we like - that's all already determined for us by our environments and our thoughts! Take this girl ( who only eats cheese and tomato pizzas after having a bad tummy bug which led to a fear of food: she does not choose the pizza, her thoughts and fears herd her away from other foods. She allows her thoughts and fears to choose for her.

Reincarnation is a fantasy for those who'd rather not face the cold, hard truth: We have no choice and we are all slaves to money.

We are capable of unshackling ourselves, as we are the ones who hold the keys - yet we have come to find comfort and a sense of security in the familiarity of our bindings - and so we will not part with them willingly as the light shining through the crack in the door is unknown to us and may hurt us.

For those of us who have the means to educate ourselves about how the world really works (the world runs on profit) and how we really work (where do our thoughts come from, why do we like, do, hate, want etc the things we do) have the responsibility to take the first step to implement a global system that will stop all abuse and ensure that all will live a life worth living and have real free choice - as there are many (people, animals, plants) who simply cannot help themselves.

Investigate an Equal Money System as the vehicle to bring forth free choice and true freedom.