Day 91: Israeli Self Immolation

So another guy thought that setting himself on fire would help change the system and make the government "care about the people" and/or "care for the people".

Guess what? The government IS the people and they can't do anything because they're indebted to a few other really rich people. And some of them like to pay for giant parties and private planes with public money.

What change did the Arab Spring bring? Where did it improve the lives of all the people? Nowhere. If anything, people's lives have become a whole lot more difficult what with all the gun waving and bombing and self immolation's. That's not to mention the enormous cost that goes with ousting a government and electing a new one, so they're all piling on some pretty intense debt. So yeah, I don't think any of it worked out as everyone hoped it would.

Look at the history of humanity, revolutions were and are common, but generally don't have the intended effect on the system: all that happens is that the people holding positions of power and wealth are replaced by the revolutionaries and the cycle of oppression/superiority/discrimination or whatever starts again with the same players just being in different positions.

I forgive myself for not realizing that the cycles of revolution are destined to fail as the revolutionaries still accept and allow the system as it is and are not joining together to stop the system, but simply to overthrow it and take the power for themselves, in the process creating a new group of powerful and a new group of poor.

I forgive myself for not realizing that no revolution can ever work when those who are revolting do so simply to fulfill their own desires and not the needs of everyone, as they still accept a system in which there exists rich and poor, even if they believe they are acting in the best interest of all - as they do not realize that the only reason they are doing anything at all is because they are directly affected.

I forgive myself for not realizing that protestors and revolutionaries and activists do not understand how the global system works as a reflection of who we are, and they do not want to understand as that would force them to change who they are - therefore nothing they ever do will have any effect resulting in what is bet for all.

I forgive myself for not realizing that no action such as self immolation will ever change who we are as the creators of this reality, as by doing something such as self immolation one is declaring "I have no power to effect a change in this world as I am a slave to the government/God/other people" and is giving up one's power and authority to stand and walk as the directive principal as change for the betterment of the lives of all and the understanding that we are the ones who create the world and only if we change, will the world change.

I forgive myself for not realizing that self immolation as an act to generate attention and action is in itself a declaration of defeat, as all one is indicating by self immolation is that humans will only listen and pay attention when something attention worthy happens - not realizing that the only way to truly make a difference is to live as an example and educate other people how this world really works as a reflection of our thoughts.

I forgive myself for not realizing that revolutions are simply a part of the system in which one major character overthrows another when the new one receives more votes than the old one.

I commit myself to showing people how the idea of revolution and protesting stems from self interest and if one truly wants to change the system, one must act in the best interest of ALL at all times, working together to develop the system.

I commit myself to show people how their apparent acts of kindness to their fellow man is in fact only instigated when they are directly affected and they will settle for a resolution simply if it meets their own needs, even if it does not meet the needs of the many.

I commit myself to educating people on how we are creating this world within every moment that we accept and allow ourselves to continue participating in backchat as nastiness, greed, hatred, etc.

I commit myself to live as an example of the directive principal of what is best for all so that all may see what it will take to change all of our lives.

I commit myself to showing people how our actions indicate to us what it is we have accepted and allowed within ourselves as a part of the programming passed down to us from our parents.

I commit myself to showing people how our world is a reflection of our Characters in the way that one character will overthrow the old leading character when the new one is more popular.