Day 881: The Cascade Effect

There is an interesting phenomenon that takes place in human interactions. If one person reacts emotionally, their reaction will likely trigger a cascade effect of reactions within the people around them. If you're speaking with someone and they are emotional, you will very probably start feeling more emotional as you continue communicating with them. This is not something that cannot be helped - all it requires to transcend the cascade effect is to bring yourself back into yourself, back into your point of stability.

What happens in these scenarios is a sort of a energy game. The mind of one person activates within and as emotional reactions. The minds of the people with that person will then gravitate towards activating emotional reactions as well, usually reactions that are in one way or another relevant to the initial reaction. Let's say the initial reaction is self pity, the likely reaction that this will trigger in other minds is aggression and blame, as a sort of attempt to balance the scales. Consider that the mind is always working toward a point of balance, however the starting point that exists is not one that supports life , which is why things get so horribly distorted and messed up. So in an attempt to create balance, our minds will manifest opposites. That's why there is no positive without negative when the mind is involved.

This is why you will sometimes talk to someone who seems perfectly reasonable, but for some reason you refuse to agree with anything they say and may even be quite nasty in what you think or say about/to them. At the time it may not seem to make much sense, but when you look back after the fact you will see the tell-tale signs that that person was in some kind of emotional experience and you were reacting to that on a subconscious/unconscious level.

Sometimes you feel like you just don't want to be around someone. Check for if they are in an emotional experience. Sometimes when you're emotional then you want to be around certain people - check why this is - maybe the people you are wanting to be around validate your experience in some way. Obviously these things will not always be the case - but they will be some of the time and it's up to you to investigate yourself.

If you find yourself reacting or responding in some way to the emotional state of others, make sure that you take responsibility for YOUR reactions. We tend to want to blame the emotional person for our reactions to them when in reality what is happening is that they are showing us what exists within us. They are giving us the opportunity to face ourselves, and if we start to blame them then we will not look inward and take the opportunity. Blame is always an indicator that there is a point within YOU that you need to take responsibility for.