Day 126 - You're An Illiterate - You Just Don't Know It

Recently I was struck by the complete lack of comprehension in communicating with people through written words. I have always known that people are generally not good readers, as we are taught that reading is "uncool" and are not effectively taught how to read when we are young, but only now do I comprehend and realise the full extent to which so many "educated" people are illiterate - unable to read with full understanding and comprehension.

This leads to the conclusion that our education systems are stunted in their vocabulary teaching, as one is literate only to the extent of their vocabulary. I have experienced this very thing in reading through my study books - at first I struggle to comprehend the words, but as I become more accustomed to the vocabulary I am able to read with more comprehension.

It is impossible to have a conversation with someone whose vocabulary is limited to that which they know. You will notice that a religious person is very well versed in the vocabulary of their chosen faith, yet is unable to comprehend any part of another belief system. It is very difficult to get someone to open themselves to considering something outside of their learned vocabulary.

Consider this: how did language come to be? Some believe it was the natural evolution from the caveman grunting and snorting, but however it started, it would have been with only one person. An entire community wouldn't suddenly call a rock a rock in unison - it would have been one person calling it a rock and then teaching the others. How did it come to be that communities across huge areas of land all learned to speak and/or write the same language? It started with one, and so was taught to the many. This is how our human system functions, the few will determine what it is that the many will learn.

This system of teaching will also be the key to teaching humans to consider alternative ways of living that would be to the benefit of all. If one talks to ten, who then each talk to another ten, who then each talk to another ten, and so on and so forth, we would have a chance of making an impact - a difference.

I forgive myself for not realizing that our education systems have been designed to not educate us at all, but simply to brainwash and train us into being the perfect slave who never ask questions and don't have a clue about how the world works or how our minds and bodies work.

I forgive myself for not realizing that someone who is an "expert" is someone who has an extensive vocabulary in their area of expertise.

I forgive myself for not realizing that our education system is intentionally dumbing down students to ensure that the chance of someone developing an effective and extensive vocabulary to the point where they can ask the questions that actually matter is next to impossible.

I commit myself to show that from birth we are taught by our family, friends and society to conform to the rules of the system or else we will be rejected by all.

I commit myself to show how vocabulary is the key to all becoming experts at living in a practical way that ensures comfort for ourselves and others.

I commit myself to show how our education system is dumbing down students by not teaching them to read effectively so that they will be able to educate themselves and will be locked within their tiny box of "My Vocabulary" which they will not part with willingly as that box is what allows them to feel like they are an expert at something.