Day 108: Go For Gold!

And here it is: the personification of the driving force behind the atrocities committed in the name of money, wars, murder, rape, discrimination, genocide... Competition as the Olympics.

Every four years, billions is spent on making the hosting country for the Olympics look good. Parents teach their children that the best thing you can do in life is succeed. Society (a large collection of parents) impresses upon everyone, all the time that winning is the absolute pinnacle of one's existence.

Kids get tortured in training, bones break, muscles tear, fights erupt, drugs are taken, tears are shed... all in the name of the Olympics.

How did it come to be that a set of games are more important than developing effective education for all children in the world? How did it come to be that children are tortured and beaten in the name of a gold medal when they should be enjoying life and have no expectations of what they should be later in life? How did it come to be that a person measures their worth by what their physical body is able to do or not do? Oh right, I know, apparently it is human nature - we are in no way responsible for any action that is derived from our nature because when it comes to our nature we are powerless.

We have thrived in the excuse of our natures for long enough. Enough harm has been done in the name of winning and strength. Why should we give in to the thoughts and desires to crush the weak so that the strong may thrive? How does supporting the harming of another for personal gain even get equated to strength and power? It is cruelty, not power.

What does pushing your body to and past breaking point prove other than you are a little bit crazy and a lot obsessed? How is an obsession with winning any different to an obsession with child porn? You say you do it to prove that you can. And then.... So what? All it is indicating is that you have linked your self worth to what you can force your body to accomplish.

What does this tell us about the people competing in the Olympics and other sports? They all hate themselves and are trying to accomplish something "great" so that they can finally, one day accept themselves by proving that they are worthy of acceptance

Competition is the catalyst that led to the creation of capitalism and war. Need I say more? I will anyway. Our overwhelming desire to enrich our own lives before others can enrich theirs, or more than others enrich theirs leads us to strip the Earth and lay waste to her. We don't seem to realise that we are playing against ourselves and that we are losing. 

Why do we put ourselves through this? Why not just forget about this obsession with winning and create a world in which we are all equal winners, a world with no losers? We want to feel special and better than others so that we can feel special and good about ourselves and be happy. We are destroying the world to be happy. Right.... 'Cos that makes sense.

Investigate Equal Money to create a world in which all are winners.


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