Day 873: Creation

It seems to be human nature to wait for things to happen. There really are only a few people who go all out to make things happen in their life. In reality, even when we do not actively do anything to create the life we want, we are still creating our lives.

So often will people sit back and wonder how the hell they got here, how they are not as close to their friends as they used to be, why they feel alienated, how they got to being so far from where they once were or from where they wanted to go. Choosing to do nothing is still a choice, equal to choosing to do something. We create our experiences and relationships, people cannot impose any of this on us.

For example: you one day look at the people in your life and feel like you don't have a connection with them anymore, like there is this distance between you unlike any physical distance. You wonder how the hell you got here since you used to be so close, but now you just don't know how to spend time together and feel that connection again. If you look into your memories you will probably see that yes, the relationship probably changed slowly as time went by. Relationships change as we change. In order to maintain a relationship effectively, you must CREATE the relationship you want - you must be active, participate, put yourself out there, make an effort - otherwise all that will happen is that the relationship will slowly wither away into a pale reflection of what it once was.

Daydreaming about all the things you want to do will not bring those things into manifestation. We often satiate ourselves with thinking about all the wonderful things we'd love to do, yet when it comes to actually creating any of those things chances are that those intentions will fizzle away into nothing - and nothing is exactly what will happen.

Possibly the most interesting thing about how most people live now is that after something happens, we say that we have no idea how that happened and yet if we had been aware of our words, thoughts and actions in moments leading up to that event we would have seen many small moments of creation. We create all of our experiences and yet seem oblivious to the fact most of the time.

Every action has an equal reaction. Every cause has an effect. It matters not if the action was done in ignorance - that does not negate the consequences of the action. When you look at it this way it seems so illogical to not bother about being aware, to be so caught up in your internal to's and fro's that you don't realise the effects that your actions will have. So whether you are aware of it or not, you really are creating exactly what you will be living in the future, the real question is whether you will realise your responsibility and stand as the directive principle within your creation, or blame the world for apparently having made you experience whatever you're experiencing now.