Day 106: Sit Down And Shut Up!

There are some pretty fucked up people in the world. Most of them are parents and most parents are fucked up. What does that make the children? More fucked up people.

As we have "progressed" to a point where we are not each growing our own food and raising our own meat animals, we seem to have more time to do things like drink, drugs, shop, fuck etc etc. Our education systems are getting worse, so in combination with shitty parents, kids are also getting shitty education that doesn't teach, in any way, how the system works or how the mind works. Obviously kids are turning into puppy-killing psychopaths - what the fuck else are they going to do with the situation they're born into?

Obviously it is no excuse for being a puppy-killing psychopath, especially for the kids who generally end up being the crazies, as they come from "well-off" families and have the resources to really ask questions about why the world is the way it is and why we are the way we are. The sad thing is that the crap that's programmed into us from the beginning of our existence overrides any kind of potential for common sense and capacity to ask questions without already knowing what answer we want to hear and so refusing any other answer but the one we want.

Let's look at this whole situation (of humans and life on Earth and who and what we are...): Most people believe in some form of omnipotent being who created all life and is to some extent directing life. Most people think that fear of losing something is the same as loving it. Those who are Christians do not (and could not) follow the bible word-for-word - because its filled with contradictions - so what they do is pick and choose the bits they like and the bits they "think" God wants them to follow (which happen to be the bits they like) and they chug along. Buddhists think one can change the world by meditating. We kill animals purely for sport. We teach our kids that beauty is important. I could go on a while, but you get the idea.

How many people can say that their parents did things that they (the child) would never do to their own children? Why is the concept of parental training so offensive? What do you think will happen if parents were to become effective and raise children who are effective and understand the system? Probably a whole lot of changes would go down. The kids would tear down the system and kick the old dictators the fuck out.

We think that school is a good thing - but how can it be when most of the kids who come out the other side can barely read with comprehension? Is that not the basic foundation for one to develop a curious and effective mental capacity? How many people can say that whatever they learned in school was forgotten as soon as exams were over? What does that say about what we are learning? Is any of it even useful to living? Not much.

What are we turning our children into? Turn on your TV - you will most likely see a young girl waving her ass around in skimpy clothes and a young guy ogling the girl and then the 2 profess their undying love. What does that teach our children about relationships? Have you seen the kind of relationships promoted by the media? According to the TV, relationships are based on being in love and floating around on a fairy cloud of hormones and emotions and dishonesty until one party in the relationship "falls out of love" and the magic goes away and the hormones go away and the emotions become less attractive and more repulsive. We are teaching our children this.

Wake up people! Look around you! We are reaching the point of no return. Educate yourself.

Investigate Equal Money.