Day 890: I Don't Want to Face the World

Day 889: Conflict!

Day 888: The Question of Creation

Day 887: Deliberate Awareness

Day 886: Student Loan is Like Making a Deal with the Devil

Day 885: What Does Hope Have to do With it?

Day 884: I Feel Out of Control

Day 883: Procrastination: Just Do It

Day 882: Desteni Movie Hangout: Tomorrowland

Day 881: The Cascade Effect

Day 880: Fact or Interpretation

Day 879: No Water, No Life

Day 878: Wake Up, Work, Sleep, Rinse & Repeat

Day 877: Food Waste: The Epitome of Human Ignorance

Day 876: Don't get Lost in Your Memories

Day 875: How Your Choices Ripple Out

Day 874: I Can't Help it!

Day 873: Creation

Day 872: What do You Look Forward to?

Day 871: Creepy Uncle Corruption

Day 870: Its what God would want Me to do

Day 869: Venomous Thoughts

Day 868: Why Won't You Just Do What I Want!?!

Day 867: The Ignorance of Solitary Confinement

Day 866: Relationship Success Support: Gender roles Vs. Masculine and Feminine Expression

Day 865: Stuck in Survival Mode

Day 864: A Prisoner of Your Thoughts

Day 863: Just Do It

Day 862: Escapism vs Expression

Day 861: Imposing Your Will on the World