Day 106: Sit Down And Shut Up!

Day 105: What Makes Us Human (Moomans?)

Day 104: The Fallacy Of Faith

Day 103: Poorest Pay Most Taxes

Day 102: Litterbugs

Day 101: Electric Tape Wrapped Around Dog's Muzzle

Day 100: I Am Vegan, Hear Me ROAR

Day 99: Vegans Are Sweet, But Still Murderers

Day 98: $21 Trillion Hidden By Elite

Day 97: Beauty And The Beast

Day 96: Baby Dies After Hospital Turns It Away

Day 95: Seaworld Sentences Life Of Misery To Killer Whales

Day 94: Light Vs. Dark

Day 93: This Is What Love Looks Like

Day 92: 6 Year Olds Want To Be Sexy

Day 91: Israeli Self Immolation

Day 90: Brotherhood Of Man